Aika is really leaving

A few hours ago it was announced that 8th generation member, Mistui Aika will be graduating from Morning Musume. Now that announcement alone came out of nowhere. But in even more shocking turn of events Mitsui Aika will not be graduating sometime in the near future, instead she will be graduating on May 18th same as Niigaki Risa. Mitsui Aika has said the reason for her graduating is because of recouring foot injuries. Even thought she seemed to be healed from her recent set back her doctor told her going back to her previous lifestyle could cause a relapse. So after talking it over with her mother she decided it was important to think about her health. She also said that she will remain a part of Hello!Project and will work with Tsunku when she fully recovers to see what she can do in the future. With Aika leaving this marks the last remaining member of the 8th gen leaving.

I don’t even know what to say right now. I am just at a loss for words. It should be no surprise to people who read my blog or follow me other places that I am a huge Aika fan. I am constantly praising her on my blog. Shouting the love, adoration, and devotion I have for her. Defending her on forums in the past. Recently venting my frustration and distain for Aika haters hating on her for almost no reason on tumblr. I mean, I love Aika. She is my absolute favorite current member of Morning Musume. And to say that I’m upset about Aika graduating is the understatement of the year. I am devastated. Just completely devastated. I am literally typing this post through the tears. And the tears are so heavy I can barely see if I’m typing the right letters.

Now, Aika is nowhere near the most popular or loved members in Morning Musume. So it might be hard for some of you to understand why I’m so upset. But I might remind you that every member in H!P that is the either the least popular or on the bottom tier is someone out there’s number 1. And when it comes to Aika that person is me. And to explain why we have to go all the way back to when I first became a Morning Musume fan.

It was back when Kanashimi Twilight just came out. And as I’ve said 1,000 times before I already knew of, and already was, a fan of Koharu. So watching the PV and the making of, the first person that stood out to me was Aika. I was drawn to her because of her famous smiling face, and back then to me she was completely shining. I very quickly found out her age and felt a kinship to her since we were nearly the same age. After becoming an even bigger fan of Morning Musume she came to represent everything I love about idols and she was the type of idols I love to support. I like to support 2 types of idols: the idols with big personalities and the the underdogs. Back then she was still new and people still were curious about her so in the beginning of becoming a fan she did get a decent amount of lines. No matter how short lived that was.

But when I got more and more into them I saw how Aika was never in the front, she was always shoved to the back in PVs, pictures, and concerts. And I also noticed how she didn’t seem to be a popular member within the group itself. Never really being surrounded by the members or having them being super friendly with her. She kept to her self a bit. Remember when Ai-chan said it was her goal to get to know Aika better in Alo-Hello? It was then that my love and attachment for Aika really grew. I saw an idol that was always doing their best. Actively trying to get more attention and support. Begging for a photobook. And being overshadowed. I saw the girl who cried during Haromoni@’s memory game because her round was hard to remember and she didn’t want to let the members down. I saw an idol who through everything never lost her bright and infectious smile. A lot of people saw Aika as having a sour personality. That she was bossy and that she thought highly of herself.

But I saw the good in Aika. The girl who to me seemed slightly lonely and aware of that fact that she wasn’t popular. I saw that Aika was one of the sweetest members. Really sweet and genuinely cared about the group itself and its members. She always remined me of Konno Asami in that aspect, which is another reason both of them are some of my all time favorite Morning Musume members. I saw the girl who was working through pain and injuries just to be part of the group she loved. And even now I can tell that graduating wasn’t an easy decision for her. You can tell she really wanted to be a member, which is why she’s been pushing through it all as long as she has. I also saw her as the idol who doted on and guided the new 9th and 10th gens.

I love Aika. I love idols in general. It might be silly to care for them so much that I’m crying over them graduating. It’s not like they are dying or something. But idols are very open. In the sense that idols are frequently on TV or writting in their blogs revealing practically everything about them and their day to day life. You watch them grow as a performer and as a person. You’re there through all the laughs and the tears. And that makes it feel like a frienship. And just like I say everytime an idol graduates, it feels like you’re losing a good friend.

And Aika was one of the most important and cherished idols to me. She might of been nothing for a lot of people. She was there for a lot of people to make fun of or call ugly or worthless. She was the easy target for jabs and snark. And that honestly doesn’t bother me. Because everyone has idols they don’t like. I know I do. But people also have to get that graduations are crushing events. It literally feels like my heart was ripped from my chest. I have to be honest with you I haven’t been this devestated since Koharu graduated. With Eri I was fine because she was a veteran and I had just recently stated to really become her fan. With LinLin I was too angry to be sad. But with Aika who I’ve been supporting for 5 years I feel the full force of the sadness and devestation of the graduation. Of her not happily singing and dancing to the songs I love. To not playfully being with the other Morning Musume members anymore. To never personally see her in a Morning Musume concert.

I really love Aika and all these years I really just wanted her to shine. I wanted her to get more popular and to get more lines. And recently that was happening for Aika. She was getting more lines, maybe not in the singles, but she was in concerts. And she was becoming more popular then she ever was before. Since day one I saw the potential in Aika. With her deep voice that wasn’t really common anymore for Morning Musume, I felt she could have really added to the songs and been something special. With her reserved and level-headed personality I saw a leader in the making. And her interactions with the 9th and 10th gen solidified her future leader position in my eyes. Even Yuko saw her potential. And I really did think Aika was going to pull through this. H!P went out of their way to show that Aika was still around, by having her randomly show up every so often when she was resting. And I admit when she showed up at the Mobekimasu release event at Yomiuri Land I teared up. I was so happy to see her because I missed her.

And I feel so completely upset that Aika doesn’t get her own graduation concert. I know it’s impossible with her curent situation. But it’s just much too suden. With graduations you usually get a few months to really cherish every last moment you have with them. And in their final single they usually get attention or at least a line. But in Renai Hunter it’s completely Risa owned and Aika gets nothing. Which makes no sense if you think about it because Tsunku always knows well in advance when members want to leave. And have you seen the setlist for the Ultra Smart concerts? Because Aika can’t dance she’s not in like over half of the songs. In her own graduation concert she’s not really singing. I get one final concert with Aika and she’s not even really in it. I can already tell there’s no way I can watch the concert. I can never bare to watch my favorite members graduation concert, and to this day I have never seen one. Not Koharu, not Eri/LinLin/JunJun, not KonKon, not any of my faves. And it’s sad, I really wanted to see 10th gens first Momusu concert.

Looking to the future right now is so grim. My favorite member in Morning Musume is leaving. Who do I have now in Morning Musume? I don’t like the remaining 6th gen members and the 9th and 10th gen are still so new I hardly know anything about them. I mean, I do have my favorites. But I’m nowhere near as attached to them as I am to Aika yet. It’s just impossible to be. I also hope H!P really does find something for Aika. Maybe put her in a group with Kenshuusei. Kinda like a V-U-DEN or Ongaku Gatas type thing. In my opinion we’re well overdue for a new Kenshuusei group anyway. Or they could make Aika a soloist. If the dancing is to much do what they did with ManoEri. ManoEri isn’t really the best dancer in H!P so all of the dancing she does in her PVs is pretty simple and she has backup dancers dancing more intensly in the back to make up for her lack of skills.

Let’s celebrate Aika one last time and listen to some of my favorite songs were Aika is prominent.

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  1. I am still rather angry at this sudden announcement. I did expect Aika to leave this year, but not like this! She deserves so much more, but she’s just getting basked in another persons spotlight, like JunLin did with their graduation tied to Kamei’s. This is unfair to the girl – she and Gaki both love Morning Musume, you can see it. I just wish that they both had their separate graduations 🙁

    Honestly, your post made me cry nearly. You have so much love for Aika. I mean, I adore her – but not as much as I adore Eripon or Gaki or Haruna, but when I was still rather new to MoMusu, it was Gaki and Aika who were the two I liked quite a lot. It’s sad that they are both graduating, but even sadder that Aika is going to get so little.

    1. I’m not angry at this at all. I’m completely sad. It it sudden and it does suck, but I can kind of understand that it was for the best to graduate her now. I would have loved for Aika to get something special for her graduation since she never really got anything as a member. But if she didn’t graduate now she would have had to wait until Momusu’s fall concert to have a proper graduation. And if her foot really is that bad she obviously can’t wait that long. And I actually did not expect her to graduate I really thought she was going to ger better. 🙁

      Sorry my post almost made you cry, I just couldn’t help from making it sappy. Lol. Yeah, a lot of people seemed to feel that way about Aika. She was just middle of the road popularity wise. Graduations are always extremely sad. It’s so hard to see anyone go. It was even hard seeing members I’m not a big fan of go. I mean, I cried during Ai-chan’s graduation concert and I’m not really that big of an Ai-chan fan. XD Aika always deseved more than she got. So, I’m not surprised that she’s shafted even in the end. :/

  2. Your post is really beautiful. When I read about her graduation, I wanted to go back to sleep and wake up, hoping it was just a bad dream. It was a living nightmare. I really don’t know what I was feeling. I also felt devastated. Aika was the only one in the current lineup to make me like Momusu. Now that she’s graduating, I don’t know what will keep me continuing to support Momusu.

    It’s just sad that Aika gets absolutely nothing but yet done so much for the group.
    The 8th gen got the shittiest treatment that I wished they shouldn’t have been chosen so they wouldn’t be hurt. I know I have to support Aika and Gaki until their graduation. You should too so cheer up and let’s wish them for the best.

    1. Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed it. And my god, I felt the same way you did! I read about her graduation on tumblr and I honestly didn’t believe it was true. I thought it was a joke from some Aika hater. But sadly it wasn’t. 🙁 Aika was great, but I do think the other girls in Momusu are worth getting to know and support. Sayumi is good if you like sharp toungues. But she also has a caring sweet side to her. Reina seems a little arrogant, but she’s also pretty funny. And the frienship that Sayumi and Reina share is nice. Mizuki is quite but she’s really sweet and caring. Erina is pretty much emulating Sayumi’s “I’m the cutest ever” personality but her KY-ness is fun to watch. Zukki has the funny character and is completely charming. Riho seems to be shy and doesn’t really have a clear character, but she’ll certainly grow into one. Masaki’s air headedness and lack of H!P knowledge is endearing. I don’t realy know much about the rest of the 10th gen yet. But there’s definitely a reason to keep supporting Momusu. I’m sure one of these girls will grow to be your favorite.

      It is sad and poor Mittsi does deserve more. But she’s hurt and it honestly can’t be helped. I do wish she got something special, but since she’s hurt that’s impossible. The 8th gen did get horrible treatment. And it was done to the poor managing of the group at the time. Since the lineup froze for 4 years to keep sales up they had to focus only on the popular members. Which wasn’t the 8th gen at all. And I don’t wish they didn’t get chosen. Because they got to live their dream, no matter how brief it was. I have cheered up and of course will continue to support them from now on. Aika is staying in H!P, so us Aika fans should now be hoping she does soemthing in the future.

  3. This post made me tear up too. I totally agree with you, even if she wasn’t my favourite member. I couldn’t help feeling for her and worrying after her. I hope she gets the farewell she has earned. I really want her to get her moment, you know? It’s always painful when the member you feel close to leaves, but I think that’s a great part of this fandom too, being able to feel that way. <3 Love this post.

    1. Yeah sappy post is sappy. XD Exactly. It’s so sad that she had to stop doing what she loved because of an injury. I felt the same way about Kamei Eri and Kosuga Fuyuka. Me too. It’s just sad that Aika fans don’t get the chance to see her final concert since it’s already sold out. But I’m sure she’ll still have her moment, even if it’s smaller than it should be. I can’t wait to her Reina’s and the 9th gen’s speeches though. They are going to be the saddest ones.
      I’m not so sure if I like this aspect of the fandom. Feeling this way hurts a lot. Lol. Thanks for the kind words. 😀

  4. Thanks for a nice write up on Aika. Visiting other sites you find so many negative comments about her which I have never understood. She’s cute, sweet, kind and all the other girls seem to love her. Some fans however have terrible things to say about her. I can just assume those are young fans who don’t care about being cruel. They rarely give a reason (they probably don’t have one) if ever. I am sad to see Aika leave but I understand. I’ve had friends in sports that get injured and it just seems that some injuries never go away as long as you continue the activity that caused it. I for one will miss her smile.

    1. You’re welcome. I love Aika so I’d never write about her in any other way. :] I hate people who are so negative about Aika. People have been intensely hating on her practically from day 1. She really is, and those are all the reasons I love Aika. I actually don’t think Aika hater are young fans. I see Aika haters of all ages. People seem to not like her because they think she’s boring, bossy, can’t sing, acting annoyingly cutesy lately, and is ugly. Those seem to be the main reasons I’ve seen. :/
      I understand it too. If she hurt, there’s no helping it. And since her bone had helped and there’s only a chance of relapse I do hope she can continue to be an idol sometime in the future. Even if her dancing is minimal. Like I said she could do what Mano Erina does, light dancing and soemtimes back-up dancers. Even now her dances aren’t very intense since she’s not the best dancer in H!P. Aika could totally do something like the My Days for You dance. Or even Doki Doki Baby, that song is really energetic but ManoEri hardly dances. She just kind stands there and moves her arms and legs a bit.

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