Momusu to perform at Anime Expo!

OMG! It seriously feels like I’m dreaming! Morning Musume is going to perform at Anime Expo. This is their first performance within the continental US ever! And Anime Expo will be from July 2-5. Here’s AX’s officials page.

Now this news is HUGE! I mean this could mean Morning Musume wants to pursue the US. And the exposure from the country’s biggest anime convention could get their foot in the door! Who knows what else they have in store for the future. Maybe an American Morning Musume audition? Now that sounds less like wishful thinking and more like a possibility. They have 2 members from China. Why not some from the US too?

I still can’t even fathom how or why this is happening. Even now this seems like it’s not true, and tomorrow someone will say it was all a joke. I can’t believe after years of wishing they’d come to the US, besides Hawaii, it’s finally happening! I can’t wait for this!

But this news is bitter sweet for me. I won’t be able to make it there. I live all the way across the country. Which makes me ridiculously sad. California got Jrock Revolution, the debut of S.K.I.N., and now Morning Musume. But I’ll try not to hold anymore resentment towards California. This is still amazing news after all. And I’m super excited for this wether I’m there or not.

Here’s to Momusu having a future in the US. And maybe even a tour here someday.