Top 100 singles of 2013 part 1


Are you guys ready once again for JM’s year end of the year ranking extravaganza? I know that I am. As you may have noticed from the title I’m doing things a little differently than previous years. Instead of ranking top 10 best singles, top 10 worst singles, and top 10 album songs like I usually do, I will just be ranking the 100 idol singles that were released this year! I actually had no intention of doing a top 100 ranking, but while I was making a list of all the idol singles that were released this year I mentioned on twitter that there were nearly 100 singles released. And one of my lovely followers suggested that I just add in a few more singles and make it a top 100. And since I liked the idea, and always try to do posts that people suggest, I decided to go for it.

I added in a few graduated member’s of AKB48 singles to make it fit to be a 100. However, shortly after I finished writing this ranking I realized that I forgot to include Yamapi’s solo singles. And I apologize for that. But there was now way I was going to make this a top 102 just to include Yamapi in this. So the shorthand is this: is I absolutely loved Que Sera Sera. If it was included it would have probably been in the top 20 at least. Summer Nude ’13 was just ok. It would have probably floated somewhere around 43 or so. I didn’t include Akanishi Jin’s singles and not because I forgot, but because I don’t really care about them.

Obviously there were way more idol singles released in 2013 than just 100, but I only included idol groups that I either follow or post about on this blog. So the idols featured in this ranking are as follows: Morning Musume, C-ute, Berryz Koubou, S/mileage, Juice=Juice, Satoumi Movement units, AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, Maeda Atsuko, Itano Tomomi, Kasai Tomomi, Watanabe Mayu, Kashiwagi Yuki, Takahashi Minami, Kuramochi Asuka, Not Yet, no3b, Arashi, NEWS, KAT-TUN, Hey! Say! JUMP, Tegomass, Kanjani8, Kis-My-Ft2, YuiKaori, Momoiro Clover Z, Passpo, SUPER GiRLS, Fudanjuku,, Cheeky Parade, Fairies, and Dream5.

Ranking 100 singles was an extremely daunting task and took me days and days to write. Some days I regretted ever saying that I was going to do this and writing felt like such a chore. I lacked the creative juices to continue. But other days I had an absolute blast writing it. I was on fire a few times and knocked out 15 or 20 songs in a short amount of time.

So, it’s really up in the air if I will do this next year or ever again. I will tell you one thing though, if I do decide to do it again I will start writing it in November just so I won’t feel so rushed to get it done and posted before the end of the year. Don’t ever let me go on hiatus and come back near the end of the year again. Better yet, don’t ever let me go on hiatus again.

Anyway, on to what you’ve all been waiting for the actual ranking! Since 100 is such a large number I decided to post this ranking in parts. So please enjoy part 1 or 4.

100. Tegomass – Neko Chudoku


When I do my yearly ranking it’s always easiest to pick my absolute least favorite song of the year, and this year wasn’t any different. While I was going through the singles released this year one song stood out above the rest. Neko Chudoku is an absolute atrocity and one of the worst idol songs I’ve ever heard of all time. And that’s saying a lot. No wonder the song is only 2 and a half minutes long, they probably couldn’t get Tegomass to sing the song longer than was absolutely necessary. Now, I’ve heard my fair share of ridiculous idol songs but this once definitely takes the cake. I mean, who in their right mind actually oked a song about cats becoming a single? I do admit I love cats probably more than the next person, but that doesn’t mean I want to listen to a song about them. It’s moving right past cutesy idol songs and right into children’s music territory. And frankly I’m not here for that. And of course this song wouldn’t be complete without real cats meowing during the intro of the song and Tegoshi giving his best meow during the outro. As well as Tegomass both singing nya nya nya in their sweetest, cutesy idol voices. It’s just completely irritating and downright annoying. If I never hear this song for the rest of my life, I would be 100% happy.

99. Mellowquad – Eiya-sa! Brother


This song. This song! What can I really say about this song other then omg the weird brother complex song? Because honestly that’s the gist of the entire song. The girl in this song is way too infatuated with her brother for it to be normal. At one point the lyrics of the song is I, I’m lovin’ you my dear brother. Oh, I’m sorry I’m sure the real meaning of this song is just a sister who really admires her brother in a sisterly kind of way. Nothing wrong with that right? Except it’s at such a weird level that they have to mention during the song that he’s getting married just to make it appear less creepy. Which I gotta say didn’t help. And it’s really a waste that i find the lyrics so off-putting because the overall song is really great. I am in love with the festival theme of the song. But I just can’t overlook the lyrics. Is there really anyone who’s into this song? Oh, who am I kidding? of course there’s someone out there into it.

98. NMB48 – Kamonegix


I remember vividly when this song came out, I was actually excited because of how much I’ve enjoyed past NMB48 songs. And I remember being about 35 seconds into my first listen of this song and I already decided, no thank you. Now you know me better than that, I’m not one to decide everything on snap judgement. So, I did attempt to give this song another chance on a few separate occasions, and I still do not like this song. Just everything about it is awkward to me. It’s got this electronic almost computerized dance music, but it’s not very pleasant to the ears and is not catchy at all. Add that with the extremely awkward way that they sing the entire song and you’ve got a recipe for a terrible song. I think the fact that the chorus is focused around a Japanese proverb makes me not really care about the song at all. As it doesn’t really translate super well and I’m still not 100% sure what Nakiwarax means.

97. AKB48 – So Long


Remember when this song first came out and I dogged it for how boring it was? Well, it’s pretty safe to say not much has changed since then. I just do not like this song, I feel absolutely no attachment to it. It’s sung way too softly and barely picks up when the chorus hits. And you all know how I feel about ballads. A ballad or slow song has to be pretty special for me to like it. And this song just isn’t the one to make me change my tune. Beside it being incredibly boring to listen to it’s also about 3 minutes too long. I mean, who’s really sitting there and listening to this song for over 6 minutes? I’ll tell you who, no one. This song also marks AKB48’s, what 5th or so, graduation song. And that’s fine I mean they do have a school girl image after all. But if you’re going have about 5 graduation songs for singles shouldn’t you make each one special? Or at least pretend that you’re giving them different meanings. Because I’m sorry all of AKB48’s graduation songs are basically the same song. Which is just poor writing. Where’s another fun graduation song like 10nen Zakura?

96. HI-FIN – Kaigan Seisou Danshi


I’m sorry but this is such an odd song. And again more great music is wasted on such a terrible song. I absolutely love the 60’s vibe of this song. It’s really a different sound then we’ve been hearing from H!P lately. But the lyrics have to go and ruin everything. I get that the Satoumi Movement songs are beach themed, but did we really need a song that makes cleaning the beach seem cool. What is this an Ecomoni song in disguise? The song is basically about some girl getting dragged to the beach by her boyfriend expecting a date but instead what’s in store for her is finding out her boyfriend has a compulsion to clean the beach. But instead of thinking there’s something odd with this guy she ends up finding it heart warming and has no choice but to fall for him. Just what in the world is going on with this song? By the end of it she’s basically vowing to clean the beach with him forever. Maybe they should just stick to Tsunku writing the lyrics. Afterall, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

95. Berryz Koubou – Motto Zutto Issho ni Itakatta


This another one of those songs I was instantly just not into. The music and the overall sound is nothing really special. So, I had no reason to be a fan of this song in the first place. But knowing what the lyrics were about really sealed the deal of me not liking the song. The song is about a woman who is desperately clinging to her last relationship. She’s begging to see the guy again and wants him to think about her for even a second. This women seem really pathetic if you ask me. The impression the lyrics give is that this woman decided to end the relationship to be free and not have to be tied down. So, I think it’s a little selfish to turn around and say you made a mistake that easily. To instantly want them back because you thought life would be better without a relationship but you are finding out it isn’t. Quite honestly, if someone did that to me I wouldn’t take them back just because they realize they’re lonely without me. How about appreciating them more when you were together?

94. Kis-My-Ft2 – Snow Dome no Yakusoku


I’m a little disappointed because I consider Kisumai to be a pretty solid group. I can usually count on them to release fun, upbeat, typical catchy idol songs, or idol songs with a rock flare. But this song seems so unlike them, and that’s probably why I don’t like it that much. They were too busy trying to make this beautiful and serious winter love song that they forgot to worry about it actually being a decent song. I do admit, this song isn’t absolutely terrible. But it is so lackluster that you almost forget it even exists. And I have to say, the metaphor of their love being like a snow dome makes absolutely no sense, because that’s alluding to it being this still moment in time that’s not changing. Which actually sounds more like they are breaking up than staying together. But what do I know? Apparently not a lot because the song is more of the same we’re in love and going to be together forever, except this time it’s during the winter. I guess they needed to fill the song up with as many winter themed analogies as possible.

93. SUPER GiRLS – Toshishita No Otokonoko


This has always been my least favorite song from SUPER GiRLS’ cover single. I’m not really into how the song sounds. The music is pretty dated but beyond that it’s just not very catchy. And I find the way they say kawaii to be incredibly annoying. And I think I probably like the meaning of the song even less. The song is about liking a younger guy and right away I think the lyrics are pretty silly for that reason. I just can’t relate to them at all. Besides, liking the odd idol here and there that are 1-3 years younger than me, I’ve never liked a guy that was younger than me ever. I’ve always liked guys that were my age or older. I actually don’t know many women that prefer younger guys. Maybe it’s just different in Japan. And besides that the guy they are describing in this song sounds terrible. He’s mean, messy, selfish, always late, and gets into fights, among other things. What a catch.

92. Watanabe Mayu – Rappa Renshuuchuu


I wasn’t really expecting much from this single since Mayu’s singles usually aren’t that great. The only one I ever really enjoyed was Hikaru monotachi. And this song is more of the same with Mayu. A completely forgettable song with boring music. I also think the song is pretty laughable as a whole. Because her heart is beating in her chest she says that she’s practicing the trumpet. That’s actually really stupid when you think about it. And at one point she even says I hear brass. Just what? And it’s yet another song written from the male perspective. I can’t tell you how that annoys me to no end.

91. Passpo – Mousou no Hawaii


Despite not speaking Japanese when this song came I think it was pretty obvious what the song was about. And I still am not exactly sure why there even needs to be an idol song about Hawaii. And I could maybe see if the song was about all of the 100 different things you could do in Hawaii. But no, instead the entire song is just whining about wanting to go to Hawaii. I mean, I think just about everyone in the world would love to go to Hawaii. But I honestly don’t really think it’s all that special. But that’s probably because I live in the US. Idols do seem about 5 times more excited to go to Hawaii than I probably would be. So, maybe Hawaii is at this like ideal level in Japan? But regardless it’s still an unnecessary song about wanting to go on vactaion. And at one point they say they want to wat lobster. Why not something more Hawaiian like poi. And why not one mention of a luau. Seems like a wasted opportunity.

90. Dream5 – Doremifa Sorairo


I am just completely disappointed and underwhelmed with this song. I’ve been on such a Dream5 kick lately but if this was the first song I ever heard by them I could see myself being instantly put off. Yeah, the song is that bad. I know that the members of Dream5 are pretty young but this song is just so childish. If you compare this song to other songs they’ve been releasing lately it doesn’t even seem like the same group at all. I can’t find a translation of this song, but I doubt even if i could that would really change things all that much. There are only a few idol songs out there I feel legitimately too old to listen to and this song is definitely one of them.

89. C-ute – Kono Machi


This isn’t really much of a shock that this song is ranked so low, since most C-ute fans don’t really seem to like this song either. I’m not really sure what to say about this song other than it bores me to tears. If C-ute was going to cover a song shouldn’t they have picked a better song? Something more fast paced, or at least something that actually keeps my attention. By now everyone should know I just do not like slow songs, and this song is the perfect example why. It’s just seriously puts me to sleep. And it doesn’t help that this song is nearly 5 and a half minutes long. That is honestly far too long and because of that the song drags and by the end of it feels like it’s 8 minutes long. People have also told me to look past the song and just appreciate the lyrics. And I do admit the lyrics are incredibly sweet, but I dislike the song so much that I can’t bring myself to like it, really give it a chance, or listen to it ever. It’s just not for me.

88. Tegomass – Sayonara ni Sayonara


Wow this just wasn’t a good year for Tegomass. Oh, who am I kidding? It’s never a good year for Tegomass. I just do not like Tegomass at all. And not even because I cannot stand Tegoshi. No, it’s because 90% of their discography is slow songs or ballads. And kids what did we learn in the posts above this one? I do not like slow songs. Get your comments ready of how I have horrible taste and just can’t appreciate the beauty of a slow song. But frankly I don’t really care, nothing is ever going to change my mind about them. I mean, a song has to be really really really special for me to like a slow paced song. There’s absolutely nothing special about this song at all. Forget about it being special, there’s nothing redeeming about it at all. It’s a completely forgettable song. I have to be honest with you since I did my review of the PV I have not listened to the song again. Half because it’s terrible and half because this song hasn’t crossed my mind since. The lyrics aren’t too special either. How fitting, basic lyrics for a basic song.

87. Kasai Tomomi – Mine


I am well aware that Kasai Tomomi graduated from AKB48 and I’m not even sure if she’s continuing to be an idol since I don’t keep up with her, but like said I included some former member solo songs so that this list would be exactly a top 100. Anyway, I do not like this song at all. It’s actually a little painful to listen to. Ok, that’s being a little over dramatic, but it is pretty bad. Kasai Tomomi does have a cute voice but in this song her voice just sounds so screechy and annoying. I can’t tell if it’s just because of the way she’s singing this song or that’s the way her voice always sounds and I’m just too unfamiliar with it to know. Either way it’s an unpleasant sounding song all around. I also don’t particularly like the lyrics. Am I the only person in the world that doesn’t think it’s cute to refer to your significant other as yours? I’m sorry but I don’t find it cure that you’re so attached and possessive to your boyfriend or girlfriend that you have to basically lay claim to them. Instead of finding it cute all I can think of is someone who is creepy and controlling that doesn’t let you make a move unless they tell you it’s ok.

86. KAT-TUN – Face To Face


Wow, tough break that my beloved Koki’s last song with KAT-TUN had to be such a dud. And you can tell that this song is trying so hard to be this epic musical explosion. But it’s just not good at all. It’s got this weird electronic repetitive beeping, for lack of better words, that seems like it came out of the 80’s. And then they paired it with violin and possibly other orchestra instruments. And it’s such a bizarre combination that doesn’t work at all. The lyrics are a little lame too. They center around not knowing who you are and not being able to find yourself. I honestly think they focused too much on trying to have the lyrics match the story line of Ore Ore that the lyrics became pretty awkward.

85. Passpo – Growing Up


This is another song that I couldn’t find the translation for. But I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s about growing up. And probably more specifically the harships of growing up. Or how both the happy and sad times are what shape you as a person. But all that aside, I am just underwhelmed. Where’s the Passpo that’s not afraid to throw out a hard rock song like wing or something utterly fun and pop rock like Vivi Natsu? And with this song we were giving something so simple, so lackluster, so washed up, that it doesn’t even feel like a Passpo song. Or even if it is it feels way more like a throw away B-side or album song. I expect something a little better than this because I’ve heard Passpo release some spectacular songs.

84. AKB48 – Heart Ereki


AKB48 for the past, I want to say 2-3 years, doesn’t even feel like they are trying anymore. They are too used to their popularity and are too aware that no matter what they release anymore it’s sure to be a million seller. They are really resting too much on their laurels, so much that there’s absolutely no fight or drive in them anymore. Obviously I’m just talking musically. I’m not even sure what this pitiful excuse for an A-side is supposed to be. Remember when AKB48 wasn’t popular so they climbed to the top by releasing interesting songs that pushed the envelope and talked about social issues and had real meaning and were raw? That feels like 100 years ago. And we’re left with the current shell that’s not even good enough to be called a shadow of their former self. Maybe I’m being too cynical about it, but there’s nothing unique or original about this song. It’s downright boring.

83. Fudanjuku – Shita wo Muite Kaerou


This song has all the bells and whistles that you’d think I’d be all about this song. And while I do think the music is really great, catchy even. I’m just not into the way that they are singing it. I don’t know there’s just something about it that I find annoying. And it brings the entire song down. But that’s maybe only 1/3 of why I don’t like the song. The main reason for my disdain is the lyrics. I get the overall message that it’s trying to portray. That they can’t even bring themselves o look up at the bright sky or the moon and stars without them longing for the life they left behind in the country. And that they find comfort in the weak things finding a way to blossom because it reminds them of their self. But at the same time I’m a little bit annoyed by the fact that they can’t push through the sad moments and enjoy their life in the city. It’s like this person won’t even give it a chance or even allow themselves to feel happy there because they’ve already decided they hate it. That’s no way to go through life.

82. Cheeky Parade – Bugendai Shoujo ∀


When this song first came out I actually kind of liked it. But the more I listening to it the more I realized it’s not really all that special. There’s nothing about it that I haven’t heard a thousand times before. I’m just not impressed by it at all. Cheeky Parade’s other songs give off more of an impact. The only thing I really like about this song is the rapping in the beginning. Maybe if they did more of that throughout the song I’d like it more. At least it would be something that sets them apart more.

81. Juice=Juice – Hajimete wo Keikenchuu


Whoa there J=J, where’s that smooth jazzy feel I’ve come to love about you. This song sounds more like something that would pass as C-ute’s second A-side. I know that J=J is a brand spanking new group and it’s really hard to set a baseline for what their songs should sound like. But I think we can all agree that they are supposed to have a cool adult theme. If they start making songs like this they’re no different than any other idol group out there. I don’t want a sweet sounding song about them feeling lonely and that they are insecure because this is their first time in love. Where are there songs that are about being a strong women who is a little bit foreceful and agressive. I want more independent lady and less delicate flower from them.

80. Morning Musume – Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai


Remember when this song came out and I said that it was better than Brainstorming? Boy do I ever, and wow look how incredibly wrong I was. While over the months my dislike or Brainstorming turned to love and my love for Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai turned to hate. Well, ok hate it a strong wrong, but I actually don’t really like the song anymore. What I initially loved about the song was how unique the music was, but now that’s exactly what I find annoying about the song. The music is just so weird to me and I can’t bring myself to like it anymore. There are some positives to this song though, for one I do absolutely love Reina’s first solo in this song and I love how Sakura sounds in it. However, I do really dislike Ayumi’s big solo in this song. I don’t think her voice is suited for this song at all. And I think Riho’s voice sounds extra squeaky in this song.

79. HKT48 – Melon Juice


Since we are talking about songs with weird music I think it’s fitting that this song is also pretty low on the list for the same reason. Just everything about this song is just weird for me. From the very second the song starts I find the very first line to be extremely annoying. Maybe they’re just the weakest singers in HKT48, or their voices just don’t sound good together, but I just do not like how their voices sound at all. Then the verse starts and it’s all good again, it’s sounds pretty much like every other idol song known to man. Albeit it is sung a little strangly for my liking. But that’s fine I can deal with it. But then it happens, the chorus hits and I’m just at a loss for words. And it just sounds so indescribably weird to me. I just don’t like anything about it. The way it’s sung is annoying and the music sounds just so awkward and odd. And at some parts it strangly sounds like a more rock version of Arashi’s Wish. Pair that with how stupid I find the lyrics. It’s all about wanting to drink melon juice with someone. And then it goes on to say that melon juice is a grown-up juice, a dream juice, a lonely juice, and a tearful juice. And I’m still not 100% sure why melon juice is all of that. The song never really explains why. The song is literally just about how much they love and admire someone and then before you know it’s suddenly about wanting to drink melon juice. And if that wasn’t enough to make you hate the song they repeat melon juice way too much in the song. They say melon juice 24 times in the song and the world juice 33 times! Seriosuly annoying! And honestly what’s so great about melon juice? I’ve never actually had it before, but I’ve had melon soda, which is close enough, and it was terrible.

78. Berryz Koubou – Sayonara Usotsuki no Watashi


I can honestly say I don’t really like this song and I never really did. I always hoped it would just be one of those songs that would have to grow and me but it never really did. And the song isn’t even so bad that’s it unlistenable. I just don’t really care for the song. I don’t really like the way that it’s sung, especailly the way that they hold the nee notes. And it almost seems the members are straining or exagerating their voices, specifically Momoko. I’ve just heard her better than she sounds her. I don’t know it’s just not really my cup of tea. And besides that I can’t really make heads or tails out of the lyrics. On one hand it seems to be about being a bad girlfriend, but on the other it seems like finally facing his cheating. So, I simply have no idea what to make out of the song.

77. S/mileage – Ii Yatsu


This song actually isn’t that bad at all, quite the contrary I actually kind of like it. The music is not too fast. And their voices sound extremely lovely. The chorus really picks up and it because of that everyone starts bringing out their powerful voices which I absolutely love. Kana manages to not sound so bad in it and Rinapu’s voice sounds downright sweet. But once I really read the lyrics of the song I became pretty annoyed on how it was playing up the I’m an innocent, delicate, young, sweet flower. The song is basically about a girl who won’t give the guy who is pursuing her a straight answer of whether she loves him or not. And the reason for that is despite the fact that he’s a nice guy she’s doesn’t want to rush into things and is afraid that if given the chance he’ll run to another girl or that their relationship won’t last 10 years in the future. Which is fine, and I would be perfectly ok with if that was all the song was about. But the song also has to mention things like the guys she loves is older than her, and that she’s never been in a long relationship before, so she is innocent and inexperienced. And also alludes to the guy holding her back and being controlling. It’s just playing up to the stereotype that girl’s are this fragile innocent creatures. And that they wait until they are like 16 or older to be in relationships. When girl’s that are S/mileage’s age have usually been in 3-4 relatonships already. And it’s just to play up to the male fanbase. I think Nogizaka46’s Seifuku no Mannequin said it best, “Untainted things are only fantasies that adults yearn for.” As a female fan I feel absolutely nothing from the lyrics.

76. Passpo – Truly


I am a truly disappointed by this song. It is so underwhelming and such a let down from an idol group that’s usually really on their game. This song just absolutely bores me to tears. It is so slow and boring to listen to that I would probably play it on repeat to help me fall asleep. This is probably Passpo at it’s worst, it just sounds so watered down to me. There’s just nothing interesting about it. And sadly the lyrics might even make the song worse. They are so typical and sound so much like everything other song I’ve heard before that it sounds like they didn’t put any effort at all into the song. The lyrics are so simple and so short that they barely even tell a story. But what I can make of it is that it’s about a girl who doesn’t have enough courage to verbally confess her love so she just to decides to be brazen and kiss the person she loves. Which I gotta say sounds a lot like sexual harrasment and only really works on paper. And do you think a guy could really get away with saying I want you so I’m just going to forcibly kiss you? I don’t think so.

75. Itano Tomomi – 1%


I remember when Dear J first came out and I was like ok, I can get behind Tomomi making these dance songs, because Dear J was just flawless. But after that her singles got increasingly worse and worse. And slower and slower I might add. And while I do appreciate that this song is going back to being more obviously a dance/club song. It’s still not a strong enough song. The music is at about a 5 when I want to see it pushing an 11 like Dear J was. I just find this song to be boring and no fun at all. If they were going to go halfway, why did they bother at all? I also find the lyrics to be silly, who actually only wants 1% of love? Unless the song is trying to say that they don’t believe the other person loves them to such an extent that even showing 1% of love would be enough for them? Because if that’s the case it’s actually a little sad.

74. Kashiwagi Yuki – Birthday Wedding


I just absolutely cannot get behind the concept of this song at all. A birthday wedding. Having your wedding be on the same day as your birthday. I just don’t understand that at all. Who would ever want that? That sounds like the worst possible idea ever. Maybe only second to the people who decide to have their wedding on Christmas day. I don’t really believe in it being an “overlapping of two miracles.” I think it’s closer to let’s have them on the same day, so that I only have to remember one date and only have to buy you one gift. Especailly since the song says that he’s telling her, “hey let’s have the wedding on your birthday.” The rest of the song goes on to be more of the same, I’m no confident to love you. I only hurt you. But I still feel at ease being by your side and you accept everything about me. The only saving grace for this song is how lovely Yukirin’s voice is. And how soothing and soft the song sounds overall.

73. AKB48 – Sayonara Crawl


Remember when I thought this song was going to be about being so sad after a breakup that you are crawling away from it? Well, lucky the lyrics weren’t about something as decent as that and instead they were about something as ridiculous as love and swimming. Can we all just agree that this song is completely ridiculous? I mean is there really anyone out there that really takes this song seriously? It’s about a swimming move that is apparently called the crawl because the person they love is in the swim club. And the lyrics aren’t even about you don’t love me as much as I do they are about how they can’t take the person away because they can’t swim as well as them. And despite the fact that they are now swimming in the ocean they won’t swim with them. Even though no one owns the ocean and it’s perfectly ok for them to freely swim with them. Are they serious with this? But silly lyrics aside I can’t bring myself to fully hate this song because it’s so catchy. And without even knowing anything about this song or the lyrics you can instantly tell it’s a summer song. It just has that carefree summer vibe about it. Though it is ranked so low because I only ever listen to it once in a blue moon.

72. Juice=Juice – Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete yo


While I am happy that this song still manages to have a very clear and distinct J=J sound, I’m just not feeling the song. It’s just average for me. J=J has released songs that are much stronger than this. I guess their past songs are at such a high level that unless I get song at the same level I won’t be completely satisfied. Whoops it seems like I’m putting J=J on an inpossibly high pedestal surrounded by such high expectations they can’t possbly live up to. Hey, I never said I was easy to please. The only thing I really love about this song are Karin’s onegai. Wow something so small. It doesn’t help that I’m not exactly blown away by the lyrics. I don’t know this is the second song that J=J is asking someone to hold them. Someone better hurry up and do it because I’m tired about hearing songs about it.

71. Kuramochi Asuka – Itsumo Soba ni


This song is neither good or bad, and that’s the problem with it. It’s so average, so mediocre, so in the middle, that I find absloutely nothing special about it. The music is nice enough, the song is sung well enough, and the lyrics are sweet enough. Everything about it is just so typical that I am bored out of my mind. They took absolutely no risks with this song. I guess they were too worried about the song getting a decent amount of sales that the actual song didn’t matter.

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  1. A Top 100 list!? That is hardcore! And awesome! So since you’re just doing singles though, can I just ask what your favorite and least favorite B-sides and album songs were? You don’t have to like explain your reasoning for any of them, I’m just curious!

    1. Yeah, it’s pretty hardcore. Sure, no problem. But I’m only gonna give you my favorites because least favorites too would be far too time consuming.

      B-Sides: Arashi I will say one thing, Arashi’s B-sides were the best of the year. Not even being biased. Even if you don’t like Arashi I really recommend listening to Arashi’s Alright and Intergalatic. Because omg they’re so so good! Anyway, onto the other B-sides: Morning Musume – Nani wa Tomo Are, Morning Musume – Tokimeku Tokimeke, Morning Musume – Happy Daisakusen, C-ute – The Treasure Box, C-ute – Dare ni mo Naisho no Koishiteiru no, Berryz Koubou – Koisuru Technique, Hey! Say! JUMP – Bounce, Hey! Say! JUMP – Go To The Future, Hey! Say! JUMP – School Girl, Kis-My-Ft2 – Keep On Smile, Kis-My-Ft2 – Motetaize Tonight, SUPER GiRLS – Survival, Momoiro Clover Z -Itsuka Kimi ga.

      Album songs: Berryz Koubou – Succha ka Meccha ka, C-ute – Namida mo Dekinai Kanashiku mo Nai Nan ni, C-ute – Watashi ga Honki wo Dasu Yoru, C-ute – Nichiyoubi wa Daisuki yo, S/mileage – Shin Nippon no Susume, S/mileage – Nee Senpai, S/mileage – Yuugure Koi no Jikan, S/mileage – Otona no Tochuu, Arashi – Starlight Kiss, Arashi – Confusion, Arashi – Funky, NEWS – Nagisa no Onee Summer, NEWS – Koi Matsuri, NEWS – Dance in the Dark, Kis-My-Ft2 – xLunaSx, Kis-My-Ft2 – Forza, Kis-mY-Ft2 – Catch Love, Kis-My-Ft2 – Jet! Set! Go, Kanjani8 – Rescue Rescue, Kanjnai8 – Dear Summer Sama, Kanjani8 -Takoyaki in my Heart, NMB48 – Teppen Tottande, NMB48 – Almond Croissant Keikaku, NMB48 – With My Soul, Cheeky Parade – Houkago Catharsis, SUPER GiRLS – Renai Manifesto, SUPER GiRLS – DREAM SEEKER, SUPER GiRLS – Exit, Momoiro Clover Z – Get Down, Momoiro Clover Z – Joukyu Monogatari Carpe Diem, Momoiro Clover Z – Kasou Dystopia.

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