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What better way to bring in the new year than to have my first PV review of the new year be of one of my favorite idol groups? Though Hey! Say! JUMP’s Ride With Me was released last year, it’s close enough. I actually intended to do this PV as soon as it came out but I was too busy with my end of the year posts, and so here we are.

I am actually surprised that I ended up liking this PV more than I thought I would. Even though the PV is incredibly cheap and there’s not really much going on in the final version than what we saw in the PV preview, I still like it. I think the PV is really fun. I think they actually put in a lot more effort into this PV than it seems. While at first looks all you can really notice is that obnoxious jungle gym/cage made out of what looks like PVC pipes looming in the background. For a second it felt like we were transported back to the Super Delicate PV with those white abstract art pieces.


But in a weird way I’m into them. Mostly because without them they would just be in an empty room dancing on that same metallic  reflective material that they used in the over PV.


I can really appreciate is that they added some other element to the dancing set, no matter how random it is. I also really like that throughout the PV they shine lights on the white metal piece in tune of the song. Or at least it looks like it’s in tune of the song to me.

I could really take or leave the second main set of the PV which is that neon rainbow hallway they use for the close-up shots. Not only do they look like they cost $2 to make they give off a similar feel to Kisumai’s Ai no Beat dance version PV where they did their close-up scenes in a hallway full of graffiti written in black light ink.


You guys also know that I don’t like those scenes because of the awful styling.  While I do think members like Yuto, Takaki, Inoo, and Hikaru were able to not have the horrendous hairstyles the rest of the guys have, I don’t think anyone really escaped the bad outfit styling. I don’t think many guys wake up and say, “Today I’ll wear a mustard colored motorcycle jacket.” I’ve never actually seen motorcycle jackets for men in any other color but black or brown. Maybe I’m being a bit biased since Momusu pulled off bright neon motorcycle jackets extremely well.


I’m sorry I just think Hey! Say! JUMP look ridiculous in them. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I think the blue and red jackets are the only ones that possibly pass.

But all of those terrible motorcycle jackets are forgiven when we see the guys in those tuxedos. Definitely the highlight of the PV for me. The guys look so classy, dapper, and absolutely gorgeous. I also really like the black CG shapes in the background. It’s relatively simple, but I think small touches like that that keep you from getting bored are perfect. Because let’s be honest, if they left that white it would have been too plain and I would have been complaining about it instantly.

But I think the real win for this PV is the amount of screen time everyone gets. It is finally what I’ve always hoped for for HSJ, we get to see everyone! And for a decent amount of time! Remember the Super Delicate PV where Inoo and Keito literally got two solo scenes that were 2 seconds longs? That was a grim time for the group.

But HSJ have really been turning things around with their latest releases. In Come On A My House there was a pretty equal amount of screen time and in Ride With Me we get completely equal screen time and everyone gets lines. There is literally nothing else I can possibly ask from them.


Tell me that the lights aren’t in sync with the music here.


The shadowy figure of Ryosuke just standing there, reminding everyone who is the most popular.


I could do without all these seizure inducing scene changes.


Come on now, Chinen looks ridiculous.


Daiki doesn’t look completely awful I suppose.


I really wish their dancing outfits were any other color but white. It’s too boring.


Ryosuke is trying so hard too look hot, but I’m sorry not with that hair.


Am I the only one who thinks the way he parts his hair is similar to the way is was styled in the Over PV?


Though obviously in Over her had more bangs and split them.


The technicolor lights are a little distracting to be honest.


WTF is Daiki even doing?


Oh Inoo.


What’s with the sudden rush of Takaki feelings? He looks really good here.


Thankfully my beloved Yuto manages to not look stupid.


RIP Keito’s lovely long hair.


Go away Takaki.


Yuto looking adorable.


Lookin’ good Ryosuke.


It’s reasons like this that he’s the most popular.


That slight wink!


Can we all agree that Daiki has no idea what to do during his close-ups? Right now he’s playing air piano.


Yabu is a cutie, too bad his hair is terrible here.


I think it’s funny that Inoo looks the same in practically every PV.


I hate this ride with me dance move with a burning passion.


Hikaru looks the best with black hair.




Yuto in a tux, I don’t think life gets much better than this.


Inoo’s tie is so cool.


I hate when they style Keito’s hair like this.


Hikaru looks so cute.


For some reason Ryosuke’s hair looks much better here.


Why are they covering their eyes?


I didn’t even notice Keito’s shirt was open a bit. Thanks a lot stylist.

2 thoughts on “Take a ride with Hey! Say! JUMP”

  1. It is funny how two people watching the same thing would have totally different opinions about it, but I guess that what makes it interesting.
    I thought that the PV was good, but they tried to put to much into it. the tuxedos part while it was very nice and they looked really good in it, did not fit with the other two sets. the dancing set is all black and white and the solo set is all color, they complemented each other somehow. the third looked like it came from a different PV.
    On the clothes, I think the jackets were fine, though that was really not Yamada’s color but after so many awful customs in previous PV’s and concerts I think they got lucky on this one, and I like JUMP in white, you may think its boring but it is the color that suits them best.
    I so so so love the dance, it was fast, it was charming and it showed that they are not to be underestimated, I really hoped that they would focus more on it in the PV since its the coolest part.
    I do agree on the hair part, Yuto is the only one with a perfect style. Yamada, Takaki, Hikaru, Daiki were ok. Yabu and keito’s locked bad, Inoo…I think that if he did one day change his hair style I may not recognize him since this hair that is fixed in my mind, Chinen’s hair was weird (can’t decide whether it was in good or bad way).
    to sum it up, Yuto was the best looking, the dance was the best part and the song is really catchy and fun and I can’t wait for the new single to see what they will give us this time.

    1. It definitely is what makes it interesting. No two people’s opinions will ever be exactly the same.

      I actually don’t think they put as much effort into this PV as you think. They put more effort into past PVs such as Come On A My House and Mayonaka Shadow Boy because they had to build those sets from scratch. If you watch the making of for this PV they really only have 1 set to build. Then the rest is either in front of a green screen or in a small box filled of the colorful lights. I do agree that that 2 sets complimented each other. And maybe the tuxedo parts are a bit out of, but that’s fine to me. I’ll take a set that looks like it was just shoved in if it’s the set where the guys looks the best. Lol.

      The jackets were half fine. Some of them worked, but some of them were awful. I think costume outfits are always terrible, that can be said about any Johnny’s group. It wouldn’t feel like Johnny’s if they didn’t wear feathered messes with tons of sequins. XD As for past PVs, Hey! Say! JUMP has worn pretty normal looking clothing. They only time they didn’t was in Magic Power. But that had a 70’s theme and was for children, so I usually overlook that. I think any color suits them, as long as they clothes are made well enough.

      The dancing was just great! It was their fastest dance to date and really shows off the guy’s dancing ability. I think the balanced the dancing nicely, because anything more would have felt like a dance shot in my opinion.
      I pretty much agree with you on the hair, except for Ryosuke. I just did not like his hair. Lol. You’re also right about Inoo if you changed his hair one day it would be so shocking. It reminds me of how Massu from NEWS has the same hairstyle for like 6 or so years.

      I have to agree that Yuto was the best looking. But that may just be my bias talking. Lol. The dance is great and so is the song. I can’t wait for the next single either! And it’s really quickly after this single, so no waiting a year again!

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