Koda Kumi’s video for her 41st single Taboo is out. The actual single is set for release on October 8th.

I like Taboo a lot more than Moon Crying. I usually prefer Kumi’s faster and sluttier songs. She defiantly has a good voice for slower songs but I don’t really like ballads in general. The song blends together pop and techno beats, which makes it very danceable. And it’s very surprising that, That Aint Cool was only 2 singles ago. Her little English singing part sounded a lot better. Granted it was only two lines and That Aint Cool was a whole verse. But it sounds like a little improvement regardless. This is her best single in my opinion since But. Well Wonderland was good, but it was forgettable. I really like meaning of this song, it’s really good.

The video has a darker almost gothic theme. It’s a little reminiscent of Selfish in that respect. I think she looks absolutely gorgeous, even if she is dressed sluty. This video has a lesbian theme even more so than But did. The dance is pretty cool too, it’s kind of simple though.

The video is actually kinda hard to find. I swear Avex must hire people to do nothing but search for their artists’s music videos on the internet. Anyway here’s the video for anyone who couldn’t find it or didn’t want to take the 5 minutes to look for it.