Hey! Say! JUMP to finally release second album

After almost two years since the release of JUMP No 1, it has been announced that Hey! Say! JUMP will be releasing their long awaited second album. The album is currently untitled, but it will be released on June 6th. The album will of course come in a Limited Edition and Regular edition. The LE will have a DVD that includes footage of the album recording and the jacket shooting. The RE will come with a 3D booklet and messages from the memebers, much like the messages both editions of JUMP No 1 had.

But what’s different about this album from their last one, and most Johnny’s releases, is that the the final 3 songs on each edition will be different. The LE will get 2 old songs: Spicy by Hey! Say! BEST and Endless Dream, as well as new song Uta Utau by Hey! Say! 7. The RE edition will 2 new songs: SNAP by Hey! Say! BEST, and Hana Egao by Hey! Say! 7. The RE will also include another single medley, probably much like the one at the end of Thank You Bokutachi Kara Kimi E, so I don’t really count that as a new song.

Well, I can’t say that I’m shocked by this announcement. After 1 year passed with no new album I was pretty much expecting the announcement to come any day. And once it got to be a year and a half, then almost two years, I started to get pretty annoyed and impatient. I don’t really understand what the management is doing with Hey! Say! JUMP. First they had that whole year of not releasing a single, and then almost 2 years inbetween album releases. NEWS also had this kind of waiting period, but for good reason. There’s absolutely no reason for Hey! Say! JUMP to have these long stretches of nothing.

That small complaint aside, I’m obviously really excited for Hey! Say! JUMP to be releasing another album. HSJ is one of my top 3 favorite JE groups, and I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this release. This album already seems to be a lot better than their first album already since the only difference between LE and RE was the jackets and member messages. I’m glad that they put a lot more effort into each eddition. I can’t really comment on anything else though because most of the albums are new. But I can comment on the old songs. I really love that Hey! Say! JUMP has slowly been releasing old songs as B-sides because as it is right now nearly all of their unreleased songs have been officially released. As for Spicy though I’ve never been a huge fan of the song and I think I’ve only really heard it once ot twice. But relistening to it now it’s actually not that bad of a song. But for the unreleased songs I am way more excited for Endless Dream. I’ve been a huge fan of this song since they first sang it on Shounen Club back in 09. And it was actually one of the unreleased songs I wanted them to include in JUMP No 1. Endless Dream is really a great song. The music is great and the line distribution is almost good. 7/9 of JUMP get a decent amount of lines, but per usual Keito and Inoo are left with nothing. But quite honestly I’m just happy that Yuto has a nice chunk of lines.

And for any new JUMP fan out there, or anyone who just wants to refresh their memory, here are clips of Spicy

and Endless Dream.

3 thoughts on “Hey! Say! JUMP to finally release second album”

  1. I swear Uta Utau is not a new song. I remember seeing the title of it before from somewhere before. I am not sure if they performed it on SC or one of their variety programs. Also the CDJapan listings has it marked as it being released for the first time like Spicy and Endless Dream while Hana Egao (HS7) and Snap (HSB) are tagged as being new songs on the RE.

    But that aside I do agree that it is ridiculous that we have had to wait so long for releases for this group seeing as there does not seem to be any valid reason for it.

    1. Really? I don’t remember ever hearing this song or even really anything about it. Well, if they did perform it before it was probably only once either so long ago or so recently that people just can’t seem to recall. XD

      I know right? It’s completely unnecessary. Maybe the album got seriously delayed because of the Ryutaro scandal? It happened at about the time that another album should have been released or at least announced. That’s like the only reason I can possibly think of. And if the wait is completely unrelated to Ryutaro, than I can’t fathom why there was a wait at all. :/ Hey! Say! JUMP is on their 5th year and they only have 2 albums to show for it. In NEWS’s first 5 years they released 3 albums and that was with a year long hiatus and sharing a member!

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