Hangry and Angry come stateside?

The highly anticipated Hangry & Angry PV is out. And I couldn’t be more excited for it! The song is just amazing. I can’t stop listening to it. It really is one of the best things to comes out of H!P in a long time. I think it’s UFA rather. The single will be released in Japan and the US on November 19th.

The PV is very anime like to me. It feels like it should be Hangry & Angry starring Yoshizawa Hitomi and Ishikawa Rika. But that’s really my only complaint for it. I love that Yossie is being really evil and rockerish. It’s a side of her I really like. Weird faces and all. And Rika acting sweetly, they really balance each other out. They couldn’t have picked two better members.

Also the second outfits are awesome. Especially Rika’s white dress. It’s so pretty and it’s finally an actual lolita dress. In this video it looks like they are picking up were come together left off. They come close to kissing and Rika basically feels up Yossie. Wotas are rejoicing now.

In more important Hangry & Angry news, according to their myspace they are planning a tour in the US and Europe. And on their offical Japanese myspace you can listen to a preview of two of their songs off the CD. http://www.myspace.com/hangryandangry