A tearful goodbye to Elder Club

On February 1st, H!P’s Elder Club graduated and preformed their last concert as members of H!P. It was the largest H!P ever with 72 members in total. The end of Elder Club also marked the end of the song Love Machine. They will be retiring the song from further concerts. It really is sad to see all the members leave, everyone who made H!P what it is today.

This concert showed the return of several things. Tanpopo, Pucchi Moni, Sakura Gumi, and Otome Gumi. But most importantly it marked the return of Tsuji Nozomi. After a year and nine months she is finally back on stage. Tsuji said how she was nervous about dancing again, but after the music started it all came back to her. 

Yuko hands over H!P to Ai. Makin Ai-chan the oldest member at 22. I wonder how long it will be before Ai is too old and graduated from H!P completely?

Anyway, here’s a few pics from the concert.