Hey! Say! JUMP preview

Hey! Say! JUMP is coming out with a new single some time in April. It will include the songs Jonetsu JUMP and Yuuki 100%. Which translates as Passion JUMP and Courage 100%. Jonetsu JUMP is going to be the volley ball support for 2009, and Yuuki 100% is a cover of a song that was for the anime Nintama rantarou. As of now it’s still up in the air as to which song is going to be the a-side. It seems likely that Jonetsu JUMP will be the a-side since it’s a new song and is also a volley ball support song.

But for now we have a preview of Yuuki 100%. It’s a pretty upbeat song and more of a group song. I think the only one that gets a solo line in it is Yabu.