Nami news

On January 15, Nami Tamaki’s official website announced the release of her next single, Give Me Up. This will be Nami’s 16th single and her first single with her new label Universal-J. It’s scheduled to be released on March 25th. It will also be a positive up-beat pop song. This will also be Nami’s first release in over a year.

Now I’ve been a Nami fan since I heard her song Shining Star. Greeting was also the first Japanese CD I ever got. And since so much time had passed in between her singles, I actually thought that was it for Nami Tamaki. Much like Hinoi Team’s year of inactivity, there has yet to be an official announcement that they broke up. You have no idea how much that annoyed me. I thought Nami was doing the same thing. Since her last album was her lowest selling album yet, only reaching a peak at number 14. And two out of three singles from that album didn’t even reach the top 15.

I also remember being really disappointed when Cross Season came out. The song failed to impress me and the PV and outfits she wore were terrible. I did really like Brightdown though. But honestly, if it wasn’t an opening theme to an anime it wouldn’t have been as high on the charts.

I’m expecting a lot from this new single. The bar to me is set really high, she’s had a lot of time to prepare for this. And I can really care less what number it is on the charts. Since most of my favorite Nami songs didn’t sell so well. Heart & Soul peaked at number 13. And My Way only made it to number 18. Nami and her fans have waited a year for this. So I’m expecting something incredible