Second song of Christmas

The second Christmas song is Jingle Bell (Kari) by Miyavi.

This is actually one of my favorite Miyavi songs. I think this song really shows his vocal ability, he sounds amazing in it. This song is relatively slow, but it does pick up towards the end. The song is a play on a Japanese folk song. It has almost the same exact harmony as the folk song. This song also has random English and French lines thrown in for good measure. The actual lyrics to the song are all over the place, but it’s still a nice song. This song was released in 2002 as a single, but no PV was made for this song. Miyavi also has another Christmas themed song, MERI- kurushimiMASU death ~fuyu, Toraum, zekkyou, gyakugire~. Translating as
Merry Painful death~winter, Torauma, Screams, Hot Headed~. But it envolves a lot of screaming and very little to do with Christmas.

Anyway enjoy Jingle Bell (False). Also enjoy Miyavi making one hot Santa.