New H!P Egg unit

Tsunku announced on his blog yesterday that there will be a new Egg unit debuting this fall. It was also announced at H!P Eggs Shinjin Kouen concert. The member will include Ayaka Wada, Yuuka Maeda, Kanon Fukuda and Saki Ogawa.

Now at first glance you could think this new H!P unit is Shugo Chara Egg. I know that’s what I immediately though. However Shugo Chara Egg member Akari Saho is missing. She was replaced my H!P Egg Saki Ogawa. Which isn’t really fair to Akari if you ask me. Since I don’t follow the Eggs at all I know nothing about Saki Ogawa. So I’m really looking forward to how she sounds.

Probably the best part of this unit is Kanon and Yuuka are in it. I have really grown to love Yuuka and Kanon because of Shugo Chara Egg and High King. I’m really glad that they aren’t going back to being just Eggs. And a major debut might mean they will graduate from being Eggs all together. Which is exciting news.

So with a new Egg unit forming I guess that probably means Shugo Chara is over. Which isn’t really the best news. This new group better be incredible to make up for that.

2 thoughts on “New H!P Egg unit”

  1. Apparently Saki Ogawa is considered the “best Egg singer.” From what I’ve heard, she’s generally the girl that gets the most lines in concerts where the Eggs have performed. I listened to her, she’s okay, but she’s not as good as Yuuka or Kanon. Don’t you think she kind of looks like Mai Hagiwara?

    If Kanon and Yuuka DO graduate Eggs all together, do you think it’s possible that both will either join Berryz Koubou or C-ute? I think that would be kind of cool. ^0^

  2. I agree with you her vocals aren’t as good as Yuuka or Kanon’s. Her voice is nice, but at time she can sound a little rough. I’m still happy to see her in the new egg group. And she looks a little like Mai. To me she likes like Mai mixed with Risa.

    I think if they did graduate from the Eggs it would just be so they could be in this new Egg group full time. I don’t expect to see a new C-ute or Berryz generation anytime soon, since the girls are still so young. That’s an interesting idea though. It would be awesome to see Kanon more than we already do. :]

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