My heart leaps for An Cafe

So An Cafe’s new PV for the song My Heart Leaps For ‘C’ is out! I am super excited about this.

But yet this song is a slight disappointment. I have a reason though. This song doesn’t really pop. It’s not that energetic, which is what I like/expect from them. Which is an almost shallow reason. If you like a band you like them for their music as a whole. But, if your music isn’t diverse you’re essentially listening to the same song. That’s honestly how I feel about An Cafe. Their slower paced songs don’t leave that big of an impression. Like Snow Scene the lyrics of the song are good but I don’t like the slow pace of it. The song is still good just not my favorite. The same with this song. The only part that really sticks out is the chorus. And Takuya’s awesome guitar solo. But overall the song is worth listening too because almost every song An Cafe makes is good.

As for the PV, it’s as bland as the song. I understand An Cafe is indie and doesn’t have a large budget but this PV lacks imagination. They have had cheap videos that are still cool, like Escapism. But I really love the outfits for this PV. Miku looks super adorable. And I must say my heart beats for Kanon. And he always seems to have the best clothes, even with the weird feather in his hair. But I can’t complain I mean it looks like Yuuki got strangled by feathers.

Oh and sorry for all the entries about An Cafe. You might not care about them, but they are one of my favorite bands. And I’ll probably do more posts about them so bear with me.