Yorosen Ending?!

Yet another H!P show is ending. Of course this time it’s none other than Yorosen. Yorosen’s last episode will be sometime in the spring. It seems everything in H!P is ending and Yorosen is no exception. The producer for SSM posted it on his blog. Apparently SSM produced all of H!P shows. So of course there’s a rumor that the C-ute Hitler incident made Up-Front end the contract, but I don’t necessarily believe that. Since it wasn’t that big of a deal. There’s another rumor that they already hired another production crew. Which if is true, is awesome. Maybe this new production crew will give us a great show and not another Yorosen.

All I can really say about this is not again! Ok, so Yorosen wasn’t that great of a show it was even border line boring. But I liked watching it and was keeping up with the episodes. Yorosen made me realize that Chisato isn’t that bad. But she’s still my least favorite in C-ute.

But all I want right now is the announcement of another H!P show. Maybe even each groups own solo show, but that’s unlikely. We probably won’t know about the next show for a few more months. I really hope their is a next show. And not with a stupid theme like teaching.