Come on a release a new single already Hey! Say! JUMP


I think I speak for the entire fandom when I say, “what’s going on with Hey! Say! JUMP?” I mean seriously. Unless you’re a new Hey! Say! JUMP fan you’re probably aware of the fact that Hey! Say! JUMP haven’t released a new single in over a year. The last single they released was Super Delicate on February 22, 2012. Well, even if you’re a new fan you’re probably painfully aware of this. But you probably won’t know the anger and overall annoyance that comes along with not releasing anything in over a year.

Now, this isn’t exactly a new thing for Hey! Say! JUMP. I became a fan of them back in 2009 during their first unexpected, and for no good reason, year long hiatus. Back then I honestly did not care. Since I was a new fan the hiatus gave me enough time to catch up to the group. Watch concerts, memorize the members names, get a feel for their personalities, and get really familiar with the music. It was fun. It’s obviously easier to catch up on an idol group in their downtime, but it’s honestly just as easy to catch up with them in real time. Mostly because most idol groups don’t have year long hiatuses. Do you realize that even NEWS didn’t miss a year in between release? Well, of course right before the members left they did. But before that they didn’t.

Another reason I was content with the hiatus was because despite not having physical releases they were still making new music. They would perform them on Shounen Club or they were songs used as volleyball support ssongs. If you recall they had so many unreleased songs that when they released their first album fans were saying that there was going to be a BEST and 7 version of the album with a rumored track list just because they had enough songs for it. I still think that would have been a brilliant idea, and will never understand why they didn’t do that.

They also have so many unreleased songs that they are still including them in their recent releases. And they have more unreleased group songs like Shin-Gi-Tai and Tobira no Mukou. As well as pretty ancient Hey! Say! 7 songs Brave Story, Nounai Dance, and Kawaii Kimi no Koto da Mono. I actually think all of Hey! Say! BEST’s stuff was released. But I could be wrong.

Also, do you remember Hey! say! JUMP’s Tengoku concerts from 2009? You know the concerts that didn’t get a DVD release. Which I am STILL not over to be honest. And the reason that I, and no doubt JUMP fans everywhere, were angry about this is because this was the concert where nearly every member of JUMP got a special solo. Even Keito and Inoo. Poor Ryutaro only got a dance solo. Chinen and Yuri had a duet. But that’s fine because my beloved Yuto still has his unreleased Uruwashi no Bad Girl solo. So, there’s 8 unreleased songs still! It’s 8 because Ryosuke sang Asia no Yoru. That’s pretty much an entire album worth of unreleased solos. That honestly will probably never get released or see the light of day again. Because they haven’t been preformed since those Tengoku concerts back in 2009.

During this hiatus we’ve gotten nothing really. Ok, we did get a new album and a concert DVD. But I guess I’m a greedy fan because that’s not enough. But you know what, no, that’s not greedy at all. It’s not unreasonable at all to want a new single in a year. I know that male idols don’t match the pace of female idols that release about 4 singles a year. But male idols usually don’t go more than 7 months between a single release without a reason. Hey! Say! JUMP doesn’t have one.

Now, this entire impatient ranting post was fueled by the fact that Hey! Say! JUMP do have a new song. It’s called Come On A MY House and they’ve been promoting it a lot lately.

In their new Vermont Curry commercial.

On School Kakumei.

News reports even showed them performing it at the Johnny’s World Thanksgiving concert.

But I’m angry because despite this, there has been no confirmation about this being a new single. Even though all of these promos started airing on March 30th or 31st. Which was obviously 4 or 5 days ago.

However, I do think that this song isn’t going to be an A-side. I’m willing to bet it’s the B-side to some upcoming new single. Because 1. if it was an A-side they would have made it perfectly clear by now and would have announced it as such during the Johnny’s World Thanksgiving concert. 2. I think they’re gonna pull a Kagayaki Days. Remember how Hey! Say! 7’s Kagayaki Days was used in Hey! Say! 7’s Lotte Fruitio commercial before Hitomi no Screen was even announced? So, it makes sense to do it with this song also. And 3. I don’t want it to be an A-side.

No, seriously I don’t. The song just isn’t good enough. It’s cute and idoly, and a little bit catchy I suppose. But it’s a little more immature than I expected. Coming off of their really mature last single, Super Delicate, this just doesn’t make sense to me. It’s more suited for a fun B-side.

I’m honestly kind of fed up with how they have been treating JUMP. It’s pretty obvious they never really knew what to do with JUMP once they started getting older. It was easy for them to be the young, cutesy, childish group when they were that age, but once they started getting older they honestly didn’t know what to do. They started giving them more mature music, but quickly took that back and gave them cutesy music again. It’s obvious whoever handles JUMP within Johnny’s doesn’t really know what they’re doing. I certainly hope it’s not Julie because she’s can’t even handle JUMP properly, yet she’s set to take over the whole company.

I’m sick of Johnny’s still treating Hey! Say! JUMP as the youngest group. They’re not anymore, Sexy Zone is. It’s really easy to have a song that’s cutesy and fun with a fresh vibe without it being too silly and childish. Arashi and NEWS have always done that beautifully.

I guess I’m just waiting for Johnny’s to get it together and give Hey! Say! JUMP a clear path. And at least pretend they know what they’re doing. I didn’t just spend $50 on a Hey! Say! JUMP calendar that’s only really worth $20 at most, for them to just dissolve as a group.

3 thoughts on “Come on a release a new single already Hey! Say! JUMP”

  1. I feel your frustration on this issue. I love HSJ but sometimes it feels hard to be a fan, especially an international fan, when they do not release something for so long. I have been a fan from their debut and remember well how painful that first long wait was. I think this one does not feel so bad if only because I now have Kis-My-Ft2 releasing stuff regularly to take my mind off the fact HSJ still has yet to release something.

    I remember the Tengoku concerts as I was in Japan at the time and actually got to see them. I would not call Inoo’s solo a true solo though as it was not much of a song from what I could remember. But I loved Takaki’s solo from that and would love to have it on CD, as well as his other solo. But then again there is a long list of HSJ songs and solos that I want on CD.

    From the rumors HSJ is under Johnny with Sexy Zone and A.B.C-Z. Julie has TOKIO, Arashi, Kanjani8, KAT-TUN and NEWS (post-Yamapi leaving) while Michi has SMAP, Yamapi (post-NEWS) and Kis-My-Ft2. (There are rumors that Michi may also have a hand in the Juniors as well because of the SMAP connections.) The rest are either under Mary and/or other managers.

    1. It is really frustrating and I don’t really see the reason behind these long breaks that Hey! Say! JUMP has. I’m just so bewildered by this whole situation. I get what you mean I’ve been focusing on Arashi’s variety shows and waiting for the Popcorn DVD. I’m not really the biggest Kisumai fan, but I do admit lately they’ve been almost pushing me over the edge of casual fan to full fledged fan. Kisumai has been handled really well since their debut. And recently they’ve been really exciting to follow. 2 double A-side singles right after another, and before that 2 version of one song with 2 completely different PVs. I’m really impressed by them.

      Oh wow, that’s really cool that you got to see them. You’re one of the lucky ones that did. Lol. Well, since all the information us international fans have is basically hearsay from people who went I understand if the info isn’t 100% correct. I think Takaki is completely underrated in Hey! Say! JUMP. He has a pretty fun sort of ditzy personality, and he is easily one of the best singers in the group. I really wish his popularity would rise so he would get a few more lines. I just absolutely love his voice. I want the remaining unreleased songs and solos on a CD, but that’s probably the biggest pipe dream of all time.

      Huh, it’s funny how the most poorly managed groups are under Johnny’s personal control, assuming these rumors are true. Maybe it is time for the old man to hang it up. Though after watching that show about him on NHK World, he still does seem to be really great at making concerts.

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