I’ve been a little m.i.a. from blogging the past days. Mostly because of Halloween and Election stuff. So you know what the means, mass updates spam! Starting with the Madayade pv that I neglected to review.

I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting the PV to look anything like it does. I’m not completely sure what working in an office has to do with anything. And I also can’t believe those really were the outfits. They kind of look like a cross between a flight attendant and a super hero. Which is fine if that’s what your into. But I’m not a big fan of them. The PV is a slight disappointment. But I shouldn’t really be too upset. I’m sure a beach themed Berryz video wasn’t even a possibility.

I am still completely in love with the song. And it turns out it was Maasa that sounds like Airi a little. This song is pushing Miyabi in the back even further. She still gets a decent ammount of lines, but it’s not the Miyabi overload it usually is. Instead the song and video is focusing more on the girls who are usually in the back. Saki, Yurina, Maasa, and Chinami. Which I’m not really complaining about, since I’ve been becoming a big fan of Yurina lately. She’s the main reason I’ve been paying attention to Berryz more lately.

Berryz Koubou keeps having one good song after another. Now if we could only do something for Morning Musume. Because compaired to this and Buono’s song, Pepper Keibu just doesn’t cut it.