Top 100 singles of 2013 part 2


Ok, guys I’m jumping right into part 2 of my end of the year ranking extravaganza. Bringing you numbers 70-41. This is more of the mediocre or average section of the rankings. Songs that are so ok that they barely stand out to me, but I still like them and will listen to every once in a while. But still aren’t good enough to be in the coveted top 20 or 10 positions. 

Let’s get in this int full swing.

70. Not Yet – Hirihiri no Hana


I think Not Yet is definitely one of thos idol groups that love to tease me. They spoiled me by having their first two singles be so happy and so fun that I actually thought they were going to be this spectacular idol group that all other AKB48 sub-groups couldn’t possibly live up to. But then they released Pera Pera Perao and I lost faith in them a bit. But then they released Suika Baby and drew me back in only to make me disappointed by this song. Come on now, you have to be a bit more consistent than that if you want me to be a fan of your group. This is a song that is song boring it could fly completely under the radar. There’s just nothing redeeming about this song. The music is hardly revolutionary. The lyrics aren’t completely awful it’s about comparing your heart and love as prickly flower. Which I’m taking to mean still have your heart be as open and as beautiful as a normal flower but you should also be prepared and tough enough to handle rejection so become a prickly flower instead. Or it could also just mean that that nervous prickling sensation in your heart is love. Either or, or even both, is fine I suppose.

69. C-ute – Tokai no Hitorigurashi


I actually really love the sound of this song. It’s got a much different feel than any of the songs H!P has been releasing lately. This song is much happier and cuter than C-ute has released in a while. So, I really appreciate that. It’s once of those songs I can sit back and listen to and I’ll instantly be in a better mood. While this song does have obvious cons there are also obvious cons. Well, not cons more like just one con. And it’s, you guessed it, the lyrics. The song is mostly about how the daily struggle of going off and living on your own. And I do like that it’s a relatable subject of being worried about living on your own and the worries that you had when you were young, can’t compare to the worries of today. And it’s also about pushing through all of that and just doing it no matter how hard it is. All of that is find, it really is, but it’s the whole section about dieting that I just don’t like. First starters, I wish idol lyricists would realize that women worry about way more than dieting. I, for one, have never worried about my weight and have never been on a diet in my entire life. But what really sticks out to me and annoys me to know end is the fact that she says she’s dieting because he says he likes me better this way. Way to do something for someone else rather than yourself. The chorus then goes onto say that it’s not like she’s doing this for someone else’s sake. But that’s a contradiction, because she obviously is.

68. AKB48 – Suzukake Nanchara


Oh well if it isn’t AKB48’s pretentious Janken single with the song title so incredibly long just for the sake of it being long. And you thought Fall Out Boy was bad. Also, to anyone out there who thought I was going to wite the full title on this blog, you are both sadly mistaken and out of your mind. Gosh if only Aki-P spent more time on writing a decent song instead of worrying about the song title this so wouldn’t have ranked so low. This song is so bland and boring, I don’t even know what to write about it here. This song is so forgettable that 5 minutes after hearing it I have trouble remembering what the actualy beat of the song is. I am just so sick of how lackluster AKB48’s singles are. They are so incredibly underwhelming that I’ve given up all hope of them ever releasing another decent single ever again. And also wow, wasn’t it super lucky for an already popular member to win the center position of an absolutely fair and random janken contest? You know, three years in a row.

67. Kis-My-Ft2 – Kimi to Kiseki


There is just absolutely nothing special about this song at all. I think this is one of the few times I’m not falling for all of Kisumai’s bells and whistles that make me overlook the fact that the song they are singing isn’t very good. The lyrics are such typical male idol lyrics that it hurts. It’s basically about how the girl that they love is like a sprakling and shining star. And that every day spent with them is a miracle, and that just the sound of their voice added color to a dull city. Now, isn’t that sweet? Actually it kind of is, but I’m just not falling for it this time.

66. – Fuyu e to Hashiridasuo


Why such a soft and slow song from Dempa? It doesn’t suit them at all and doesn’t even sound like it’s a song by them. I know that most idol groups don’t stick to the same sound for every single, but the image I have of Dempa is not this. I also don’t like that they are only singing half of the time, and the other half of the song is either speaking or rapping. I just don’t like songs that do that at all. To be honest, I don’t like when songs incorporate dialogue at all in them. Because obviously rapping doesn’t bother me. I also think this song’s overall sound is just far too basic. The lyrics are as well, a typical song about love in winter.

65. Passpo – Candy Room


Well, now then Passpo wants to take you to their candy room. Now, if that doesn’t show how obvious it is that this song is about having sex I don’t know what will. While I could care less that this song is about having sex, I also don’t care about a song that’s about sex either. I hear enough of that in the US that I don’t really want to hear it from my escape from typical American music. The song is basically about inviting the guy she’s seeing over her house to bang while her parents are away. Pretty standard teenage stuff that I feel indifferent towards. The only thing I really like about this song is that it shows the girl taking the initiative and that the guys is nervous and is unsure of what to do. It’s much better than the usual girls are delicate inexperienced flowers theme that’s prevalent in idol songs. Especially idol songs about sex. The lyrics also say that they want to be a candy girl, is that some sort of saying in Japan about girls that have sex or something? Because I know that in Japan cherry girl means that they’re a virgin. (That might actually be used in other places too, but I’ve literally never heard that term ever in the US.)

64. S/mileage – Ee ka


This song has such a unique sound with such weird music, and an odd way it’s sung, that it’s definitely a song that needs a bit of time for me to really like or appreciate. This song is so new that I haven’t been able to really have it grow on me yet. Assuming it ever will really. I don’t know, those parts where they are singing fast right before they say Ee ka really throw me off and sound too weird for my liking. But I really love the way the chorus sounds. And I feel like if I just get over the way it’s sung I might be able to really enjoy the song. Well, at least you can’t say that S/mileage made a song that sounds like something we’ve heard a million times before. At least there’s that. I just don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. Since I have to go off the poor translated official subs I’m not entirely sure what the song is trying to say. It’s basically saying don’t look down at young people, but also be positive and chase your dreams.

63. Maeda Atsuko – Time Machine Nante Iranai


Acchan has such a lovely voice that’s the perfect combination of sweetness and power. But sadly her solo songs are about as boring as everyone says her personality is. I get that Acchan goes for a more soothing and contemporary sound, but I am just not a fan of that type of music at all. Even in the US I kinda pass by anything that’s considered adult contemporary. I think the only songs I really like that fall under those categories are Sara Bareilles’s Love Song and Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours, but I don’t think many people on planet Earth don’t like those songs. But I personally like those songs because they still have a fun flare to their music’s overall sound and the lyrics are pretty meaningful. Both things that this song lacks. If the most interesting parts of your song is when you’re saying beep beep, then there is obviously something wrong with it.

62. – W.W.DII


I sadly don’t really like this song at all. I don’t think it’s anywhere near as good as the first W.W.D. I think the song has a weird sound. Every once in a while it will have the fun happy upbeat sound that I love about Dempa. But then every so often it will slow down and have and oddly sad feel about them. So, I’m a little confused if this is supposed to have a happy or sad theme. Not being able to find the translation obviously adds to the confusion in this. I also don’t really like the random talking parts. I don’t really think they are necessary at all. They don’t really add anything to the song, instead they kinda bring it down a bit. However, if I actually knew what they were saying, maybe I would be singing a different tune. Instead I’ll just sit here and wish they were singing a different tune as well.

61. Peaberry – Cabbage Hakusho ~Haru Hen~


Oh my god what an incredibly boring song. Like seriously, it’s too slow and sung way too softly. And the fact that neither Riho or Ayaka have anywhere good enough voices to actually do this song justice. (I’m waiting for your Riho and Ayaka are great singers and I have no idea what I’m talking about hate messages.) But the fact remains, both of their voices are too cutesy and squeaky to sing ballads. If it was up to me I would never listen to this song ever again. But I’ve had people tell me that lyricall it is beautiful and to give it a chance. I guess it is a bit sad that the song is about remember the life lessons that their grandmother taught them before she died. I can’t really relate to that since I never had a grandmother that cared about me. My one grandmother only cares about my Aunt’s kid and pretened my sister and I don’t exist, and my other grandmother used to live with my Aunt so we never saw her. And when she was finally going to come live with us she died. So, I don’t really have any fond grandmother related memories or feelings. But even I have to admit, the parts about wanting to become as loving as her grandmother lines are quite touching.

60. Berryz Koubou – Golden Chinatown


Oh Berryz released a song with a Chinese theme and then had a bunch of puns of how chai na sounds like they are saying China. Oh wow where have I heard this before? Oh that’s right, 7 years ago when Kanjani8 released Kanfuu Fighting. Now, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say since this pun is so lame that Kanjani8 probably weren’t the first people in Japan to make this pun. However, to me this pun will forever be associated with that song. And I’m sorry I can’t see this song as anything more than a rip-off. Of course I do realize the songs are both drastically different musically and lyrically. But still, the fact remains. Even if I didn’t know Kanjani8’s song existed, I’m not much of a fan of this song to begin with. I don’t think the song is bold enough and if they were going for a Chinese theme they should have gone for it way more. Give me something as fun and obviously Chinese inspired as Orange Caramel’s Shanghai Romance. (Wow I’ve been mentioning Orange Caramel a lot on this blog lately.) That and the fact that the lyrics aren’t very good.

59. Kis-My-Ft2 – My Resistance Tashikanamono


My impression of this song hasn’t not really changed one ounce since I first heard it. I just don’t like it because of how slow and boring it is. And nothing can really help or change how I feel. It’s just one of those songs I’ll never like. I don’t really get how anyone likes this song honestly, the verse and chorus remain at the same level the entire song. The singing and music barely pick up at all during the chorus. I was also right about it having a kind of uplifting message. It seems to be about two people who have remained close to one another despite the fact that they live apart from each other. But it kind of seems like that closeness is only through memories. But the courage and strength that they gave one another made him stronger and changed his very soul. Or something along those lines. Well, that sounds great on paper I suppose but I’m just not into it. The lyrics are just to typical. And I don’t undertand it really. I’ve met a lot of people in my life and their friendship or words of support/encouragement never changed my very soul. Do people not realize how incredibly rare something like that is? That are just romanticizing something that never happens.

58. KAT-TUN – Expose


I am just not a big fan of this song at all. Why did Koki’s final songs with KAT-TUN have to be such garbage? And ironically the best parts of this song are Koki’s lines, and not even because I’m being biased. But because the song has a gritty sound and a hard rockish feel to it which fits Koki’s deeper voice perfectly. That’s why during the chorus and druing the woah oh parts you hear him the loudest and clearest. And also why, besides obviously Kame, Koki is the only member with solo lines in this song. I do admit the song isn’t as bad as I remember it being and I can see being really into it when the mood strikes. But it’s still not all that great. The only part that really stands out is when everyone holds the more note. That’s the only part of the songs where I am actually blown away. The wake up feeling parts are also great, if they could just have had it be as intense as that throughout the song, I’d be a bigger fan of it.

57. C-ute – Crazy Kanzen na Otona


I think that this is an extremely catchy song, and I really love the sound of it overall. And I think my absolute favorite parts of the song is when each of the girls sing one character at a time. For a brief second it feels like an electronic/auto tuned version of Melon Kinenbi’s the Is Unmei. Which my favorite song by them and is one of the very few Melon Kinenbi songs I actually like. And it’s my favorite half because I love those shared words parts in the beginning. So, for C-ute to do it, even if it’s for an extremely short amount of time, just makes me love the song a bit more. The only con of this song is I’m not quite sure what the song is actually about. The verses seems to be about a women who was done wrong by a guy, either cheated, dumped or both. That’s why she asks if there’s something called being fair exists. She also doesn’t like that the guy can go on pretending like nothing happened, acting all innocent and going on about his life asking how others are doing. And it’s also about her struggling now, but knowing that she’ll get through this and become a stronger person for it. The lines, “All these painful memories will turn me into a beautiful woman,” clearly point to that. Now, the verses are pretty crystal clear. It’s the chorus I don’t quite get. I don’t get why she keep saying she won’t become a sexy or crazy adult yet. What does that even mean? And it also is saying that every adult is sexy and crazy, which isn’t the case.

56. Passpo – Step & Go


Now here’s a great Passpo song that immediately sounds like the Passpo. I just feel in love with. Everything thing about this song is adorable. It’s got a great pop rock sound, and even though I do prefer when Passpo has a little heavier sound with songs like Wing. I can’t deny the fact that these are the type of songs they originally sang and I liked those songs because of how different they were. And I also loved that they were typical cute idol songs infused with a little splash of rock music. This song does remind me a bit of Let It Go, which is actually one of my favorite Passpo singles of all time. It’s a real pity that I couldn’t find a translation for this song, and therefore I can’t rank it any higher. But tbh I’m not really sure if it is strong enough to rank any higher.

55. Dream5 – Hop! Step! Dance


This song is really cute sounding and it’s a fun song, but it’s a really typical idol song. There’s nothing that sets it apart. Even the chorus I have absolutely no feelings for. Yeah, it does seem really happy, but I want a little something more from it. Where’s the pizzaz? Where’s are the risks? Where’s anything about it that doesn’t make me instantly forget about it. And I gotta tell you, this is one of those songs I listened to once, and then never thought about it again. There’s just nothing unique about it, it’s just so blasé. Sadly, even Kotori’s adorable voice couldn’t save this song for me.

54. Momoiro Clover Z – Gounn


I absolutely love this song. I love all of the Thai influences in the music, and I love the slow parts when you can really hear the girl’s voices. Kanako sounds especially wonderfull. I love how the chorus sounds, and whatever instrument that is making that weird sound adds a great element to the song. The song is just slow enough to be relaxing to listen to and just wacky enough to not disappoint everyone who loves MomoClo’s weird side. They lyrics, however I’m just not feeling. And that’s mostly because they’re filled with so many Buddhist references that I don’t really understand them. They talk a lot about karma, shamballa, 100 devils, reincarnation, etc. It seems like the entire song is a reference to whole Buddhist story or teachings, that I’m just severely unfamiliar with.

53. S/mileage – Tabidachi Haru ga Kita


I really do love this song but it’s not one of my favorites for a few reasons, the main one being I can’t unhear how similar the music is to Momusu’s Seishun Collection. I cannot be the only one who hears it? It’s 95% the same exact music, I mean come on! And I wasn’t really a huge fan of that song. It is a tiny bit catchy, but also a little flat and boring. You know just like Seishun Collection. And since this song is about nothing else than graduating from high school I feel absolutely no attachment to the lyrics. I am 21 afterall, why would I? However, this is one of the few graduation themed songs that have a happy message. Most are either about not wanting to leave, unrequited love, or just feeling bittersweet about it. But this song is just genuinely happy about it. The song is basically about seeing it as a happy moment in life, that they’re growing up, their dreams are expanding, and they’ve become a grown women. It’s also about thanking their friends for supporting them and also not blaming other for their mistakes. Now, isn’t that a great positive spin on the situation?

52. Kanjani8 – Namida no Kotae


This is actually a really beautiful and sad song. It’s all about looking up at the stars at night because it reminds him of his ex who shined like the biggest and brightest star in the sky. The rest of the song is equally sad as it’s about how running together cute across the darkness and searching for the answer together that would illuminate the world. And he doesn’t really feel alone when he looks up at the night sky. Which I think is really cute and really plays into the whole star theme of the song. The song goes on to say that even though they aren’t together they he can still be himself because the end is a beginning that will just continue on. It also talks even more about vague right and wrong answer which is a little confusing. But I take that to mean that love burns as bright as any star, so even if you are alone just look up at the night sky and remind yourself of that and know that a new love is on it’s way. Or probably something along those lines. It’s an idol song after all, I don’t think it gets much deeper than that. However, the main draw back of this song is I don’t really like how it’s sung. And when I say that I mean that Subaru sounds even squeakier than usual in this. And I find the chorus to be a bit bland.

51. S/mileage – Atarashii Watashi ni Nare


I’m a little surprised that S/mileage released a song like this. It has a very tough sound with pretty serious lyrics, both of which are for the most part pretty unheard of from S/mileage. I do love the song, I love grittier sound and I love the uplifting and relatable lyrics. But is such an un-S/mileage feel that I can’t be 100% into it. Probably if it was sung by say Momusu or C-ut I’d be into a little more. I do love that the song is about wanting to change yourself for the better. It’s about not wanting to be weak anymore and not wanting to care what others think anymore. It’s also about not wanting it play it safe all the time and wanting to be differet from everyone else. Which is wonderful. I especially like the part of the lyrics that say that they love good looking guys and idol, sounds a lot like myself.

50. Kis-My-F2 – Luv Sick


All I can say is, god does Kisumai know how to make mediocre songs catchy. Because lyrically this song makes absolutely no sense. And I am being completely serious here, they make zero sense. I cannot even begin to decipher what they could possibly mean. One minute they are making computer references like wanting your password to capture you territory and the next minute they are making biological references like deep in the synapses of feeling. Then the next minute they are talking about releasing their six senses. And they also mention about wanting to synchronize and that your DNA resonates. I just do not understand what’s going on. My best guess is they want to unlock their six sense to be able to decipher your DNA and/or mind. But that’s just dumb. But I do have to hand it to them no matter how ludacris the lyrics are I do find myself kind of digging the song. Except for the zenze tarinai sonna ja tarinai parts that reminds me bit too much of PONPONPON.

49. – W.W.D


I’m a little disappointed by how slow the verse and bridge of this song are. This song fails to hold my attention initially, and I think that’s a big reason why it’s ranked so low. The rest of the song is filled with random talking parts and it gets even slower toward the end of the song to music that doesn’t even fit in with the song. And that does throw me off a bit even more about the song. The only part of the song I actually like is the chorus because it has that familiar over the top crazyness that is I also can’t really relate to most of the song about having no friends, and being bullied and shut my myself in my room. Or doing nothing all day buy playing video games or watching anime all day. But despite all of that I can’t really bring myself to hate the song because it’s all about the girls forming this group and chasing their dreams. I love the fact that they don’t care what any thinks and are chasing their dream. At one point they say it’s ok to look down on them because they are used to it by now, which is actually pretty sad. It’s one of those songs where after hearing it you just want to support the group because they’ve been through so much in their life but they are still pushing through it and trying to achieve their dreams. And no matter how small their stage is now they’ll keep working until they reach the whole world.

48. YuiKaori – Shiny Blue


Ah, my girls Yui and Kaori, my absolute favorite current idol duo. I love that they’re a consistent shot of energy in the idol world, as they’ve never failed to release an upbeat song. And Shiny Blue is no different. It’s another bright cheerful song bursting with energy that we’ve come to love about YuiKaori. I just find these two to be absolutely adorable and their voices fit perfectly together. And this song sounds a bit more mature, well mature for YuiKaori, so you can really hear their voices sound a little more adult like in the chorus. Only a splash though, as the chorus it’s a sweet sounding as their past singles. It’s just an extremely fun song that I’m enjoy listening to. The lyrics are also cute, and about no matter how hard things are, and no matter how worried you are, just hold onto those unchanging feelings in your chest and run after your dreams. Typical idol song that’s undeniably cute and uplifting. It’s a pretty solid release, but not solid enough to beat other songs this year.

47. Kanjani8 – Kokoro Sora Moyou


This is a Kanjani8 band song, and I never really like their band songs that much for the simple fact that they’re are usually really slow and kind of all sound the same. Well, that and the fact that I like the zany Kanjani8 more. But I actually don’t really mind this one all that much. It actually has a nice feel to it and it’s pretty soothing to listen to. And my beloved Ryo sounds absolutely lovely in this song. While I do love him, I do admit he only ever sounds really great half the time and in certain songs. I also loved the fast singing they do in the beginning of the song, it adds a nice element to the song and is a welcomed break from how slow the rest of the song is. I just wished they had more fast singing parts in the rest of the song, it would probably make more like the song more.

46. Morning Musume – Help Me


I think this is a really great song, but I was a little disappointed with it when it first came out. Since it’s Sakura’s first song I was hoping for a cute song and a song where every member got lines like the 9th’s and 10th’s gens songs were. But now I do appreciate that they went with a song that showed off the vocal prowess of Sakura. And she sounds absolutely fantastic in it, and her lines are actually my favorite part of the entire song. Not only because of how well they are sung, but I like the way that she sings them. I love that in the midst of so an electronic and fast paced song they come out of nowhere and are soft with almost no music behind them. It makes them sound more raw and powerful. I also really like the parts where they name different places in Japan, I especially love how Riho sounds when she is holding the notes at the end. The only thing I don’t really like about the song is how it makes girls seems a little desperate. The lyrics are basically about a girl who isn’t sure where her lover is, and because of that she feels lonely. It also feels like she can’t really function with him. There are such lyrics as, “Please save me,” “I’m always waiting, I’m waiting miserably for you,”I’m frail and feel like I’m going to cry,” “If you’re nice to me I might cry.” The girl in this song just sounds so weak and desperate. And a little clingy and overly attached.

45. NMB48 – Bokura no Eureka


This song is so typical and basic that I am absolutely bored by it. I’ve literally only listened to this song maybe 5 times in total. (Not counting the times I listened to it to make this list.) I find the song so boring now, I have no idea what to even say about it now. It is a little cutesy and catchy, but it’s just not special. It lacks that certain spark that a song needs for me to be interested in it. I also can’t being myself to care about another summer song that’s about love at the ocean. Don’t idols fall in love anywhere else in the summer than the ocean? Do they really not do anything else during the summer? I’m also annoyed by the fact that the lyrics say they found their eureka. You can’t find your eureka, it’s not a place or tangible thing. It’s more of an expression or feeling. It’s something you say when you finally figure something out. I guess you could argue that they mean they found their expression of happiness, but I’m still not satisfied by that. I just find the whole thing incredibly stupid and annoying. There are also some hard hitting lyrics such as, “This is a blue deeper than the usual blue.” Wow, that’s some powerful stuff there.

44. SUPER GiRLS – Jin Jin Jingle Bells


I just love this song so much. No, I don’t think you guys realize just how much I love this song or how many times I’ve listened to it in the short amount of time it’s been released. It is just so insanely catchy, probably because of that fact that it’s insanely repetitive. But that doesn’t even matter. I’ll catchy myself just randomly singing this song or randomly humming it all the type. Since there’s nothing much to the song lyric wise I learned the song very quickly. It’s just such a fun and adorable song. I just love it to bits. However, since it is still just a pretty standard Christmas song about snow, Santa, and wanting presents, I can’t bring myself to rank it any higher than his.

43. Kis-My-Ft-2 – S.O.S


Oh my god this song is so basic and typical that it hurts. Literally nothing about it is special or unique in anyway. I’ve heard this exact song a 100 different times in 100 different ways. But despite all of that I cannot bring myself to hate this song. It’s the curse of Kisumai striking. They seriously have an ability to make any song charming. I obviously am a sucker for this song because of how happy and smile inducing this song is. The song isn’t called Smile On Smile for nothing. Whenever I listen to this song all I can think about is Tama smiling brightly during the PV of this song and it does add a few points to the song. My beloved fished faced Tama slowly ruining my life. While I do find this song undeniably fun and sweet, it is certainly not catchy enough to be any higher than this. It’s a great song, but it’s not that great. I mean come on haven’t we heard song about protecting the one you love a hundred times from Johnny’s groups? The fact that this one is about protecing someone’s smiling face changes nothing.

42. Dream5 – Come On


Now this is a great song that shows that Dream5 can release a mature song and doesn’t have to stick to cutesy songs all the time. It literally sounds like something that Tokyo Girl’s Style would sing. I was totally not expecting something like this from them. But boy am I glad that they choose a song like this, because it is so great. It’s got a  amazing dark and serious sound to it while still being a fun dance song. And my god does Kotori sounds just phenomenal. She was born to sing songs like this. However, my beloved Mikoto’s voice doesn’t really fit this song, and she sadly can’t keep up with it. The lyrics are pretty typical though, do your best and fly into the future.

41. Fairies – Hikari no Hate ni


Sadly I was unable to find a translation of this song, and even sadder yet is how this is Fairies’ sole release this year. I wonder what’s up with that? Well, if you are going to have one release this year might as well make it a good song. And I do think that Fairies delieved with this song. It is a very cute and catchy idol song with a great pop rock feel. And I think it really gets special when the chorus hits. I think a carefree, sugary sweet typical idol song is great from Fairies. Since I think they are a very versitle idol group and really fit any style seamlessly. Though I’m not going to deny their more mature songs are my favorite from them.