Spin the globe with Mano Erina

ManoEri’s new song, Sekai wa Summer Party, is being released July 29th. And yet the PV was released already. I guess H!P is trying to keep the attention on her since she recently made her Music Station debut.

The PV itself a little boring and cheap looking. For her dance scene she dances in front of a giant globe in a plain white room. Which is one of the cheapest sets in all of H!P. Ice Creamusume has the cheapest. I understand that the title translates as The World is a Summer Party, but is it really necessary to have that big of an Earth in the background. It’s just awkward looking and takes focous away from the Eggs Erina.
Then the other aspect of the PV is the room she plays piano in. And it’s just styled as the typical H!P room. This room could have been used for the Chance PV or the Tropical Koishiteru PV. That’s how generic the rooms usually are. The room actually reminds me of her Hajimete no Keiken video.
Throughout the PV there’s also a lot of weird sparkles randomly placed, for no apparent reason. I sure hope the lyrics have something to do with sparkling, or that would just be stupid.
The upside to the PV is the outfits she wears. Her school looking dress couldn’t get any cuter.

Cheap set :/

Dramatic close up of her fingers

I like that she has the Eggs in her video again.
And look at those insanely easy dance moves

I spot a Yuuka

A snorkel how practical

I think I liked this dance move a little more than I should have

And the pixie dust starts. It’s makes her suitcase enchanted XD

Now there’s a way to use sparkles!

It looks like she’s doing the Charleston

I think Erina just got laid. It HAD to be said.

I spot a Kanon

The never ending suitcase leads you to a world of ominous

Erina’s staying alive. And somehow Yuuka made that move

look adorable

Yeah. That pose is really showing off her rabbit cheeks

What’s over there? Is it more sparkles?

They’re even doing tap dance moves.

Quick something useful, like a pineapple! LOL face.

Of course she winks stars

Doo kyacchi shiyou ka? oh wait wrong group.

You spin me right round

I’ve never loved the letter E more in my life

Now act like you’ve never seen bubbles before

I’m starting to really like ManoEri’s songs. I really didn’t like her indie singles or her first major single, but her last two singles were surprisingly good. I’m even starting to tolerate like her singing.

2 thoughts on “Spin the globe with Mano Erina”

  1. You make a point.

    The video is lame – Full Stop. What happened to producing decent J-Pop that may change to different genres like R&B?

    The only most recent songs I have from H!P are Morning Musume Naichau Kamo and Berryz Koubou Dakishimete Dakishimete.

  2. I'm glad Mano's career is really kicking off- I get the impression she works really hard.
    Her singing has improved a lot since Mano Piano…
    I really shouldn't like the dance as much as I do though xD

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