Icecreamusume is dai-jou-bu

The PV for Icecreamusume’s first Japanese song came out a few days ago. And I’m actually surprised by how much I like it.

The song is pretty simple, but it’s really cute. It’s amazing how well their Japanese is in such a short amount of time. I also would have liked to hear everyone get a solo line, because I’m not really familiar with everyone’s voice yet. I really liked ShenShen’s solo lines though. She sounded really good and her voice is cute. But it’s also different than anyone’s voice in H!P currently. It kind of sounds like a mix between Ai Takahashi and Yuu Kikkawa. But it’s unquie none the less.

As far as the video goes it’s nothing special because they are basically starting from nowhere. It’s literally just them on a white background. That’s boring. I mean, how expensive could a pink or ice cream backdrop really be? And I’m kind of upset that’s it’s a complete mirror image of the video for the Chinese version of the song, Lian Ai Deng Chang. The only main difference between the 2 is you never see them lip synch and there are Chinese lyrics on the bottom.






I think my favorite part of the whole video is how they really incorporated ice cream into it. They sing into ice cream cones, which is really cute. And they even have ice cream cones embroidered into their hoodies. As for my least favorite part of the video, it’s hands down the outfits. I guess they are supposed to be bundled up because ice cream is cold or something. But there’s really no excuse to wear furry boots ever. They’re just plain hideous.

Another cute aspect of the video is each girl has, essentially, their own purikura pictures. Which is cute and also helped me remember all of their names. In this video PeiPei, ReiRei, and Youko really grabbed my attention.