Morning Musume ’14 announces 12th gen auditions…again


In mildly shocking turn of events Morning Musume ’14 has announced that they will be holding auditions for their 12th generation yet again, dubbed the the Golden Audition. The age requirements are the same standard H!P ones, girls ages 10-17.  The audition deadline is May 11th, and much like the past 3 Momusu auditions Kenshuusei are allowed to participate. Here’s a link to the audition website. It’s also been announced that the possible winners will take lessons in the meantime, but won’t formally debut until 2015.

Now, getting all of the standard news out of the way I can just jump right into my opinions on the matter. First things first, I said this announcement was mildly shocking, because that’s exactly what it is. It’s shocking because despite everyone knowing the 12th gen was going to be announced at some point there was no way to know when that was unless you worked in H!P. And since there’s never been an elusive mole in H!P leaking information to the public, each piece of news that does come out is shocking. Come to think of it I’m actually a little surprised there’s never been a mole to be completely honest. Wota seem aggressive enough for that to have happened. But I digress.

The auditions are obviously incredibly exciting. I’ve been patiently waiting for the 12th gen to be announced again since it was announced the first 12th gen yielded no winners. I never really talked much about that on my blog because it was during my hiatus, but believe me I was really angry about it. I wasn’t around for the infamous Lucky 7 audition, so I was used to winners being announced and I never thought they’d actually repeat that fiasco. But sure enough they did to mine and everyone else’s dismay. I was even more upset because I live for auditions and I was so pumped for the 12th gen. I streamed the episode of Hello!Satoyama Life that showed the first footage of the audition, which was just  a 10 second glimpse of the auditions. And I even picked a girl I wanted to win in that short amount of time, who happened to be Yamaki Risa. Who I only discovered was her when they shoved all of the 12th gen finalist into the Kenshuusei.

I think it’s also pretty safe to say that this is probably it for Sayumi. I wouldn’t be surprised if she announced her graduation in the next few months. H!P graduations anymore are announced a year in advance. So, I see Sayu announcing she’ll leave around April or May, giving her until April or May of 2015 as a member. Since the 12th gen isn’t going to debut until 2015, that gives Sayu the time to teach the girls a little something something before leaving. Maybe even release a single or two. It would also mean that the 12th gen’s first Morning Musume concert tour would be Sayumi’s graduation tour. Just like 10th gen’s first Morning Musume concert tour was Risa’s and Aika’s graduation tour. While this is just my personal feeling/opinion, I think we can all admit that it seems about right as to what’s going to happen. Sayumi will be 25 this year, and 26 in 2015. It’s obviously her time soon.

I have to admit I’m not really 100% for the whole 12th gen taking lessons in the meantime before officially joining. I get that Sakura did basically the same thing, but it couldn’t be helped in her situation since she was added in the beginning of Morning Musume’s Fall tour. But let’s be real, it’s not like Sakura really needed extra lessons. I just don’t like the idea of having normal girls who are shaky at singing and dancing during the auditions join, only to to not see them for months, and all of a sudden they are polished performers. That takes all of the fun out of auditions in the first place. I want to watch my idols grow in real time. I want to have that motherly feeling of watching over them and seeing how much they’ve improved. If they’re going to train them before they debut why hold auditions at all? Why not just directly add the Kenshuusei into the group?

And I think this ties more into how Morning Musume ’14 as a group has been promoted lately. Ever since Sakura has joined they prided themselves as being a polished idol group. The whole ima no Morning Musume campaign is all about them being the best Morning Musume of all time. To be the best at singing and at dancing, and to be at such a high level that you see them as a separate entity instead of comparing them to the past. And that’s great, no, really it is. I get wanting to be at the top again, I do. But I don’t like that they are so worried about them being at such a high level that they are training the members before they even officially join.

To be perfectly honest I think that’s the main reason they canceled the first 12th auditions to begin with. I think the finalists were probably wonderful girls, but because they weren’t at a high enough level, or perhaps needed time to nurture their abilities, they weren’t added. They were so worried about them being at a high polished level to compete with the current members, that none of the auditionees compared to them and were cut loose. The fact that they immediately joined the Kenshuusei speaks volumes. And I would not be surprised at all if those girls auditioned again.

You can tell that Momusu really is on the attack and is really fighting to regain their former glory. I mean the auditions are called the Golden Audition. If that’s not saying they want to find a girl, or girls, to help them reach a second Golden Era I don’t know what will. It’s not like they’re shy about saying they want another Golden Era anyway.


What I am looking forward to during these auditions is for more Kenshuusei to be added. Momusu has added 1 Kenshuusei per generation to the group since LinLin joined. So, it’s not like this is a far-fetched idea. And come on, there are way too many Kenshuusei that are too good to be passed up. Personally I’m hoping for either Tanabe Nanami, Ogawa Rena, Murota Mizuki, Hamaura Ayano, Yamaki Risa, Kaga Kaede, or Sasaki Rikako to be added. Since I’m rooting for so many, I think that betters my chances a little.

While this auditions isn’t exactly everything I’ve hoped for, they are still auditions none the less, and I could not be happier. I so want fresh blood in Morning Musume and H!P as a whole. And with the second 12th gen auditions mixed with the Country Musume auditions, H!P is giving me just that. It’s a truly exciting time in H!P to have two separate auditions again. I feel like I’m back in 2011 with the Morning Musume 10th gen auditions and S/mileage 2nd gen auditions happening at the same time. Let’s just hope I have better luck of my favorite members joining the group. As we all know Karin did not join S/mileage and Sara did not join Morning Musume.

6 thoughts on “Morning Musume ’14 announces 12th gen auditions…again”

  1. Did you really it was that exciting though? We should be expecting this. Since they cancelled last year’s one (which seemed like a waste), it would be good to have a new addition or two to the group. I’m still waiting for a 2-nin generation. Also praying no member graduates anytime soon except Sayumi of course.


    1. Of course I think it’s exciting. And everyone was expecting this myself included, it was just a waiting game of when it would be announced. But despite the auditions obvious I’m still excited for them because I love auditions.

      Yeah I’m also hoping for about 2 or 3 new members, I don’t feel like Momusu needs anymore at the time. A 2nin generation would be great. I think it’s a lot better than only adding one girl, since one member generations are a little lonely for that girl.

      I doubt anyone else is going to graduate, besides Sayu, for a while. They’re far too young and haven’t been members long enough. I mean it has happened before. But I think the current members are happy in the group.

  2. Weren’t Fukuchan, Kuduu, and Sakura all kenshuusei?

    Anyway I would much rather the stronger kenshuusei like Tanabe and Hamachan to debut in their own group.

    1. Yes, they were. That’s why I said they’ve added 1 kenshuusei to each generation since the 8th gen.

      I would be ideal for that to happen, but as it is right now it seems extremely unlikely for a new group to be formed anytime soon. When Juice=Juice was in it’s early stages, Tsunku did say he would be making more than one Kenshuusei group and that probably only one would officially debut, and that the lineup could change at any moment. I think the fact that that didn’t happen is a clear sign it won’t happen anytime soon. So, I think being added to Momusu is the best bet for Nanami and Ayano to debut at all.

      Nanami has been a Kenshuusei for 5 years now, and it seems like if she doesn’t debut soon she’ll pull a Kaneko Rie and quit.

      1. Considering the 1 year behind-the-scenes training the new winner will have to undergo, would the KSS be happy to win this particular audition, I wonder. They’ve already gone through years/months of training so to have yet another year on probation seems OTT.

        Anyway: “Momusu has added 1 Kenshuusei to the group since LinLin joined.” bad phrasing man!

        1. They never said it would be one year training. They said they would train after winning and debut in 2015. My bet is that they would debut in the very beginning of 2015. 9th gen was announced at the opening day of an H!P winter concert. And then released their debut single 2 months later. I think the 12th gen would most likely follow the same suit. But more of announcing their training is over rather than announcing the winners then.

          Most H!P auditions take around 4 months to finish, that means we could see the results of the 12th gen around July the earliest. And that would mean the winners would only train for about 6 months before they debut, assuming the training is over at the very beginning of 2015. They would have to release their debut single around July of 2015 for it have been a year of training, and I don’t see them waiting that far into 2015 for them to debut. This is all my opinion of course. H!P does makes some questionable decisions.

          As for the Kenshuusei, I think most of the girls would go through 2 years more of additional training if it meant they would debut after it. Considering that most Kenshuusei never get a chance to debut at all, the girls would most likely jump at the chance.

          Oh wow I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I put that. I obviously meant one Kenshuusei per generation since LinLin joined. I guess I just though it in my head rather than writing it. My bad, I changed it in the post now.

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