An amazing S/mileage PV has arrived


A few hours ago the PV for S/mileage’s new single, Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita, was uploaded onto S/mileage’s official youtube channel.

I wanted to review this PV pretty quickly because S/mileage PVs always seem to fall by the wayside on my blog anymore. And I do apologize for that. I do want to go back and review PVs that I’ve missed. Once I have time of course.

But I also wanted to review this PV quickly because I really really love it. It is such a change, and such a breath of fresh air, from recent H!P PVs. This PV is pretty simple and literally only has 2 sets, but what I love about this PV is that it’s so natural. The last few H!P PVs have all been filmed on sets and/or used a lot of cheap CG effects. Which makes for these stuffy sort of boring, predictable PVs. What I love about the Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita PV is that it is filled on sets, but it uses natural lighting which gives it this airy and light feeling. Usually Kikka gets all the natural lighting PVs. Do you realize how much better C-ute’s Kono Machi PV or Morning Musume’s Help Me PV would have been if they uses natural lighting or were filmed outside? A lot.

I also love that this PV isn’t the standard dance and close-up shot PVs. The do spice up the video, if only a little bit, by having the girls in a room. Granted they do mostly just sit around or do mundane things stretch or hide behind plants. Oh Kanana. But it still is a nice change and a little bit more than what we’ve been seeing lately.

And the girls just look completely natural and beautiful in these scenes. They’re styled in very normal clothes and just look like regular girls. To me each outfits and set is like 2 sides of the spectrum of S/mileage. The glamorous idol side, and the normal girl side. And maybe I’m in the minority for this, but I do love when idols are styled in normal clothes and look normal every once in a while. And not always over-styled and overly made-up. Don’t get me wrong I do love that aspect, but every now and then it’s nice to see them as natural beauties.

The other set is kind of boring because it’s just a white set. But it does get a few extra points for the natural light beaming throughout it. But I absolutely love the outfits. I guess H!P designers are really getting inspired from marching bands lately because S/mileage is wearing a marching band inspired top. Which is obviously a way different style than C-ute’s marching band inspired top. Especially since it’s like a mix between marching band and a sailor uniform. The skirt is really cute too, but it kinda looks a bit like the jackets from Suki yo Junjou Hankouki in skirt form. And double points for Take-chan wearing shorts to fit her tomboy image.


Glad to see that H!P finally gets a legit set in a PV again. But whoa, Dawa’s shoes are gigantic.


The suit case in the corner reminds me of ManoEri’s Sekai wa Summer Party PV.


Gorgeous Ayaka.


What a tease, they make you think it’s gonna be filmed outside.


Love love love these outfits.


Take-chan adorable in shorts.


What a cutie.


So glad Kanon has been keeping her hair this long lately. She looks so much better with longer hair.


Meimi looks so mature in this PV.


My love. *O* She’s so cute. 


Rina is so adorable. I just wish she’d get a new hairstyle soon.




This part of the dance is so cute.


Now where have I seen this dance move before?


Oh yeah, I remember now.


Kanyon is so adorable.


Just so so adorable.


This is a cute dance move too.


Oh  Mei Mei and her vampire teeth.




What a cutie.


Love love.


Ayaka’s smile always looks so genuine, which is rare for an idol.


Love that dress.


Why do idols always hold up their pinky when they say the word onna? I don’t get it.


Super cute.


Look at Akari’s face.


Such a Kana thing to do. Lol.


Oh Mei Mei, such a bright smile.




Wow Meimi can jump pretty high.


Look at the legs on Ayaka.

8 thoughts on “An amazing S/mileage PV has arrived”

  1. Regarding the pinky fingers and “onna”.

    In Japan when you want to talk about your partner without actually saying something, you can stick out your pinky for girlfriend, wife, etc. and likewise your thumb for boyfriend, husband, etc. (You can see both happen in Morning Musume’s “Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game” dance.)

    1. Ah, didn’t quite get to finish typing:

      I imagine, but I’m not positive, that they might be used to just represent ‘female’ and ‘male’ in some instances too, instead of strictly a partner.

    2. Thanks a lot for this explanation. That actually makes a lot of sense. I’ve been wondering about this for a while. I first noticed it in the dance for V-U-DEN’s Jaja Uma Musume. 😀

    1. Really? I actually really love this song. It sounds like The Mantenrou Show mixed with Seishun Collection, and some other song. I thin it’s really great.

  2. While I understand your desire for natural lighting… it wouldn’t have made one wink of sense for Help Me!! which had a darker tone and kind of worked with it’s darker setting. It’s a city song meant for the streets whereas this song is outside and more breezy. Really, switching its setting would have been like putting Aruiteru on a camera following the girls walking around their houses… it’s… not quite what it’s doing no matter how lovely the girls might look doing it.

    1. Oh no, I don’t mean natural lighting of the sun for Help Me. In that case I meant natural lighting from the moon. I said that C-ute’s Kono Machi and Morning Musume’s Help Me both needed to be filmed outside (walking around a town during either day or night) instead of a CG town. Sorry that I was kind of unclear about that. m(___)m
      I actually really loved the Aruiteru PV for that reason. It made the PV really unique and the campfire scenes were really cute. And you can film outdoors without it just being them walking around. Look at the Satoyama Movement units or Kikka’s Hapirapi Sunrise.

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