One Drop short version

KAT-TUN, has released a short version for their new single One Drop. It’s only 1:40, which is not really long enough. I can’t wait for the full version! And since it’s only the short version I’m not going to even comment about the video or song until the full version is. Which means I can’t even comment on how gorgeous Jin looks in the video. ;]

In more KAT-TUN – One Drop news, they preformed their new song on the February 2nd episode of Heyx3. What’s even more amazing about this? Some lovely person from LJ subtitled it. And someone uploaded it to youtube, probably without the subbers permission. So watch it while you can. If it gets removed it’s not my fault.

They also disabled embeding it, so here’s the link.

The preformance is awesome and I love the lyrics. And pretty much everyone is looking pretty hot in the Heyx3 preformance.Also Kame sporting a slightly different hair style. Which looks pretty hot. So ugly hair no more! And I didn’t realize, until the other day when I rewatched Johnny’s new year’s countdown, that Kame was wearing the one drop hair. Jin looks so sexy in his black hat! And of course Ueda is looking pretty hot. And even more suprising Koki looks really hot with his hair like that. But sorry to Maru and Taguchi I never notice them.