This is Unmei Girl


Since Kisumai’s last single was a double A-side it means I have to review both PVs. This time it’s the Unmei Girl PV. (Also, I don’t know if anyone but myself appreciates the H!P and Johnny’s mixed pun.)

I do admit, in my opinion, Unmei Girl is far better than My Resistance. The song is that happy, bubble gum pop, just cutesy idol music that I love. A lot catchier and fun than the serious number that My Resistance was. And I actually regret not reviewing the PV sooner because, surprisingly, I actually like it. I was just immediately turned off after I saw nothing but roller skates in the preview. I think by now I’ve made it obvious how I feel about them.

But after watching the PV I love it. I honestly really love this PV. It’s like 4 minutes of pure cutesy idol fun. Just everything about this PV works for me. There’s nothing spectacular about the way that the PV is made, it’s actually very cheap. Only 2 sets, only one outfit, and still severely unfair screen time distribution. But I love it because both sets are just so bright and vivid. And they are decorated really well, and there’s so much going on in each set that your eyes are drawn to it. It’s just so cute and eye-catching that it makes the entire PV fun and interesting.

But what really wins me over with this PV is how Kisumai themselves are acting. Since this is such an upbeat and fun song, the guys really went for it. The dance is really cute and face paced to match the song. And to further match the song the guys took full advantage and every close-up shot, actually every time they are singing, is accompanied with a cutesy idol pose. And that really made the entire so much fun to watch. There’s literally not a frame in the entire PV where something fun isn’t going on.

I also really love the scenes where they are just being weird and jumping over members, or picking members up. They are hands down my favorite parts of the entire PV. At one point they are just roller skating in a giant circle, but they somehow managed to make that look interesting. This PV is so much fun to watch from start to finish.

I’m just such a gigantic fan of this PV. I love those moments where you’re expecting the PV to bad because of how cheap it is, but then you’re pleasantly surprised by how amazing it actually is. I love PVs that are enjoyable to watch solely because of how charming the idols themselves are rather than relying on a fancy set or theme. While I do appreciate when a PV is high quality, I still love PVs that are cheap but cute. It’s just the PVs that are both cheap and boring that I can’t stand.


Roller skates and I don’t mix.


Ok, I get it, they’re roller skates. I don’t need to see them from every single angle.


Tama’s such a cutie.


Taisuke looking as good as ever.


I absolutely love this dance.

UnmeiGirl6Another idol group holding up their pink for girl. Luckily one of my lovely readers finally explained the reason for this.


Nice jacket swing.




Look at all the random things in the set. A circle that looks like Jupiter, a carousel horse, a random deer head, etc. 


Look how cute and idolly the whole PV is.


So cute.


Getting really sick of never seeing the other 4 members.


Oh no, the more I see Hiro the more appealing he is. Probably because of how weird I find him personality wise. Lol. 


Like he almost looks cute here.


This is such a great set.


It almost looks like Taisuke is intentionally blocking Nika. Lol.


See it’s doing random things like this that make the PV even more fun.


Sorry but Taisuke is gorgeous.


And Tama is such a cutie.




That’s an impressive jump.


Hiro makes the best faces.




Awesome that they use a star as a segue scene


Yes, dance around the almighty shoe. 


They look cut while they do it though.


Wow 2 scenes in the entire PV. Yup, that’s enough.


I’m getting Junior colosseum flashbacks. Lol.


I love this I l-o-v-e you part.




Everyone’s into it but Yoko. And I love how Taisuke like fell into place. And lolz at Tama’s face.

4 thoughts on “This is Unmei Girl”

  1. I really liked this PV too, much better than My Resistance. Of course I actually like the roller skates, but that is probably more due to the fact that I like cheesy things. And s-My-2 even sorta get solo lines, or words/letters, in this song. Truly it is a godsend for longtime fans.

    I loved that we saw more of the whole group in this PV, even though the split is still pretty bad. But I feel that little by little the gap is closing as the other four get to do more and are getting chances to act in dramas and such. And I think Nakai paying attention to s-My-2 when they show up on his music program and making sure they get chances to speak to is helping out a bit too.

    1. I’ve never liked the roller skates. Not even when it was their gimmick as Juniors. Yeah, but I don’t really count the few scraps of lines they were thrown as singing. Even Hey! say! JUMP gets it together every now and then and gives most of the members lines.

      Yeah, it did seem to be slightly more of the other 4 members this PV. But I think that was in part because of how the PV was setup. Since it was mostly dancing and full group parts you got to see them a lot. To be honest I won’t be satisfied util they get their own close-up singing shots instead of lumping the 4 together. Even if they do share the lines they don’t necessarily have to share the close-up.

      The drama may help because Miyata did get a line in Shake It Up because of being in Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou. But then he got nothing after that obviously. As for Nakai giving them a chance to speak, I actually have no idea. I usually skip idol appearances that aren’t subbed.

  2. I really love this song and its PV ^^ Everything is every cute, even the lyrics is cute too lol. I also like how they manage to look adorable without trying hard. They’re so into it ^^
    Have you watched S.O.S PV yet? It’s also low budget yet it’s as adorable as this and a bit funny, SMY2 are so dorkable trolling behind KFT haha. Hope you’ll review it.

    1. That’s exactly what I love about this song. It’s just so upbeat and fun. And they were completely into the filming! Made it such a fun watch.
      I have watched the short version of S.O.S. And of course I’m going to review it. Once the full versions of S.O.S and Kiss Your Mind are out I’m going to review them. So, I’ll save my opinions on the S.O.S PV until I make my review post. So, look forward to it. 😀

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