EVERYDAY Zekkouchou preview

C-ute’s 10th single, EVERYDAY Zekkouchou!, is being released September 13th. The entire song preview was released a few days ago.

I was actually a little hesitant to listen to this song, because it’s the first single with Kanna officially gone. Without Kanna, C-ute might as well not exist to me. But I decided to listen to it anyway since it’s Erika’s last song.

For those of you, myself included, who were expecting an overdose of Erika in this song prepare to be disappointed. Does Erika even get a solo line in this song? If she does it was so brief I missed it. Leave to H!P to worry about money so much that a graduation member can’t even get a decent solo. The one single that will forever be synonymous with remembering Erika in C-ute, and you can’t even hear her! Poor girl, she could never get a break.

Everday Kekkouchou as a whole is bland. It really does have that random album song feel. There is nothing special about it. The music has a mellow b-side feel, and the singing isn’t even energetic. And of course it has the standard C-ute line distribution. Airi and Maimi featuring C-ute. I can’t find anything I like about it.

C-ute seems to be lacking things lately. And it actually has nothing to do with Kanna. C-ute’s recent songs seem to be pretty much misses all around lately. Forever Love was their last single I liked. It’s almost like H!P doesn’t put any effort into them anymore. Which is really sad. It looks like Erika picked the perfect time to leave C-ute.

4 thoughts on “EVERYDAY Zekkouchou preview”

  1. Yeah I do agree Erika picked the perfect time to leave °C-ute. Seriously I don't like any of their singles since Edo O__o their last AWESOME song was Akogare MY Star, pfff.

    Well I don't like this song. At all. Pfff bad song is bad.

  2. I have to disagree on Akorage my Star being the last awesome song. I think C-ute's 4th album as a whole was really boring. Their last AWESOME song was Sweeeeets Live. Which is really sad, cause that song is old.
    Berryz Koubou Five blew Akogare my Star out of the water. Baka ni Shinaide<3

    I don't like the song either. What's going on C-ute?!

  3. *scoff* they didn't even give Erika a solo? It was bad enough she barely got any screen time in the close-up version of "shouchuu" and now this? forget C-ute berryz is better ( from an upset erika fan )

  4. I think Erika did get a solo, but it was only one line. But,I know just how you feel anonymous poster. She should realy have gotten something special.
    At least Erika gets a graduation concert though. Kanna just "left". (upset Kanna fan, who can't get over it XD)

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