Who’s a C-uter boyfriend?

With C-ute’s single covers and promo shots for Forever Love being released a question has dawned on me. Which one makes a hotter guy? This is why H!P members shouldn’t wear suits. I’m going to put favorite members aside and judge it on the pictures alone.

Okai Chisato- Now Chisato has some Johnny’s hair going on. It’s very Jin Akanishi. That alone would make her the guy everyone wants and also unattainable. A guy like that would never bee seen with someone like me.

Final rating: out of my league

Suzuki Airi- Airi looks like a guy I would be friends with. We would probably flirt back and forth but that’s it. It would be hard to tell his true feelings for me since he flirts with all the girls.

Final rating: one sided crush

Arihara Kanna- Kanna’s snazzy new short haircut gives her the soft, sensitive guy vibe. Some one who would be reading poetry after class. He would be a loner with an air of mystery.

Final rating: doesn’t have time for girls

Hagiwara Mai- Mai’s picture doesn’t look any different unfortunately and doesn’t really work fit this. But I will try anyway. Mai would be the overly nice guy always wanting to help out his friends. He would be too good to be true.

Final rating: just friends

Nakajima Saki- Saki would be the tough guy always getting into fights. Coming from a troubled home he gives everyone attitude. Both his physical and emotional wounds won’t heal.

Final rating: damaged goods

Yajima Maimi- Maimi is the guy who thinks he’s too good to date just anyone. His over confidence and arrogance will push the girls away.

Final rating: jerk

Umeda Erika: Erika is the guy you wouldn’t want to be seen with, the one who’s not all there. His psycho smile will almost follow you down the hallway.

Final rating: weirdo

Now that, that ridiculousness is over here is some actual cute news. Some guy posted a 20 second preview for the Forever Love PV from his cell phone. So if you squint your eyes and stand five feet away you can almost see what the other outfits look like. But it shoud hold you over until the actual PV comes out. The first thing that jumps out for me is Airi’s hideous jacket shawl combo. Let’s hope it looks better in a higher quality.