Cover you in pepper

It was announced that Morning Musume’s 37th single will be a cover of the Pink Lady’s hit Pepper Keibu. The song is said to be more danceable then the original. The song will have a disco beat since the original was released in 1976. It was also Pink Lady’s first single. Another H!P Pink Lady cover makes me miss W even more. I wonder what a Nono and Aibon version would sound like.

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand when I first heard Ai and Risa’s version of it, for the drama Hit Maker: Yu Aku Monogatari, I thought it sounded really good. It was a pretty good version of it. I never imagined it as a Morning Musume single though. On the other hand this means no new Momusu songs for a while. Not only are they doing a cover single they are also doing and entire Yu Aku tribute album entitled Cover You.

I really wish they weren’t doing a tribute album. I was really looking forward to new material by them. Which means we’ll have to wait 5 or 6 more months for their next single. People have said this is a good thing, a cover song will bring in other fans who wouldn’t normally listen to Morning Musume. But is that entirely true? I wonder how many new fans W drew in for their covers of Southpaw and Koi no Vacance.

I am actually really impressed by the song. The song sounds exactly like the original song, except Pink Lady has deeper voices than Morning Musume. This time Reina has the lead vocals instead of Ai. Ai even doesn’t get a solo line in this song at all. Which means they are sifting the spotlight away from Ai so Reina can be the next leader. And Sayumi finally gets a solo line. Which hasn’t happened for 5 singles! I love her Pepper Keibu yon at the end of the song. It seems like someone at UFA listened to her plea at Music Fighter. I am just glad you can actually hear everyone in this single instead of just Ai, Reina, Koharu. With Eri and Risa for support.

The covers for this single were released also. There will be 3 different versions of it. Version A, Version B, and a regular version. I really like the covers. They look very chic. Their hair and outfits are amazing. But Aika’s hair looks really weird like that. They should have styled it differently. And I don’t like that Eri and Lin Lin kind of look like twins. So does Jun Jun and Reina. Of course I mean just by the hairstyle.

So here’s the preview for anyone who hasn’t heard it yet.