Top 100 singles of 2013 part 4


And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, my fourth and final part of this year’s end of the year ranking extravaganza!

Have you been making a mental note of what’s left? Have you been staying up at night rocking back and forth, pulling your hair out, and mumbling, “what song did she pick?” 

Well, most likely not. But hopefully you guys are interested enough in this ranking to still wonder what number 1 is. And as a blogger that’s about as much as I can ask for.

So here we go, start the imaginary drum roll. I now present to you my top 10 idol singles of 2013. The top 10 singles I couldn’t live without this year.

10. Dream5 – We Are Dreamer


This is a song, and a group for that matter, that I discovered only recently. But I am glad that I did because this song is a real gem. It’s just my absolute favorite kind of idol music. It’s upbeat, it’s happy, and it has a positive message. There’s not really much else I can ask for. It’s basically about never giving up on your dreams, and if you want something bad enough you have to push through everything and just do it. It’s also about not keeping sad or hard times to yourself because it just makes it weigh heavier on your heart. I’m a sucker for super positive songs like this, they are the sure fire cure for any time I’m feeling upset or lonely. It’s why I love idol music. Why listen to sad songs when you can listen to happy ones? I also think Kotori sounds fantastic in this song, it’s probably the best I’ve ever heard her sound. I really think Dream5 is definitely a group worth giving a chance. I was skeptical about them at first too but they are a lot better than I expected.

9. SUPER GiRLS – Tokonatsu High Touch


This is sadly one of the songs on this list I was unable to find an English translation for, so any impression I have on this song is by the song itself. Which I think is fantastic. It’s that adorable and absolutely sugary sweet idol song that we’ve come to love and expect from SUPER GiRLS. The only real drawback of this song is that it sounds pretty similar to their other songs released in the summer. But if you can overlook that and just enjoy the song for what it is, it doesn’t really matter. It’s just a carefree summer song that’s probably not about anything deeper than just having fun at the beach or in the summer in general. I also really love Ruka’s little solo part toward the end of the song. It’s really soothing to listen to and I think Ruka has the loveliest voice in SUPER GiRLS, so I always appreciate when she gets special parts in songs like this.

8. Cheeky Parade – C.P.U.


Despite Cheeky Parade being a fairly new idol group I can really see them being a group I really enjoy. And C.P.U was definitely the start of it all. It was the first song by them I ever heard and it remains my favorite song of theirs to date. Sticking true to the name this song has an electronic and computer sounding music and has enough computer references in the lyrics for me to find it absolutely adorable and charming. It’s a pretty similar song to Buono’s Internet Cupid which is probably why I love this song so much. It does seem like they are copying the song a lot because of how insanely similar the lyrics are. But I prefer to just enjoy them as separate entities. Especially since this song is a lot less cutesy than Internet Cupid. I love this song is a bit more intense and I really love all the little rapping parts scattered throughout the song. I love that it’s a perfect mix of cute idol music but still has a bit of a mature feel to it.

7. Dia Lady – Lady Mermaid


Just everything about this song is just incredible. I couldn’t have made a more perfect H!P one shot group if you asked me too. This is hands down the best song to come out of either the Satoyama or Satoumi Movements. The song has a great old fashioned 60’s feel and it’s so incredible that it’s literally butter to the ears. Airi’s and Risako’s voices together are just pure perfection. They have 2 of the best voices in H!P right now and they blend just phenomenally together. The high tones of Airi’s voice seamlessly mix with the low tones of Risako’s voice and it’s just mind blowing. Not to mention the perfection of the ah’s each girl does throughout the song. Though I think it’s pretty obvious that Risako’s are a step above Airi’s. Though Airi’s are nothing to sneeze at either. I know a lot of people think Airi and Risako get too much exposure, and I do agree with that, but no one can deny sometimes you just want a beautifully sung song like this. While I do love other girls too there’s no denying the fact that most of the other girls in H!P wouldn’t do this song justice. The song is so perfect that you can forget the fact that one for the one makes absolutely no sense. The lyrics I could honestly take them or leave them. It’s basically about best friends who are extremely popular during the summer at some beach town. And once summer ends so does summer love. Everyone leaves the beach, and their popularity ends as well. And honestly the lyrics sound more like them being sirens than mermaid. But I’m just nitpicking here. I’m also not going to split hairs by saying that mermaids are already ladies so the lady in the front of it is not needed.

6. Kis-My-Ft2 – Ki Su Ma I Kiss Your Mind


Now, I’ll be the first one to admit that this song is hardly a beautiful or deep song. It’s actually a pretty meaningless song to be quite honest. The song is essentially: I love you so let’s bang now. I mean it would be funnier if that wasn’t 100% true. But I could honestly care less about the lyrics, the song itself is just so fun and catchy that the lyrics don’t even matter. It’s probably the most fun idol song released this year in general. And it would have probably ranked higher on this list if the song was about literally anything else. Well, I also do find it pretty annoying that there’s way too many random words in this song. Literally every single line of the entire song has at least one English word in it. Just why? But all of that can be overlooked because the song is just too upbeat and too fun to listen to. I am honestly incapable of listening to this song without dancing or singing along to it. And surprisingly the guy’s voices sound pretty pleasant in this song. Which is not something that happens often with Kisumai. The two things that are obvious about Kisumai are: no one in the group is overly attractive and no one in the group is all that great at singing. They’re pretty average all around, the only way they make up for it is by having above average songs. Which is why if Kisumai releases any song that’s not upbeat I absolutely hate it because the group doesn’t have any other redeeming qualities. (And come on, you guys know I mean music wise, not variety wise. Because I’m obviously a huge fan of Tama.)

5. C-ute – Ai tte Motto Zanshin


I can’t properly explain enough how much I completely, absolutely, 1,000% love this song. I don’t just think it’s just C-ute’s best A-sides this year, I actually consider it to be one of the best, if not the best, C-ute A-sides ever. I think C-ute really turned into something special when they became 5 members and turned into the dance group of H!P. And I think this song is taking that dance vibe and taking it to a whole other level. It’s really just smashing H!P’s current dance song formula where they all sound exactly the same, and are basically, interchangable, and breaking the mold into a thousand pieces. This song is just perfect. It’s still a great dance song without it being so overbearing or having a lot of unnecessary effects to their voice. It’s just the girls raw voices and they sound just incredible. Especially Chisa’s voice, it fits perfectly for this song and Airi’s great note towards the end of this song. It’s such a song voice that even Nakky and Mai sound a lot better than they usually do. The song just has an intense sound to it to match with the lyrics of a women excepting more out of love and more than just love. And even though the relationship seems like it’s ending she’s not even sure if she wants it to saved because she expects more than just typical love.

4. Fudanjuku – Danso Revolution


I’m not even sure why I love this song so much. There’s just something about it that I find just so appealing. Maybe the fact that the lyrics are just carefree and they aren’t really serious at all. I can listen to it and not have to worry about it having some deep meaning or it being another typical love song. And sometimes I’m just in the mood for that. The song is really danceable and it’s just a fun song all around. It doesn’t even really bother me that the entire song is basically just about danso. Not everything needs to be so intense all the time. And if I could enjoy Miyavi’s Night in Girl for years I’m sure I can find something great about this song. The song is also basically about just doing whatever you want and not caring about what other think. So, hey if you want to dress up like a guy do it, do whatever you want. Don’t let other people’s opinions stop you from living your life. I think it’s a great song to listen to and just forget everything.

3. Arashi – Breathless


While ranking this it was extremely hard to pick which song was better Breathless or Calling, since both were excellent. It was really a great year for Arashi. While I do think Calling is a catchier song once I read the lyric translation there was no way I couldn’t choose Breathless. The lyrics are just so beautiful. You can just feel the sadness and loneliness overflowing from the lyrics. And it is a little heart aching to read. It’s really about being a broken person who feels alone and hopeless that’s trying to pull themselves out of it. And even when they find a person that warms their heart they still can’t really allow themselves to fully feel the warmth or happiness. The lyrics say that even if the promise is shot lived they want to just hold the warmth, and also burn that smile into their memory for when they look back. Which to me means that they don’t expect it to last, and for there to ever be a time when they aren’t alone. Which is really heartbreaking. And I think most people can relate to such a hopeless feeling in their life where they truly feel like they’ll never pull themselves from this solitude or sadness.

2. Juice=Juice – Romance no Tochuu


When J=J was first announced I knew I was going to instantly be a fan of them since my beloved Karin was added. But it wasn’t until they released their first songs that solidified J=J as a formidable force within H!P. Their mature jazzy fell is completely refreshing. And that’s what so great about this song. The song is sung much deeper and the sound is so different that it almost doesn’t feel like an idol song at all. And it of course helps that some of the most talented Kenshuusei were added into this group. Try and tell me that Sayuki’s odoru isn’t the just absolute perfection. It’s just one of those songs I could listen to constantly without getting bored. Which is what I’ve been doing for the past few months. What’s also great about this song is it’s just as catchy during the verse as it is the chorus, which can’t really be said for most songs. The lyrics are great too. Tell someone you love them before it’s too late. And tightly grasp love with full force because you have to make the most of the one life you get. But I am basing this off of H!P’s poor, to say the least, PV subs.

1. SKE48 – Utsukushii Inazuma


I think it’s a little sad that the year when I put in actual effort to keep up with the 48 family’s releases, I go on an unexpected, albeit a well deserved, break from blogging. But hey, that doesn’t mean I can’t gush about the songs now. That’s a big part of what this ranking is for. And this year’s winner was so obvious to me. It was absolutely crystal clear to me that before I even starting writing down every single this song stuck out in my mind as the best. Just everything about this song is just phenomenal. It’s such a powerful and intense song both musically and lyrically. I mean the song is about love being as powerful and bright as lightning. And they seriously go all out with the analogies and metaphors and instead of it being lame it works on every level. A love being as bright as lightning, being set aflame, piercing your heart, blazing across your chest, and being a lightning rod. Just everything about this song is just perfection. And the music is incredible, it manages to be this perfect mix of pop, dance, with a splash of rock elements, while still managing to hit you like a ton of bricks once the chorus hits. It’s just beautiful.