When I say shotgun you say wedding

Twenty two year old model, singer, and all around gravure idol, Leah Dizon, had a shocking announcement for fans at her October 14th show in Shibuya. Right before her final song she revealed she was four months pregnant and has been married since the 10th. Her husband is said to be a stylist in his 20s. She met him a year ago while taking photos for CD jackets. The wedding was held on the 10th in the Hilton Hotel in Shinjuku. A press conference will be held on the 15th, in my time zone it probably already happened. She said she is going to take a break from her career but hopes to return to it someday.

I guess this is shocking news for a lot male fans, but to me I kind of don’t care that much. I’m not the world’s biggest Leah Dizon fan and don’t claim to be. I like Koi Shiyou and that’s about it. I’ve always held a certain dislike for her after I found out Nishikido Ryo had a huge crush on her. A stupid fangirl reason for hating someone. But I certainly think this is goodbye to Leah forever. Her singing career was less than impressive. Only her first two singles made it to the top ten and her last single, Vanilla, was her least selling single. Only peaking at #26.

I kind of think 22 is a little young to be pregnant and getting married. But if Tsuji can do it at 20, then Leah can too. But I do wish her the best of luck. And if she does return to singing maybe she’ll have better songs this time.