Happy Valentine’s Day!

Another year and another Valentines’ Day. What’s a better way to spend it than listening to Jpop? So I’m going to countdown my top 5 love themed Jpop songs.

#5: Miyavi-We Love You ~sekai wa kimi wo aishiteru~

The 8th track of Miyavi’s MYV★POPS album. The song is so incredibly sweet, sending the message that the world loves you. And Someone, somewhere, loves someone. Accompanied by soft music and Miyavi’s amazing and sweet voice.

#4: Leah Dizon- Koi Shiyou

Leah’s 2nd and highest grossing single so far. Koi Shiyou is a sweet and bubbly song about falling in love. The song as a whole is really fun and Leah is surprisingly a good singer. The video is pretty cute, aside from her slutty dancing.

#3: Arashi- Love So Sweet

Arashi always has the cutest love songs. This song is really sweet. It’s a love story song about loving someone so much. Jun being in it is just an added bonus.

#2: Tegomass-Kiss~Kaerimichi no Love Song~

This is defiantly the cutest love song from JE. Masuda and Tegoshi are super adorable. And this song is about loving someone forever no matter. It’s really sweet and equally catchy.

#1: Ai Otsuka-Sakuranbo

Ai Otsuka does it again, she really is the queen of all Jpop love songs. Her ultra cutesy voice mixed with the heartwarming lyrics made this song undeniably sweet. This song is about being a pair together like cherries. And also a girl’s feelings of love.