Sexy Zone-Lady Diamond PV preview

A PV preview for Sexy Zone’s second single, Lady Diamond, was just released.

I’m actually really impressed with the PV. There seems to be a lot more effort put into this PV then for their first single. The set for this PV is amazing. There is so much going on with it, that it almost seems cluttered, but it’s extremely vibrant and adorable. The PV is very cute, childish, and fun. And I can’t help but pay more attention to the Juniors in the background as they are wearing various costumes they don’t really match each other.  I mean what does a Musketeer, a clown, and Uncle Sam really have to do with one another? But they still add an extra fun element to the PV. I’m certainly into Sexy Zone much more when they are doing the age appropriate cute songs instead of trying to be super serious. But I do admit that Fuma and Kento seem a little out of place in this group. But it sure beats staying a Junior.

3 thoughts on “Sexy Zone-Lady Diamond PV preview”

  1. Oh Marius is so cute and his japanese get better. I love the song hope their is anything german again^^

    1. He is cute and he seems to be getting less awkward. Lol. I like the song too, I’m starting to really like this group. Their first song didn’t sell me. And as for the German, I didn’t even notice it the first time. I thought it was English. XD

  2. Wuaah! So cute xD I love Sexy Zone and I look forward to watching the full version of their new PV. Marius and Shori look adorable in pink ♥

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