S/mileage first indie single Ama no Jaku

H!P’s new Egg group debuting this fall S/mileage is releasing their first indie single entitled Ama no Jaku. Even thought the song doesn’t have a release date the song will be played at June 7th’s Hello! Pro Eggs concert Shinjin Kouen, and also on Takahashi Ai’s radio show June 4th. We also have a short preview of the clip via a S/mileage Fan Club announcement.

I’m actually really excited for the full version now. The PV looks like something ManoEri would make. And the outfits look a bit like something AKB48 would wear. But, I really love the high school setting of the PV. It gives it that Shouganai Yume Oibito and Honto no Jibun feel. Everyone looks amazing in the PV too. I found myself focusing a lot on Saki rather than just Yuuka and Kanon. I never realized how adorable she is!
I also really love the song so far. It sounds really adorable. I kind of wish they would have played more than just the chorus though. I’m really curious to see how the lines were distributed. But it’s still nice to hear how well their voices blend together.
I also loved after the preview how cute everyone pronounced S/mileage. I also wish I could see the picture of S/mileage that their holding up better. But I guess I’ll have to wait for that.