LinLin set to lead new Mini Moni

Tsunku announced on his blog the next member of the new Mini Moni will be 8th gen Morning Musume member LinLin. Not only will she be in the group she is also going to be the leader.

All I can say is YES! It’s about time there’s more LinLin love in Hello!Project. This is LinLin’s first side project and she gets to lead it. That’s just amazing. LinLin definatly has the personality to lead this group. She’s one of the most entertaining members of the current Morning Musume. Word can not describe how happy I am about this!

It looks like Tsunku finally realizes just how amazing LinLin is. Let’s hope this makes her shoot up in popularity. I look forward to seeing a lot more from LinLin now! Maybe even the first 8th gen member to get a photobook.

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