My blog now has over 5,000 views. And I really can’t believe it! I remember when I though 100 views was a big deal.
When I first made my blog I didn’t think anyone would actually take the time to read it. But I guess I’m doing something right. ;]

I’ve been blogging on here for a little less than a year, and it was more of casual blogging at first. I’d write a few posts each month or whenever I though something was snazzy enough to blog about. But it the past few months, I guess I’ve been blogging a little more seriously. Posting about news and more reviews, and whatnot. And for that reason more people have been reading by blog, which is awesome.
In the beginning I was kind of all over the place, I even mixed in a few Jrock posts. And I can honestly say my earlier posts were pretty much terrible. But I like to think they’ve gotten a lot better since then.
I’ve also somehow managed to get 5 followers. Which isn’t really that big of a number, but I think it’s amazing I have that. Comments are still a rare occurrence on my blog, but I still freak out about every comment I get one.

This post turned out to almost be a praise post. But it’s really more of a thank you post to anyone who reads my blog. You guys are awesome! You should continue to support my blog, and send lot of comments. ;]

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