Instant fangirl just add water

I was reading the blog Wotaku Now recently, and he has a post about how he started idoling. And that made me think of how I became a fangirl. So I am going to shamelessly copy his idea. But it’s not stealing if I credit it. XD


Age 7: Yeah I started young. There was a show called Big Wolf on Campus. It was about werewolves and such. There was a pseudo goth character named Merton J. Dingle and I was pretty much in love with him. I thought he was the hottest guy ever. As for today, not so much. But I still listen to his band The City Drive.

Age 9, 10, or 11?: I’m not exactly sure when this fangirling started but it was around then. I became obsessed with Frankie Muniz. I wrote I heart Frankie on everything, put a poster on my wall, and even wrote a song about him. Which I have the lyrics for but it’s too embarrassing. As for today, he’s still ok looking in my book. Just not as much as I used to think he was. He also has this weird beard thing going on currently.

Age 13: Miyavi! As soon as I heard Jibun Kakumei on random person’s myspace I was sold. I started following his career closely and learning everything I could about him. You know you’re obsessed with someone when you know things he claims to be. As for today, I still love him. I consider him to be one of the hottest people alive.

Age 14: Once I got into 8th grade I started to listen to more Jrock bands and follow the ones I already listned to more closely. Which made a few people look at me weird. My history teacher also used to call me Ms. Japanese cause I knew a lot about Japan. And could write Japanese words on the board. XD Anyway, I started obsessing over Jrockers, anyone I found attractive. Which is too many to name. As for today, I still love them all.

Age 15: There was a little show on NBC called Heroes. Which I became obsessed with on it’s own. I fell in love with Peter Petrelli. It’s because of the emo bangs! I didn’t really do too much fangirly stuff over him. Just set him as the wallpaper on my phone and would kyaaa when ever I saw him. As for today, Milo is still hot!

Age 16: Or currently. I’d have to say my current obsession is Nishikido Ryo. I love everything about him. His voice, his body, and the way he can make Shige do whatever he says. I don’t know I guess I really just love the cool image that he portrays.

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