KAT-TUN – Expose preview

About a week ago the radio rip for KAT-TUN’s upcoming single, Expose, was released.

I actually meant to make this blog post sooner, but it actually slipped my mind. So, I’m sorry about that. But there’s no reason to dwell on that now.

I am really impressed with not only this song, but KAT-TUN lately. They’ve really been stepping it up lately. These last 3 singles have been incredible and each new single is better than the last one. And this single is honestly KAT-TUN’s best single to date. I know I just said that about To The Limit, but I wasn’t expecting this single at all.

The song is just really powerful and has a a nice hard rock instrumental. It also has a nice toughness to the way that it’s song. Especially the chorus. I think they’re literally saying wake up beating. I also love really love the way that they had the very last note, it’s the best part of the entire song.

2 thoughts on “KAT-TUN – Expose preview”

  1. I like it when KT does these type of songs. It’s what they do best.
    BTW, that’s not the last note of the entire song since the preview isn’t full, gets cut at the guitar instrumental.

    1. Me too. They really are the best song. So, I’m glad they’ve been sticking with it.

      Oh ok, I wasn’t aware of that. Most radio rips I’ve heard are usually the entire song. But thanks for the heads up on that. 😀

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