It’s raining Momusu!

Morning Musume’s new single, Naichau Kamo, will be released on February 18. And so the PV came out today. It’s finally out! It came out much quicker then I thought it would though.

I’ve been a big fan of this song as soon as it came out. I think it’s amazing.
I’m really impressed with Eri’s parts. She sounds fabulous, I would have liked to see her get a bigger part though. Line distribution is almost fair but not quite. Of course the spotlight goes to Ai and Reina, exactly like it has been for the last two singles. Eri, Risa, and Sayumi get two solo lines. And that’s it! Not a peep from Koharu or 8th gen. Except for chorus parts.

And it’s sad because Aika and Jun Jun have lower voices, which is perfect for this song. Since it’s relatively low, with only a handful of high parts. And what I can barely make out of Lin Lin’s voice sounds really nice. And I honestly can’t tell when Koharu is singing. Besides the kamo parts, I just can’t tell. And Sayumi’s solos sound nice. Considering how her voice can sound, she got the perfect lines so she wouldn’t over do them. But in the chorus it sounds a little pushed.

But lately it seems like Momusu has been hail marying it. Throwing Ai and Reina up front and hoping it sells well. And that really makes me frustrated. Why even have the other members if you’re not going to use them? I mean we haven’t heard from Lin Lin and Jun Jun in a single since they debuted! And that’s really sad. How are they supposed to progress into better singers if they aren’t given the opportunity to show what they can do?

Anyway, if I continue on that subject this whole post will turn in a rant. As for the PV, I really like it. It feels more like a PV, and it’s a lot better than anything they’ve had recently. You have the dance scenes, then close up scenes, and the rain scenes. I really like the dancing scene backgrounds. Everything is put in the perfect place to complement the theme of the video. Even the floor. The marble floor gives a nice reflection of the dance will having that dark, gloomy feel.

I think the rain scenes were a nice touch also. It certainty got the point across. Personally I think a rain version would be cool, but also kind of cliche. And having nothing but rain would get tiring really fast. It’s really nice to see everyone crying in the video. But Ai’s defiantly looks the saddest and is the most natural. Reina’s crying scenes in a way are sadder but they seem fake. She over did it too much. But some of them don’t even look like they are trying. Sayumi and Lin Lin look like they are just bothered by the rain, rather than being upset.

I absolutely love the dance outfits for this. It adds a subtle sexy feel to the PV. And Momusu in fishnets is pretty epic on it’s own. The skirts are a little reminiscent of Buono’s but they are cute none the less. Aside from the outfits being perfect, everyone’s hair is incredible. Everyone’s hair has a different styling and almost everyone’s is gorgeous. Aika’s is looking very Momoko-ish. She had very similar hair in the Honto no Jibun PV.

Another surprise from this video is how much Jun Jun stands out. Even though she contributes very little singing wise, my eyes were drawn to her in the dance scenes. The way they styled her hair is just incredible on her. She looks very gorgeous in the video. Good for her. But Lin Lin really fades to the back. I only noticed her twice in the whole video. And those were her close up shots.

As always here’s the video. Enjoy.