Preview of Morning Musume’s new song Brainstorming


A loose shot version of a new song by Morning Musume called Brainstorming has been uploaded to their official channel. I saw new song because even though Morning Musume’s 53rd single has been confirmed this song hasn’t officially been confirmed to be a part of it. But right now it seems pretty likely that this song is most likely going to be another A-side for their 53rd single. Since this is Reina’s last single it would only make sense to have a double A-side single, much like what Ai-chan got.

However, we also can’t completely rule out the possibility that this may be part of a yet unannounced Morning Musume album. It’s still 3 months until Reina is graduating. And if you remember Morning Musume’s 11th album was announced just 3 months before the triple graduations of Kamei Eri, JunJun, and LinLin. Granted, the space between the release dates of Momusu’s 10th and 11th albums was 9 months, and that was rushed enough. If this album was released on the exact date of Reina’s graduation it would be released 8 months after their 13th album. It would be the quickest new album in Momusu history, but it’s still in the realm of possibility. No matter how slight it is. Especially since they’ve been squeezing out one final album with their most prominent members. And Reina is both a prominent member and a good singer.

Well enough speculating, and more on the actual song. Since this is a loose shot version we a preview of everything: the song, the outfits, and the dance. Which is really exciting since their 53rd single is being released in a little less than 2 months. Well, assuming it’s part of the 53rd single at all.

Let’s start with the song itself. I have to say it was absolutely love at first listen. The opinions are of course split though. A lot of people are annoyed that it’s yet another dance/electronic song. But I’m with the rest of them who honestly don’t care. Well, it’s not that I don’t care I just love electronic songs, as I’ve said 800 times before. So Momusu could keep on with this pace for 4 more releases and I honestly would love every minute of it.

What I really love about this song is that it’s a mix of 3 different types of music at once. It’s got rock, electronic, and dubstep. And instead of sounding like a disaster it’s actually really great. Mostly because rock is the main instrumental and then the electronic and dubstep parts are perfectly strung throughout the entire song so it’s not too overwhelming. And because of that it sounds a bit like a mix between Renai Hunter, Wakuteka Take A Chance, and Help Me. Which I’m perfectly fine with. Because the prominent rock music makes this song distinguishable and unique. It also makes it a lot more intense and powerful than those songs. Perfect for a possible final song for Reina.

Another thing I am pleased with is this song’s line distribution. Every single member gets a solo line. 8/11 of the members get a decent solo line, where it’s actually a line long and you can fully hear them. Sadly 3/11 of the girls do get Wakuteka Take A Chance type solos where it’s just 2 words at a time. Even sadder that my beloved Zukki and my secondary favorites Haruka and Erina are the members that get hardly any lines. But I am perfectly fine with it because Masaki’s and Sakura’s lines make up for it. Sakura’s lines were my absolute favorite in the entire song.

And I love that Mizuki is getting more of the spotlight, she got almost as many lines as Riho. The girl deserves main singer position. I’m also really impressed by Haruna. She unexpectedly got a solo line and she actually sounded good. Wow, she’s improved so much.

I also want to take about the outfits. I’m gonna skip the dance, since I’ll focus more on that once (if?) the full PV comes out. I absolutely love the outfits. They are these motorcycle jackets/ overall biker outfits, which give off this tough sort of yankee feel. Which is again perfect for Reina. And just like in One Two Three the girls with the sexier image are given a slightly different outfit. Everyone has ankle boots. But Reina, Riho, Mizuki, Haruna, and Sayumi either have thigh-high boots or thigh-high stockings. Which again do work with the outfits better and I kinda wish everyone had them. Also, it’s cute that Haruka is wearing another hat. I guess that’s going to become her thing.

4 thoughts on “Preview of Morning Musume’s new song Brainstorming”

  1. The status of this singles puzzles me. Is this or is this not the single?
    It’s not like H!P make PVs for non-single tracks (as a general rule), so I think that this is probably the single.

    Maybe Tsunku is waiting for public adulation before he commits.

    1. At this point it’s obvious that it’s a single. Since it’s being listed as a single at CDJapan and other sites. I still think it’s odd that there hasn’t been an official comment. Which makes me think it’s going to be part of a double A-side single.

  2. The instrumental at the start sounds very familar…a bit of Samui Ne perhaps mixed with something else? It’s good and very catchy but to be honest, Help Me! was so much more interesting for me! The bloody autotune is back! Why?? Pretty much redoing the Wakuteka Take a Chance line distribution as well…

    The clothes are nice though, I want those blue/violet ones! I’m a sucker for those kind of boots that Sayumi and Mizuki are wearing, I want a pair! Sakura’s lines were interesting but it seems like they’ve made her put on a lower voice range to match all the autotune. After a while though, it shocks you and interests you at the same time! I wish she could have just sung in her range like in Help Me! I like the dance though, might learn it but I won’t rush like other YouTubers. I liked the way they formed the M. Loved Mizuki, Haruna and Ayumi’s lines. Pleased.

    1. I actually do hear Samui Ne in this song. But there’s a little more rock in this song for it to sound too similar to Samui Ne. I think Help Me was an amazing song, but honestly I do like this one better. Yes maybe Help Me had more of a unique arrangement, but I absolutely love the rock flare that Brainstorming has. And I love the atutotune. sadly I don’t think they’ll let up on it anytime soon. Since they’ve been covering Sayumi’s not so great singing with autotuning for a while now. Assuming once Reina is gone she’ll have a substantial amount of lines, they’ll probably keep it for that reason. I am annoyed that it’s the same exact line distribution as Wakuteka Take A Chance. But I am happy for the lines that aren’t and the unexpected solo lines by other members that aren’t the main girls.

      I absolutely love the clothes. The blue is my personal favorite too. As for the boots, I’m not so sure where I’d ever wear them. Lol. I disagree about Saukra going lower to match the autotune. I think it’s more of her just matching the song in general. If you listen everyone, not just Sakura, is singing in a lower tone then they normally do. Reina, Ayumi, and Riho sing the exact same way that Sakura does during the last line of the first, second, and third chorus. It’s just a low song even the chorus hardly gets higher.

      I didn’t even notice they formed an M with the dance, that’s actually really cool.

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