New idol group to debut in December

It was announced recently that Watanabe Entertainment has created a new idol group named ChocoLe. The group is set to make their debut in December through Avex. Their debut song Milk Chocolate is going to be used as the ending them to the anime Sket Dance.

Avex seems to be busy lately with all the new idol groups signed to their label lately. I’m actually really excited that yet another idol group is making its debut. I hope they are worth following. I can’t really comment on this group beyond that, since there is so little information about them. This post is just more of a heads up to other idol fans.

2 thoughts on “New idol group to debut in December”

    1. I wouldn’t say it sounds interesting since we don’t know anything about them beyond their name. Lol. XD But I am looking forward to seeing them in action. I like finding new idols to follow too. :]

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