Ryusei Boy preview

I stop blogging for a week and I miss so much news. Most of my next few posts will be old news, so forgive me for not being constantly glued to the computer. ;]

Berryz Koubu’s double A-side21st single, Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama/Ryuusei Boy, is being released November 11th. About a week ago the first song preview for Ryusei Boy came out. It’s being used as the new ending theme for the anime Inazuma Eleven.

When I first heard the song I immediately though it sounded like something Ongaku Gatas would have as their single. I really does remind me of a faster paced Aisaretai Aisaretai. I do like the disco type music, but it’s not really something I was expecting or wanted Berryz to have. Especially since I loved Seishun Bus Guide and Rival.

I’m really loving the line distribution though. There’s a good chunk of Maasa in the song. She not leading it, but it definitely sounds like she’s taking Yurina’s fourth lead spot. Which makes me think the song will be a lot like Madayade, where everyone got a fair amount of solo lines. Chinami better have at least two solo lines. She totally got shafted in Seishun Bus Guide. I’m also sad that I don’t really hear that much Momoko. If you’re going to cut a lead singer lines, make it Miyabi. She sings enough.