Head to class with S/mileage

S/mileage’s debut sinlge, aMa no Jaku, was released July 19th and the PV has just come out. Which is only a few days late.

I think S/mileage might be my new favorite group ever. I love the song! They have the cutesy voices that I love in H!P. They only have one song, and to me their almost at Buono’s level. Which is pretty up their on my list of favorite H!P groups of all time. S/mileage can pick up where W left off.
The PV wasn’t anything really special, mostly because it’s an indie single PV. But look on the bright side, it had a much higher budget than Massara Blue Jeans. And ManoEri’s indie singles didn’t even get PVs. The set of the PV is in a school, H!P having a handful of school videos already, there really wasn’t that much you could do with it to make it unique. But it was the first H!P school PV that focused on the school setting as a whole, rather than just one or two rooms. I really enjoyed the polaroids of the girls throughout the PV. I think that made the video cuter than it already was.
The dance is pretty cute. It’s simple but it fits well with the song. I’m a little sad that I watched S/mileage’s performance during the Egg concert. It took away the surprise of watching for the first time in the PV.

I also think everyone looks absolutely amazing in the PV, especially Yuuka. It’s almost unbelievable how gorgeous Yuuka looks! Even though Kanon is my immediate favorite of the group, I have to say she doesn’t really stand out in this PV style wise. Everyone has 2 different adorable hairstyles each, but Kanon’s stays the same. She either has it just pin straight, or pin straight with a headband. It reminds me that they did the same thing to Momoko in the Rottara Rottara video. Apparently if you have short hair in H!P your only style option is straight, unless your Ai-chan of course.
Hair might not seem like a big deal to most people, but to me clothing and hair is just as important as line distribution. Besides that, I’m against anything that takes focus away from Kanon. The line distribution also takes focus away from Kanon. The song focuses mainly on Yuuka and Saki, which is fine because they only get one more line then Kanon and Ayaka. Not only does Kanon get just 2 lines, she gets the shortest solo lines in the whole song. As a biased Kanon fangirl, I think that’s unfair to her.

Apparently it takes 30 seconds to write the word S/mileage

Unimaginative dance move #1. Dancing, stop before you start

There’s nothing more exciting than playing cards

Unimaginative dance move #2. H!P sure has been addicted
to pointing lately

Someone try to tell me Yuuka doesn’t look INCREDIBLE

Unimaginative dance move #3. Clap clap clap

It looks like they were pictures after all

When did Ayaka get this pretty? She looked nothing like this
in Shugo Chara Egg

Unimaginative dance move #4.

Why hello there bland looking Kanon

Unimaginative dance move #5. Do the hustle, and walk back
3 steps

Unimaginative dance move #6. S/mileage is making this too

And yet Saki makes it look good

For some unexplainable reason the girls are now all sad

Saki looks the best in the school girl outfit

Unimaginative dance move #7. Wax on wax off

Kanon’s wall of cute

The real reason Yuuka got more lines

Unimaginative dance move #8. It wouldn’t be an H!P dance
without some kind of spinning

And just for fun you can see up Kanon’s and Ayaka’s skirts

Quick everyone run for no apparent reason

Unimaginative dance move #9. Eggs really are the best dancers

Unimaginative dance move #10. Kick up your heels

This picture is full of win

I think someone other than Ayaka may have drawn this

Unimaginative dance move #11. Dancing ability doesn’t matter
when you’re cute

This post needed more Kanon

Unimaginative dance move #12. To the left, to the left

Adorable picture is adorable

Bye bye!

Unimaginative dance #13. Cha-ching

So it makes you think, just how many indie singles is S/mileage going to have before a major debut? I personally think anything more than two would be unnecessary. To me S/mileage is H!P at its best. Much like Buono they have a clear style of music, that’s both unique and at the same time fits into H!P. It seems like H!P has put all their good ideas into the subgroups, which is making Morning Musume suffer. Even Berryz Koubou has had better songs than Momusu lately.