Korea vs. America

BoA’s highly anticipated US single, Eat Up, has released two versions of the music video this past week. Also her American site is up and running you might want to check that out. http://www.boaamerica.com/
There’s also a link to audition for SM USA. Which is too amazing for words.

All I can say is they made a huge mistake with the American version.
The Asian one just flows better. It’s one consistent storyline in the video. And this version really shows off the dance moves. BoA also demands attention in it and shows that she’s is “the best of Asia.” And the chandelier falling causing a fire is defiantly an awesome effect. This version would have worked 100 times better in America. The cockiness in this video would work. Every American artist has that, I’m the greatest person on the planet feel.

The American one isn’t all bad. It just really fails to compete with the Asian version. I’m not a big fan of everything in the American version being cg, it just makes it look weird. And in a good chunk of the video she looks like a vampire wearing orange lipstick. And dare I say it she might not be “flirtatious” enough. The come get me poses are nothing compared to the sex appeal that artist like the Pussycat Dolls have. They also had a little 10 second scene of BoA almost kissing some random American guy. Which could also be some indirect way of trying to make her more racialy accepted.

Now I’m all for BoA making it in the US, but I’m being realistic. It’s very hard for a new artist to be welcomed with open arms, not to mention a foreign artist. And I honestly don’t think this particular song is good enough to make any huge impression on American charts. Sorry BoA fans it will take a miracle for this particular song to launch her career overseas. Hopefully her next single will be more generic.

So here are her new videos. You make the choice of which one is really better.

Asian version

American version