Morning Musume 9th album announced

It’s finally announced officially! Morning Musume’s 9th album Platinum 9 Disc will be released March 18th. I thought the album was being called Platinum 9 Disco. But I’m not really impressed with the album title, even if it was disco. Though the majority of Momusu albums have stupid titles. Sexy 8 Beat and Rainbow 7 are the only ones I actually think are cool.

Most of the songs on the album aren’t necessarily new. A good chunk of the songs are either singles or were preformed at their Fall concert Resonant Live. But I’m still excited to hear what the 4 new songs sound like. And since I haven’t finished watching Resonant Live, which I’m working on to review later on, I’m excited to hear how the songs from Resonant Live sound. And to see how good the studio version is. And Ame no Furanai is on the album, which I’m happy about. I absolutely love the song.

What’s really exciting about this album is Aika, Sayumi, and Eri get solo songs! And shockingly there’s none for Ai or Reina. It’s about time there’s some Aika love in Momusu. I absolutely loved her duet, Haru Beautiful Everyday, with Eri from the Sexy 8 Beat album. So, I’m really excited for this. And an Eri solo song is really overdo. Her voice is just incredible. And Sayumi, I’m really excited for her solo too. She’s one of my fave members, and her Furusato performance was great. I think she can handle her solo song now. So she might not really get lines in actual singles, but Tsunku still listened and gave her a solo song.

Here’s the track list for the album.

1. Ame no Furanai

2. Songs
3. Resonant Blue
4. Take off is Now!
5. Mikan
6. Watashi no Miryoku ni Kiduka nu Donkan na Hito
7. Guru Guru Jump
8. Jounetsu no Kiss o Hitotsu
9. It’s You
10. Onna ni Sachi Are
11. Kataomoi no Owari ni
12. Kanashimi Twilight
13. Naichau Kamo

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