Top 100 singles of 2013 part 3


Guys we’re getting down to the wire here, can you feel the anticipation building up to see what my top 10 singles are? Well, you should. That’s half the reason why I’m posting this in parts. 

Anyway, today’s rankings are number 40-11. In this ranking we’re going through songs that are turning from just ok songs to songs I can’t live without.

So, without further ado here’s you’re ranking. And I’ll see you tomorrow for the last part!

40. SKE48 – Choco no Dorei


When I first found out that the title of this song song translated into a slave to chocolate for some reason I didn’t expect it to be a song about Valentine’s Day. To be honest I don’t know what I was expecting the song to be about. But now that I know it is about Valentine’s Day I think the song is absolutely adorable. I think it perfectly paints the picture of a guy being nervous about to whether he’ll get a present on Valentine’s Day. I think the fact that he’s saying just for today he’s a slave to chocolate really paints a clear picture of how anxious he is. You really get a clear story with the song and can feel what they are trying to convey perfectly. While I can’t relate to being nervous about receiving chocolates on Valentine’s Day because here in the US Valentine’s Day is a holiday pretty much exclusively for people in relationships, as to Valentine’s Day in Japan that’s all about bold confessions of love. I can still appreciate how cute the song is though.

39. Juice=Juice – Samidare Bijo ga Samidareru


I’ve never really been super into this song, I don’t think it’s terrible but it’s never been one of my favorites. But it is an extremely different sound than anything going on in H!P right now. And honestly H!P has never really released a song before that sounds like this. I actually prefer the memorial edit of this song than the original, I think the music of this song is so unique and I like that the memorial edit accentuates that uniqueness even more. I think it’s really amazing that they managed to create a dance song with jazz elements that actually works and sounds fantastic. Cause I gotta tell ya, on paper that sounds like a terrible idea. Dare I say that adding trumpets to the song turned out to be quite a triumpet feat. (Get it instead of triumphant? That’s a quality pun right there.) The lyrics kind of tell two different stories though. The verse is about a girl who isn’t confident and wants to keep up with the fads. But than the chorus goes on to say that they are the type of girl that’s going to do whatever they want, and won’t apologize for it. I guess it’s about a girl who has some many insecurities and that they are trying to hide it by acting tough and throwing off an unapproachable vibe.

38. – Denden Passion


I just absolutely love the overall crazyness of this song. To me Dempa is just this grazy over the top idol group who are so full of energy and are so enthusiastic that you can’t help loving them. They defiently take risks and makes songs that I don’t see other groups making or would even try to make. Like this song, it’s bursting with so much energy, personality, and overall happiness that I can’t get enough of it. The chorus of this song is so cutesy and happy, and sung so fastly, that it’s one step above being extremely annoying. And I think that might be where Dempa’s real charm lies. They’re an idol group you’d think you’d never enjoy but for some reason you can’t seem to hate them. And I love how weird and crazy the lyrics are. Even though the lyrics are a typical song about friendship and chasing your dreams together because life is an adventure and you only have this moment of youth. And no matter how hard life is you’ll push through it if you’re together, Dempa still adds a weird flare by having odd analogizes throughout the song. Such as “Life is carrot and stick, take control of the horse of time with a gallop,” “My body stretches as far as it can with excerise and a skip, “Girls always want to dream and eat the same dream with you.”

37. Kanjani8 – Hesomagari


Wow, this song is just fantastic. Remind me again why I’m not into Kanjani8 more? Oh that’s right I don’t have a good reason beyond general laziness. And I seem to keep repeating over and over that they are too good of a group to not pay attention to. They really are, and songs like this really prove that. This is an extremely catchy song, arguably one of the most catchy songs of the year. The song is just pure fun from start to finish. And it has that distinct Kanjani8 sound that’s a mixture of goofyness and an energetic beat. Sadly, I can’t really find a decent translation of this song. But to me it seems like it has a really positive and uplifting message. And even if it doesn’t that’s certainly how the song makes me feel. I love songs like that that you can’t feel sad listening to.

36. Morning Musume – Brainstorming


I cannot count the number of times I’ve listening to this song in the past year. It might have taken me a little bit of time to fully apperciate how amazing the song is, but when I did I starting loving the song full force. The song is just flawless. The music is danceable and fun and there are some great lines done by Reina, Mizuki, and Sakura. Even Riho manages to sound good in this song. But the main reason I love this song is because idol songs don’t really get anymore positive than this. The song is basically about being an optimistic person, and since that’s how I live my life each and every day, I really love it. The lyrics are saying to take the good things that are happening in your life and to use them as fuel to keep you motivated. And even if things aren’t going well now someday you’ll be able to achieve them. Just do your best no matter what and chase after your dreams no matter how hard they are. Because surely one day everything will go right for you. It’s just a really great motivational song to really get you going.

35. C-ute – Kanashiki Amefuri


Now, here’s a song I can really get behind. I absolutely love everything about this song. It’s just incredible. It’s got an insanely powerful beat to it and it’s got these equally intense lyrics. It’s a breakup up song that has a real strength behind it. Even though the lyrics are about being sad it sounds like the person in the song is handling it very well and maturely. I don’t know, maybe it’s the music itself that make the lyrics seems stronger than they actually are. The lyrics seems to be about teenage lovers that couldn’t spend as much time together as they wanted because they were both busy and because of that their relationship crumbles. The women knows that the breakup is inevitable, but despite that fact she doesn’t want it to end on good terms. She wants him to just come out and say it to get it over with. Even though deep down she wanted him to wait a little longer for her. To me the song is about how she’s facing it strongly even though it does hurt.

34. AKB48 -Koisuru Fortune Cookie


When this song first came out I could not stand it. Like not even a little bit. I was even a little angry at this song. That AKB48 could release such a terrible song for their big Senbatsu single. And I was angry they could get away with releasing such a bad song and still have it be a million seller. It wasn’t until I heard JKT48’s English version of this song before I went, ok I get it now, this song is actually really great. I guess since I understood the lyrics I was able to fully appreciate the song more. Thankfully the English version’s lyrics are basically the translation of the song worded a tiny bit differently to make it flow in English more. I guess I was just thrown off at first that the song sounded to 80’s for my liking, and not the good 80’s sound. Even though it was released in 2013 it sounds like it was released at least 30 years ago. But I can look past the dated music and appreciate the song for the lyrics. Since I am an ordinary flower myself I can really relate to the feeling of wanting to fall in love but not feeling special or pretty enough for anyone to want you. It’s also basically about trying to make your own luck and to break out of you shell because you never know what tomorrow will bring. So, even if you feel too insecure you just have to look on the bright side because you something surprising will happen someday.

33. HKT48 – Suki! Suki! Skip!


This is a song that I actually really do love and always wanted to wanted to feature on my blog but just always forgot and never got around to it. This song is just absolutely unforgetable. The song starts out blarring and is right in your face being super energetic. And I love every minute of it. It’s got that typical happy and upbeat idol sound that I absolutely adore. And the verse of the song manages to be just as interesting and fun as the chorus, I am never bored even for a second while listening to this song. The song does leave something to be desire though. Initially it’s about being so in love with someone that you’re so excited to meet them that time can’t pass by fast enough. That they are so in love nothing else matters and they feel like they’re walking on clouds. They are literally happy enough to skip. But the more you get into the song you realize that they aren’t actually in a relationship with this person. They are actually stuck in an unrequited love because that won’t hurt them. And if they see them talking to another boy they’ll just pretend they didn’t see it happen to make their heart satisfied. It’s actually a little sad because they are honestly content with the relationship not moving any further than this and will actually pretend that they are happy if they are talking to another guy, so that they don’t realize they are secretly in love with them. That’s actually a little weird.

32. Takahashi Minami – Jane Doe


I remember when this song first came out everyone was flipping out how incredible the song was, but I didn’t really pay that much attention and didn’t bother listening to the song. Because honestly if I’m not blogging about it for you guys I don’t really listen to AKB48 and their sister groups on their own. To tell you the truth if I wasn’t making this year long ranking I probably would have never heard this song ever. But I am glad that I did, because this song is absolutely incredible. It’s got this intense and powerful rock music that works so perfectly with the deepness of Minami’s voice. I am utterly blown away by how phenomenal Minami sounds in this song. Just everything about this song is amazing. The lyrics are especially great and are actually really sad. It’s all about not being able to recongize the person you’re in a relationship anymore because they are slowly changing and moving away from you. They are busy thinking about someone else and aren’t even putting the effort into showing affection or in the relationship in general. And because of that they have to be this Jane Doem this person that you don’t know because you’re real significant other would never do this to you. Like wow that is super powerful and just plain devastating. it also really annoys me that once again it’s once again an AKB48 song from the male perspective. Especially when John Doe would have fit as easily as Jane Doe does.

31. Hey! Say! JUMP – Come On A My House


Since this song first came out I never really allowed myself to ever really give this song a chance. I was too focused on the fact that I was expecting a more mature song for them, and was too angry that Bounce was just the B-side that I never really appreciated the song for what it is. And that’s a sweet and catchy, happy idol song. The very type of song that if it was performed by anyone else I would have probably instantly loved it. But I let my own expectation cloud my judgement intionally. Now that I have given the song more of a chance I do actually like it. It’s not the best song I’ve ever heard in my life, but it is a good song for what it is. The song lyrics are a little sadder than you would think they are after hearing the song. It’s about a guy who really loves this girl but she’s with someone else. And he knows that if he was just given the chance he could make her smile more than he does. And even though she only has eyes for the other guy he only has eyes for her, and he wants her to once and for all pick between him and the other guy. In an odd way it makes me think of Jessie’s Girl. (Which by the way is a great song. You can’t beat 80’s songs.)

30. Passpo – Sakura Komachi


You know I say I prefer happy music over anything else, but I keep finding that I love and can relate to all these sad song. Maybe I just really like the fact that even when idol songs are sad, they still have a happy sound to them. Like this song for instance. It’s this heartbreaking song about unrequited love. That even though it’s graduation day and probably the last time she’ll get to confess her love she swallows it back down again. She doesn’t have the courage or resolve to tell him how she feels because she knows that he’s chasing his dreams far away from her, so even if she did say anything she’d just be making things hard for him. The song does end with her love being in full bloom, but it doesn’t really tell if she goes after him or not. But more than anything I think it means that now that spring is here she really has to face her feelings and the small bud she’s always pushed down has bloomed because it’s faced with all of the feelings she suppressed at once. I honestly don’t think she goes after him. But despite that this is an absolutely heartbreaking unrequited love song, the dance still sounds kind of happy. It’s a great pop rock songs that I could see myself dancing to. And quite honestly it makes it hard for me to associate this song with sadness. It’s not until I read the lyrics again does the rush of sadness come flooding over me.

29. Morning Musume – Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke


This is a song that I was just not into at all when it first came out. I could not fathom why this was the main A-side over Ai no Gundan, and I still can’t to be honest. Though over time this song did grow on me more and more. And every once in a blue moon I’ll be so into the song that I can’t imagine this song not being the main A-side. Though those times are exceedingly rare. I love that this song is a lot tougher and more mature than past Momusu songs. I like that the lyrics are not the typical I’m a fragile maiden in love that must be protected. I like that it’s about her being a little more tough and that she doesn’t feel the need to have pointless conversations and doesn’t want to know what’s going on in your life. She also doesn’t want you to pretend to know anything about her and to stop trying to figure it out by assuming, because she’s content with how her life is. Despite all of that she does want to be loved but loved in her own way. She doesn’t want fake affection and knows that real love is bitter.

28. Kis-My-Ft2 – Unmei Girl


This song is so typical boyband that it hurts. But no matter how hard I try I can’t feel anything else for this song but complete love and admiration. It is physically impossible not to just instantly love this song. It is undeniably catchy. It’s easy to dance to, it’s easy to listen to, it’s just easy to like. It’s just a carefree and fun song. It’s so adorable and sugary sweet that I can’t get enough of it. But sadly the lyrics match the song and they comes off incredibly cheesy and too cliched. True to any boyband song ever, the song is about seeing a cute girl in the crowd, she’s cute and their eyes meet, and boom insant love at first sight. But this song takes it a step further and calls her his destined girl. The lyrics go on about how he can’t stop thinking of her and becomes a little bit clingy. Pretty standard lyrics all around.But I don’t really mind how basic the lyrics are I can’t really hear those complaints over how catchy the song is.

27. Berryz Koubou – Rock Erotic


This song is just absolutely incredibly. One of my ultimate jams of the year. I think it’s one of the strongest songs to comes out of H!P musically this year. The music is just undeniably powerful. It mixes dubstep and dance elements with an overall rock sound. I could literally listen to the instrumental of this song all day. But when you mix the incredible music with the top notch singing it just brings the song onto another level completely. Everyone member gets a decent amount of lines and everyone handles them perfectly. It’s one of those rare occasions where the song works well with everyone’s varying voices. And there are a lot of beautifully held notes going on throughout the song. It’s a shame that the lyrics can’t match the quality of the song. When you first read the lyrics you might think, “oh this is just a really pretty song about wanting and intense and passionate love.” But when you really just think about the lyrics for a second it’s actually just about having sex. There’s are a lot of obvious innuendo in the song. Now, while I don’t really care so much that the song is about sex, I do want a little more meaningful lyrics before I can call a song one of my favorites for the year. And that’s why this song is 27.

26. Kashiwagi Yuki – Shortcake


A soft song on my list? How unheard of. But I think that this song is really beautiful. Aside from the fact that Yuki has one of the most pleasant and lovely voices in the entire 48 family, the song itself is really beautiful. The lyrics are so meaningful and heartbreaking. And I can really relate to the lyrics of falling in love with your best friend, so I really like the song. Who can’t relate to suddenly noticing you have feelings for one of your friends. I’d say half of my crushes in life stemmed from friendships. The main one that sticks out is the guy I was friends with for years that used to live 2 blocks from me. I could literally look out my bedroom window and see him standing on his porch. (Look that would make a good idol song there.) I love how the song follows the strawberries they used to share as kids. And as they grew up they would share tough times, and it became a symbol of her hidden love for him. The lyrics really hit home for me when she can’t tell him she loves him. She can only say it to herself. And that she would have been happy if she had to courage to say she loved him out loud. I was also unable to say my feelings outloud, but my own story goes a bit deeper and more personal than that.

25. Arashi – Endless Game


This is one of those songs I though for sure was going to be really high on my list. I’ve been super addicted to this song since the moment it came out. And I’ve even seen fans who aren’t into Arashi being in love with this song. And I do still love this song, but when we get down right to the nitty gritty, there were just songs released that I enjoyed more than this one. But that doesn’t change the fact that I am still pretty smitten with this song. The whole song has this dark, mysterious, and mature feel. The song has a very adult side of Arashi that we’ve been seeing more and more lately from them, and that I am slowly growing to accept. The only really drawback of this song is I’m not entirely sure what the lyrics are trying to portray. On one hand the song seems to just be about how you’re rushing through life and it seems like you are endlessly working. And if feels like you are being swallowed up by that and losing sight of yourself. But on the other hand it seems to be about a relationship that’s about to break. You’re hearing all this stuff from every direction and you’re not sure what’s true and what’s a lie, and you can’t take it anymore. And finally deciding in the end to just forget everything and start the relationship from zero over again. Maybe it’s just a combination of the two? I leave it up to you to interpret however you want.

24. – Notto Bochi…Natsu


The song has pretty much a typical idol feel it’s upbeat and it’s fun. But it’s still got the unique weird and overly energetic flare that Dempa’s music has. But what I love about the song is that it seems to be an anti-idol summer songs. It also seems like the song is making fun of the typical idol songs. And instead Dempa throws in their own personality into it. The song is basically complaining about everything that happens in every summer themed idol song. Looking up at shooting star at the beach super romantic but they can’t get into because the sand is getting into their flip flops. A perfect scene of watching fireworks with their pinkies nearly touching is ruined because the train ride back home is so crowded. I just love how they are acting like everything releated to romantic moments are a chore and they’d rather not do them. It makes me laugh because I can see myself complaining about the same things. And I love how they decided that they’d rather do things their own way. Which is exactly how it should be.

23. C-ute – Adam to Eve no Dilemma


Another C-ute song showing off what C-ute does best and that’s dance songs. I firmly believe that C-ute is the group in H!P that this type of music suits the best. I don’t know, I guess it just really compliments their voices. The song is incredibly catchy and the overall sound is just incredibly fun. But the reason it isn’t ranked higher is because the music isn’t as good as it could be. I’ve heard C-ute with stronger sounding songs. I guess other C-ute songs are just more innovative. (You see what I did there?) But the reason that it’s still ranked at a pretty decent 23 is because I love the lyrics. It’s about basically about going around in circles of love. At one point she can’t live without him but the next minute she doesn’t feel like he loves her enough. I think it pretty clearly maps out the ups and downs of love. She sometimes feels jealous and doesn’t feel like he’s feeling are true so she tests him to prove his love. But then she also can’t let go of him and thinks he’s tears are real. I don’t know I just like the it maps out the genuine turmoil of relationships. And that even through all the bad times in the end you have no choice to be with the person you love and accept their falts.

22. Jurin – Hotaru Matsuri no Hi


Now this song is special. This is one of those rare times where I actually like a slow paces song. I can’t not be in love with it, this song is just downright beautiful on so many different levels. The music is so soft and light and they perfectly capture the essence of the song. The singing is absolutely breathtaking and I wasn’t expecting it at all. Well, I knew Karin had a really great voice that is completely versatile. But I wasn’t expecting it from Masaki. Maa-chan has an adorable voice and she can also bring out her powerful voice that can hold notes perfectly. But I didn’t know she had it in her to be able to handle a ballad. It’s becoming more and more obvious that Maa-chan really is Momusu’s secret weapon. But what I love most about the song are the beautiful and touching lyrics. The lyrcis are really heartbreaking, and they are painted so beautifully that you can actually feel the sadness. It’s just a touching and sad song about someone you love moving away. And then keeping the memory of their beloved firefly festival close to her heart. I actually get a little chocked up while reading the lyrics. Especially the part that says, “The glow gently wrapped itself around me. It was almost as if you were holding me. Tears fell down my face.” That’s powerful, you can clearly feel the lonliness.

21. SUPER GiRLS (Maeshima Ami) – Sentimental Journey


Good old Ami is just a lovely idol, and the main reason I’ve listened to this song so many times. And in turn why I’m so attached to this song. And are you ready for a shocker of a lifetime, I actually really love Ami’s voice. I actually cannot get enough over overly sweet idol voices. They might not be very pleasant sounding to most people, but they are my favorite type of idol voices. You know those voices that are maybe bad but they are so cute and energetic that you can’t help loving them. I actually find this song rather soothing to listen to. It’s slow enough for it to be relaxing but sung cutely enough for it to still be captivating. The song is pretty sweet and innocent about only wanting to fantasize about love since you’re still too young to experience it. Which I do admit is a little ridiculous because 15 is plenty old enough but again it’s more catering to the main fanbase. I guess idol fans were pretty much the same in the 80’s as they are now. But despite how the lyrics are I can’t help not loving the song. Ami seems so cute and innocent that I just want to hug her.

20. Hey! Say! JUMP – Ride With Me


I feel like I’ve been waiting 800 years for Hey! Say! JUMP to have mature A-side again. I mean, you know you have a problem when Mayonaka Shadow Boy is a more mature song than Come On A My House was. But thankfully my prayers were answered wth this song. It’s not only mature but it’s actually a great song. I was a little put off by the dubstep in the beginning the first time I heard it, but I got over that real quick. Probably around the time that Daiki starting rapping. While I do think Daiki sounds great doing it I’m a fan of the rapping in general. I think it’s another unexpected element that works. The song as a whole sounds like a mishmash of 5 different sounds rolled into one. You’ve got the sweetly sung chorus and verse, then you have the rapping, holding notes in the bridge, randomly chanting ride with me, and then you have the intense slow solos toward the end of the song. You never think any of that’s going to work but it does. Mix that in with the fact that every member, including the underappreciated Inoo and Keito, have lines then you know you have something really special. I also like that the lyrics are about not doing things like they were done in the past. And that we don’t have to listen to the news, follow the old ways, or step on people to get what we want. Which is great more in theory than anything else as we all know far to well doesn’t really fly in the real world.

19. Fudanjuku – Jinsei Wahaha


What really draws me to this song are the lyrics because quite honestly I don’t really like the way it’s sung. It doesn’t sound like it’s being sung naturally. It feels like they are forcing their voices to sound like that. Well, since they are already making themselves sing in male voices, they are forcing it more than usual. And I have to tell you that’s a real turn off for me. And the chorus sadly doesn’t get any better. But luckily the lyrics really save it. I really love how the lyrics are playing with the stroke order of words to change a negative thing into something positive. Such as the word happiness is one stroke away for bitterness. Even though I don’t speak Japanese and don’t fully appreciate the meaning, I still think that is just incredibly clever. I also love that this song is about just laughing at life. No matter what the hardships are, face them with a smile and laughter and you’ll get through them. And no matter what hardships you face in life they are all there to make you grow as a person. It just a beautiful song.

18. S/mileage – Yatteruchan


I think my favorite part about this song is the amount of Osakaben that’s in it. I don’t know if most people know this but I have a real weakness for Osakaben. Though preferably when it’s spoken by a guy, and preferably if that guy is Nishikido Ryo. But that’s a whole other thing completely. Anyway, the fact that there’s so much Osakaben in the song means that I’ve never come across a transslation of this song that I feel like is accuratly translated. And I know it’s because it is pretty hard to translate Osakaben. What I love about the song is that it’s basically calling out the person for having negative feelings. And giving them a bit of tough love and telling them to just get over it. It’s basically telling you that if you want happiness in your life you’ve got to make happiness for yourself because dwelling on things isn’t going to solve anything. I love that it’s not a typical positive song, it’s got a bit of a twist to it. It’s basically calling you a baby for moping but is also rooting for you in the end by saying you can do anything you want to do if you just set your mind to it. It seems like the lyrics are playing to the mostly older fanbase, as the song seems to basically be about getting work done and your job in general. But since songs are subjective and can be interpreted however the lyrics speak to you, I think the song can be about pretty much anything. School, love, or lfe in general.

17. Arashi – Calling


You guys remember how I needed a little bit of time for this song to grow on when it first came out? Well, that growing has continued over these past months and now I am a fully addicted to it. The song is like ivy, it starts out not being a problem just growing ever so slightly on the bottom of your house, and then before you know it, boom your entire house is encased in it. But don’t worry I’m enjoying every minute of it. I’m so in love with the rock feel that sounds more like an opening for an anime rather than a drama. I’m also loving the uplifting carpe diem lyrics. It’s also more about believing in yourself when no one else does and people are laughing at you. Don’t give up, take that feeling that’s in your chest and run with it. It’s a cliche I admit, but I eat all of them up. I need inspiring lyrics and feelings in my life.

16. Juice=Juice – Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne


I actually prefer the original version of this song, but I have to base this review on the memorial edit since the original is technically an indie single. And as I’ve said I prefer to only cover major idols and songs on this blog. But it’s fine they didn’t really change that much except for that unnecessary bit of extra music in the very beginning. But you just overlook that, and it just leaves the incredible song I feel in love with at first listen. I will never forget when I first heard this song I was absolutely blown away by it. The blarring saxophones and the unheard of jazz overtones of the song was so refreshing and so special. When I first heard about J=J I was a little hesitant about their adult theme and this wasn’t even close to what I was expecting, but it turned out to be everything I wanted and more. It’s a song I didn’t even know I needed in my life until I heard it.

15. no3b – Kirigirisu Jin


It’s a little sad that no3b has been pretty inactive as of late because they are actually my favorite AKB48 sub-group (well favorite now that Watarirouka Hashiritai disbanded) What I like about no3b is that they release a lot of mature and hard rock type of idol songs. To me they always felt like AKB48’s answer to Buono. And this song is more of that. It has grittier and rougher sound than most idol song have and I love that. Well, I love that when I’m in the mood for it. I do absolutely love cutesy sweet idol songs but that doesn’t mean it’s the only type I want to listen to. Sometimes I want to rock out to idol music with a hard edge. I use that term lightly since it’s still pretty much pop rock. But I am so impressed with this song that I consider one of my favorite no3b singles, and probably one of my favorite sub-group songs overall. This song is also probably the ultimate live in the moment and just have fun song. It’s basically about having fun while you are young and not worrying so much about the future. That everything in life is fleeting so who cares about being famous or having savings at least we’ll live for the moment and die laughing. And I think that’s a great message. Maybe not one you should implement the time, but it is nice to just push everything aside every now and then.

14. Morning Musume – Ai no Gundan


I bet you guys were expecting this song to be higher on this list. Well, if you follow me on twitter you probably were. And I was actually expecting this song to be in my top 5 at least, but looking back at the entire year there were just too many good songs for this to be places any higher. I know I complain a lot about wanting Momusu to release more cutesy songs like my favorite 15-nin Momusu did, but I have to say this is song is probably Morning Musume at their best. An intense song with a powerful dance, with such an interesting an unexpecting beat, and sung so beautifully that shows that Momusu is cut above the rest. That Momusu isn’t like your typical idol group and what they have to offer can’t be found in just any old group. I hate to say the cliche of Morning Musume isn’t like other idol groups. But they aren’t and maybe that’s incredibly biased, but this is my blog after all. I do try to remain as unbiased as humanly possible so my blog is enjoyable for everyone who reads it. But everyone has that one idol group or groups, they just prefer over everyone else. And I’m sorry but this song it top notch. It shows how Momusu really is more of a professional idol group than anything else. This song is just perfect. I seriously can’t find one flaw with it. Except maybe the lyrics could be a little better, and that’s probably why I couldn’t bring myself to rank it any higher.

13. Fudanjuku – RIKISHI-MAN


What’s up with Fudanjuku having such a solid discography? And what’s up with me taking so long to give them a proper chance? This song is insanely catchy. How catchy is it? Catchy enough that it doesn’t matter that I can’t find a translation for this song. Though the song is the theme for the National Sumo Association and is called RIKISHI-MAN, so it doesn’t take a genuis to figure out there’s nothing deeper going on in the lyrics than just sumo. But despite that and despite not caring even a little bit about sumo I cannot get enough of this song. It is seriosuly just so good. But my absolute favorite part of the song is the very beginning when they are just naming off sumo moves, I just love how robotic it sounds. I could literally listen to just that part on a loop for an hour.

12. Berryz Koubou – Asian Celebration


The reason i love this song, despite it being yet another dance song from H!P this year, is it’s got that kinda quirky kinda funky sound that Berryz has that you think wouldn’t really work but for some reason is perfect. Though I do admit I’m not sure how well it would work for any other group, since it has that unique Berryz sound. The best way i can really describe this song is a mild dance number. It’s fast enough to be danceable but slow enough that it’s not too overbearing. It just works on every level for me. The song is cactchy, it has carefree lyrics about just letting loose and going all out at a party, and each member gets a decent amount of lines and attetnion during the song. I don’t really relate to or feel anything about it being about having a celebration around Asia, but I can appraciate that’s it’s just a fun song all around.

11. SKE48 – Sansei Kawaii


And this song comes just so close to being in the top ten. And I think that should speak volumes of how much I am into this song. I just absolutely love the cute flare of this song. it’s that typical idol song that I’m such a huge fan of. The lyrics are pretty typical as well, it’s about everyone in class agreeing about and being in love with the cutest person in the class. I say person, but it’s actually the cutest girl. But for sake of enjoying the song more I’m gonna just pretend they don’t give a specific gender. I think everyone has had that moment in school where pretty much everyone pined after that one person. And I think that’s what’s so fun about this song. It’s fun and a little nostalgic because I can still remember that one guy who was just a little out of my leauge. The only drawback to this song is that the verse is a little too slow and doesn’t really keep the pace of the rest of the song. If it was 100% energetic all the way through, maybe it would have given it the extra push to be in my top ten.

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