Why Momusu’s new PV was the letdown of the year

Last mont the full PV for Morning Musume’s 50th single, and apparent double A-side, One-Two-Three/The Matenrou Show. I say apparent because obviously The Matenrou Show never got a PV at all. Which does fuel the flames a bit.

One-Two-Three was the single that was hyped so much. It seemed every chance they got H!P was teasing us even more with it. The gorgeous outfit preview from Hello!Pro Time. The fancams of the performance of it from Tokyo Girls Collection. And the dance shot that was uploaded weeks before the full PV was out.

Now, between all of this it was enough to absolutely fall in love with everything about this single. The outfits were gorgeous, sexy but still cute at the same time, each girl had unique and pretty hairstyle, making the members look incredible from head to toe. The dance shot showed so much potential, it was finally filmed in a well decorated set. It appeared that they finally put some real effort into it. And of course the song is absolulte perfection in my opinion. All of this gave not just myself, but the entire H!P fandom as a whole, these gigantic expectations for the PV. Expectations that sadly this PV couldn’t fill.

After watching this PV for the first time the only thing I could muster out was, “I’m so disappointed.” And I completely am, I feel like flipping tables over here. Never have I seen a PV set up to be such flawless perfection, and then drop the ball so completely. This PV had everything going for it. Flawless outfits, flawless girls, and an interesting dance set. All they had to do was make sure the close-up scenes weren’t awful and they’d be home free.

But apparently that was too much to ask. Instead the close-up shots consist of them standing in a room of mirrors acting like dolls on display. I don’t think quite possibly anything out there cheaper looks than glass/mirrors. But again I guess there is because if you look really closely I don’t even think they are even in a room filled with glass. To me it look like they just digitally created the effect. Genius. However, the whole dolls on display thing is kind of cool. But at the same time, Fantasy Juuichi’s jacket called and they want their concept back.

It also wasn’t enough to make the close-up scenes awful. No, they had to take it one step further and make it look like the entire PV cost $5 to make. And how does one pull of such a feat? It’s simple really, download some snowflake and splatter brushes for photoshop, cover the entire span of the PV in them, and call it a day. They really need to question however thought that was a good idea. And what really makes me angry is, you could excuse the PV because they had to split the budget for 2 different PVs. Except they didn’t at all. They were supposed to, but didn’t. Did they really give all the budget to promotions? I honestly can’t complain if they did because my girls sold over 100k.

But at the same time we are once again we’re left with a PV that’s only enjoyable to watch because the girls look so pretty. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I just always expect a little more from my idols.

Bored already to be honest.

Oh, dramatic close-ups.

Ayumi looks amazing.

I absolutely love how intense the dance is.

Haruka’s default doll pose just looks so uniterested. Lol.

Oh ew, do they have to stay in the same position for the entire close-up?

They haven’t even shown her face yet and the girls is already bringing it.

Just wow Mizuki, super gorgeous.

Poor Erina gets one of the worst hiarstyles.

Zukki looks a little awkward in her close-ups, but that’s ok.

You know, I never really pay much attention to Haruna, but she looks incredible here.

However, Mizuki is the realy stand out for me. She’s really been stepping it up lately.

I love Ayumi’s hairstyle.

Riho being all flawless.

WTF is with this pose?

Haruka’s close-ups still don’t look natural enough for me.


Sayu is just not standing out in this PV really.

I think  my readers should know by now that I’m a sucker when it comes to idol winks.

My baby Masaki.

She’s just so cute.

Ah, wink again.

They’re killing me over here.

I don’t even know why, but I just love this shot.

Harunan wink.

Simply gorgeous.

Ah Ayumi, you still look a little creepy at times. Lol.


Words cannot describe how much I love Masaki.

Really love this hairstyle, but H!P seems to be overusing it lately.

3 thoughts on “Why Momusu’s new PV was the letdown of the year”

  1. Glad I’m not the only one disappointed, though I really didn’t like One Two Three as a song on its own xD But the PV, it really killed it for me… I was excited to have the PV help me fall in love with the song, and in the end it was lazy, poorly constructed and just sad to watch. THIS is meant to be their 50th A-side PV… And they got lazy!

    Honestly, why couldn’t they pull out something edgy and dark like Nanchatte Renai? That had an amazing setting, and it was thought out pretty well. Why couldn’t they think of anything for this PV?

    1. I tink the entire H!P fandom took a collective sigh when this PV was released. To be honest, I’d be surprised to find anyone who actually likes the PV.
      The song is just incredible! So danceable, so catchy, so electronic, so perfect! We’re gonna have to agree to disagree about the song. Lol.
      Lazy and poorly constructed pretty much describes most of H!P’s PVs in general. Lol.
      I can’t believe this was the 50th single PV. But in Momusu’s defence, they did go all out in other aspects with the single. Another A-side and 3 original B-sides. Kinda blows Nanchatte Renai’s 2 B-sides out of the water. And 7 different covers with 4 different outfits. Verses Nanchatte Renai’s 4 different covers with the same outfits. And let’s not forget the beautiful sales! ;A;

      See, now I don’t see what was so special about the Nanchatte Renai PV. It was the same exact format they always use. There were no special elements to it. And the dark setting mixed with the dark outfits made the girls look washed out. I know the song was emotional, but they girls looked down right gloomy in the PV. I didn’t get edgy, I got sad.

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