KAT-TUN-To The Limit preview

A preview for KAT-TUN’s upcoming new single, To The Limit, was recently aired on Kame’s radio show.

Anyone and everyone who happens to be reading this post absoultely MUST listen to this radio rip, whether you’re a KAT-TUN or male idol fan or not. This is by far the greatest KAT-TUN singles I’ve ever heard. And it’s easily one of their best, if not the best, songs period. I have listened to this song about 15 times now. I litererally cannot express in words just how completely phenomenal this song is. I mean, the song is so intense that at one point in the song Koki actually says fucking my mind. Now, normally that would be hilarious, but for some reason it actually works in this song.

If I was to describe this song it’s like old school rockish KAT-TUN, but a hundred times better. It’s like if you somehow mixed Real Face, Gold, Taboo, Lips, and Don’t You Ever Stop and played them simultaneously. The song is just absoultely incredible. It just has this amazing blarring rock music but still sort of heavy dance music mixed in at the same time. I have never been this impressed with a KAT-TUN song ever.

I also really love the way it’s sung. Most of the verse is rapping. But it’s not the usual just Koki rapping. Of course Koki does lead the rapping, but everyone else is also rapping. Which actually sounds better than you would expect. Especially since Koki always tries to get the members to rap in concert and only Taguchi could ever really keep up. But of course like most songs the best part is the chorus, but not really by much because the verse and bridge are seriosuly just as good. It’s just that the chorus is sung extremely powerfully. It’s just just amazing. And it sounds like Koki has some solos in the chorus which is amazing. Featuring Koki so much in the song really adds a nice roughness and gruffness to the song. And Koki bias aside, he’s absoultely perfect for this type of song. Of course Kame does have a lot of solos too, he has this big solo part towards the end of the song. But even during group parts you can hear Koki’s voice the most.

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  1. The music reminds me a lot of Linkin Park. I haven’t listened to this lot since Rescue, (sorry!! OTZ), but I’m glad that they’re improving their sound and keeping up the greatness with Bakanishi gone. He tended to be a bit much drama anyway ^^; That’s from a very superficial standpoint.

    1. Yeah I hear a bit a Linkin Park in this. But I haven’t really listened to them in years. I prefered thir earlier stuff like Crawling and One Step Closer. XD I only really have ever listened to KAT-TUN for their singles. Besides 2-4 songs their album song never really impressed me. So, I can totally get why you haven’t listened to them since Rescue. But I totally recomend listening to their stuff after Jin left. In my opinion it’s a lot better than when Jin was a member. Even their album songs have improved. Maybe they were doing to overcompensate for the loss. Whatever, the reason I’ll take it. Lol. Have a supeficial stand point all you want. I tend to agree with you anyway. I’ve never really liked Jin. Maybe a little in the beginning. But his last 2 years in KAT-TUN, he just annoyed me so much. I didn’t even bother me that he left.

  2. I used to be a huuuuuge fan of KAT-TUN.oxo They used to be my absolutely favourite group beside Momusu. I got into them around the One Drop area.:3 (that’s still my fav song by them W< Not only because my favourite member left, but also because in my opinion their music got a lot worse. Their songs lost so much personality because they weren't that rockish at all and in my opinion their "rock" style was something that made them stand out amongst other JE groups. To be honest, the only two singles that were released after Jin's departure and that I've actually loved are Change Ur World & Run For You. White and Birth were the worst. I actually didn't even plan to listen to their new song but because you praised this one so much, I actually gave it a try.

    And now I've listened to it non-stop for like, half an hour.xD Finally, FINALLY an awesome song by them. Yup, they've released a few good songs, but not one as awesome as this one for a looooooong time. This is what I've been watiting for eternity.;W; <3 So fierce and intense.*W* There's nothing I don't like about in this song. And I must agree that Koki sounds absolutely fabulous here. Thank you. Thank you for making me listen to this song.;W; <333

    1. Whoa, high five for being a Johnny’s and H!P fan. I haven’t really seen too mnay fans like that. XD One Drop was a good song. It was the first time I really noticed Koki. >< See, I tend to disagree with you there. I think their songs got a lot better. And in my opinion they gained a lot more personality, since the other members finally got lines. I haven't gotten to listen to their Chain album yet, but I was really impressed with their No More Pain album. And as for their rock style, they didn't always release rock songs with Jin there. Signal, White Xmas, Love Yourself, and The D-Motion, are completely far from rock. I do agree with you White was kind of bland. But I actually like Birth. Probably because Yokai Ningen Bem made it grow on me. Well, I'm glad I could get you to give it a listen. 😀

      That's exactly how I was with it! It's just amazing! I completely agree with you there, I think To The Limit is their best single in a long time. I think their last really incredible single was Don't U Ever Stop. With Change UR World not too far behind. Awesome, glad that you like it. You're welcome. 😀 Also, I hope this will make you continue to listen to them and give their past songs a chance. You seemed to be a big fan of theirs. It's a little sad that you just gave up on one of your favorite group. I wenr through the same thing with Ryo-chan leaving NEWS, but I'm going to support this new NEWS 100%.

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