Kiss me Hangry & Angry

A new unit was formed within H!P called Hangry and Angry. The two members will be Yoshizawa Hitomi and Ishikawa Rika. I was completely thrown off guard by this. I would never expect something like this to happen in Hello!Project. I aslo didn’t think Yossie and Charm would sound so good together. I know they were in two groups together but they didn’t really do duets. I am really excited to see the PV for this. The song is amazing! I had to have listened to it at least 6 times already. It blends together my two favorite things Jrock and H!P. I think this is a good direction for H!P. They have never done anything like this before This will really increase the fan base. It’s like a darker side of H!P, it’s really good. This is the best songs H!P has had in a while. Their debut single is called Kiss Me Kill Me. Which immediately mades me think of Dir en grey. Because in Diru’s song Child Prey the lyrics to the song is kiss me kill me love me. But that’s good it just brings out the Visual Kei vibe more. This group is just win!


The outfits are equally amazing, but the hair is a little over the top. I think Yossie outfit is better, hands down. It’s very VK. For Rika’s it looks like they wanted to give her a lolita dress. But it just ended up looking weird and tried to much to match Yossie’s dress too much. And does anyone else notice the eye mask Rika is wearing? It looks strangely similar to the one Koda Kumi wore in one of her photo shoots.
The preview is up, so enjoy. 😀