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About a week ago a PV preview for Morning Musume’s 52nd single, Help Me, aired. Help Me not only marks Momusu’s first single of the year, but also the first single to include 11th gen member Oda Sakura.

First of let me say a little bit about the song because I haven’t said anything about it on my blog yet. When I first heard the song my first impressions were that it was weird. It sounded like a mix between 3 different songs, and the random speaking in it threw me off completely. The only thing I loved about it was Sakura. I don’t even know anything about Sakura yet, but she is perfection in every way. The pipes on this girl, the pipes! I knew she was an absolutely incredible singer since I saw her audition. But her voice in this song is so flawless, so seamless, so smooth, I could literally die. This is the girl that Morning Musume desperately needed, a great singer. In my opinion we haven’t a voice this immediately flawless since Ai-chan joined. And I’m calling it now, in a few years she’s going to give Ai-chan a run for her money as the girl with the best voice in Morning Musume history.

But less about the absolute gift from above that Sakura is, and more about the song. After listening to it more and more I am now officially a fan of this song. This song is wrong and weird, and shouldn’t be great, but it is. It just works on nearly every level. The music is interesting and it’s sung great. However, I still don’t like the speaking parts. I think it’s loads better than Wakuteka Take a Chance.

Now, for my thoughts on the PV so far. In short: I do not like it at all. I might even hate it. From the first 5 seconds it’s obvious that whoever make the Wakuteka Take a Chance PV also made this one. And that person should be replaces ASAP.

Why is it yet another green screen PV? Just why? And if you are going to do a green screen PV why not make it fun like the 231 Breakin’ Out PV? And to make matters worse the cgi is done so poorly that it’s so obvious the girls are overlayed onto images.

And to me the entire PV looks like an anime ending theme video. You know at the end of animes where the ending theme is just the character in random parts of Tokyo like on a train, at school, and then randomly at Tokyo at night. And the night sequences are all overly colorful and brightly lit? Well, that’s exactly what this looks like to me.

I suppose I can’t 100% judge this PV until we see the entire thing. But come on guys, you know it’s probably not gonna get better than this.

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  1. Okay, first of all… I’m really happy you’re back blogging! You were one of my favorite idol bloggers (when you were active) and I really hope you’re going to start back up again because you contribute so much to the idolsphere! You were actually one of the inspirations for me to start blogging myself… but that’s off topic!

    And with that out of the way… I don’t like this PV either! There’s just such a lack of personality and the green screen looks awful! And you’re absolutely right, Momusu has used the green screen PV in a way that it works (i.e. Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai!). I think the main reason the green screen in this PV fails so hard is because the backgrounds try to look realistic but they fall flat. With PVs like 3, 2, 1 Breakin’ Out, the green screen looks very artificial and surreal so that you know you’re not supposed to be looking at a real backdrop! Who knows? Maybe the latter part of the PV is miraculously really awesome and mind-blowingly amazing… but I doubt it. Anyways, I’m really happy you’re writing stuff again and I hope you and your family are recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy!

    1. Thanks so much. I’m glad you like my blog. And I am completely flattered that you say my blog inspired you to blog yourself. Extenuating circumstances made me less active last year. But I am 100% back. And I’m going to be so active it hurts. Lol. I really don’t want to let my readers down. And if really feels like I did last year. So, I apologize for that. And will make up for it 10 fold this year. ^^

      I agree with what you said so. And I actually completely forgot about Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai while writing this post. XD But that’s a perfect example. That PV was so fun. But it’s the same thing with 321 Breakin’ Out. The Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai PV is supposed to look surreal and childish because it’s a dream. And that really is the fault with the Help Me PV, the backgrounds look too fake. Maybe if they made them more realistic it would have turned out better.

      I seriously doubt the rest of the PV will be that much better. I always add that in because people always tell me I can’t judge a PV 100% until I’ve seen the whole thing. XD

      Thank you. I’m so happy you’ve be looking forward to my blog. And thanks so much for you concern. And my family would be recovering a lot better if congress would just pass Hurricane Sandy funding and if FEMA stopped screwing us over. :/

  2. I’m not too surprised about the green screen addition for the background. I mean think back to the dance shot, I was expecting it to be honest >_< That or they actually use the streets of Tokyo or something for their background!

    1. Oh yeah totally I wasn’t it was green screen because of the dance shot either. I guess I was just expecting the actual PV to be better. Kinda of like with Wakuteka Take a Chance. Since that dance shot was just black, but then the actual PV was more elaborate. No, it’s definitely green screen. Lol.

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