I like Mano Erina’s new song for once

Now I’ve never really paid attention to Mano Erina’s solo career because I’m honestly not a big fan of her. I usually just skip over look her PVs and songs. Admittedly when I first heard her voice in Ongaku Gatas I went out of my way to listen to it, because it was cute and unique sounding. But when I heard her aitai yos in Manopiano, I pretty much stopped paying attention to her. I also think Erina looks like a rabbit. You can decide for yourself if I’m insulting or praising her.

But after listening to her new song, Hajimete no Keiken, I actually like it. Maybe it’s because her voice sounds really smooth and she’s singing with a lot of energy in this song. Or maybe it’s because this is her first song that’s not a ballad and actually has upbeat music. Or maybe it’s because I can spot Kanon and Yuuka in the background. Or maybe it’s because of the video in general. I mean the video is lively and colorful. And Erina is dancing around and doing typical idol things. And looks absolutely adorable while doing it. The video kind of makes it hard to hate the song. Erina is just so likeable in it. H!P even managed to make the song up tempo and have piano parts.

But one good song by her doesn’t make me want to join her fanclub just yet. I have to wait and see if this new direction for her song was a one time shot or a taste of her future releases. I honestly prefer my idol music happy and energetic rather than slow and bland. There are very few H!P ballads out there that I like. Right now I’m teetering towards being an Erina fan. I just need the next single to be good to give me that final push.