Thoughts on SDN48’s Makeoshimi Congratulation

I wanted this post to be a simple PV post, really I did. I figured like most of my PV review posts I’d write a little about it but not spoiling my full reaction until the full PV was out. But after watching the PV review, I couldn’t settle on just that.

After watching the PV preview I’m angry, literally angry. But not for the reason you might think. I’m angry because this song and PV are amazing. The song is cute. It’s typical idol music soft and sweet. So unlike what their past A-sides have been like. And the PV is just as adorable. The girls are wearing too cute for words school uniform looking outfits that look like something AKB48 would wear. And I’m wondering why in the world weren’t they releasing singles like this all along? I know SDN48 are supposed to be a mature adult themed group, but I prefer them when they are cute. And it works for them. Their version of Everyday Kachuusha was amazing. And Awajishima no Tamanegi is my favorite song by them. And I also have to wonder, would they be disbanding if this was their theme? Why was’t Aki-P thinking of this in the first place?

Doesn’t Aki-P try to do what other idol groups aren’t doing, and that’s why AKB48 is so successful in the first place? And doesn’t he also like to make some of the music about controversial societal matters like teen suicides caused my bullying, teenage sex, and even being a lesbian like in SKE48’s Kataomoi Finally PV? Then why did he have it so backwards with SDN48? SDN48 is toted as being this adult themed idol group, but am I the only one who took that  at face value and didn’t immediately think that meant being overly sexual? It didn’t really have to mean that, and  I think that’s 100% the reason that SDN48 wasn’t as successful or popular as they could have been. SDN48 was an adult group with adult members, I really wanted them to be an idol group who’s members just happened to be adults. And honestly that would have been enough. They would have been pushing boundaries and going against the social norm just by being over the normal “idol age.” And that would have gained them a lot of older female fans. And probably female fans in general would want to support them because they would see themselves in them. Making another group based on male fantasy perpetuates the fact that Aki-P only really cares about male fans. AKB48 and their sister groups may have a lot of teenage fans, but that’s basically accidental. In the sense that they really aren’t marketing to them all that much. Aside from lyrical content and the girls doing things in fashion, it’s mostly for male fans. (Excuse me if I’m forgetting some other ways they are marketed towards females.) It proves that female fans are indeed just gravy to add to the obviously male dominated fanbase. And it’s whatever, I normally don’t mind being in the minority. But this is one the rare occasion where catering to a female audience would have helped them in the long run.

And if SDN48 still needed a sexy flare to their image, they could have went for it while still having their core female fanbase remain. Because all they really needed to do was add a flare, a touch, a pinch, a small amount. They didn’t have to go for such an obvious sexy image. You absolutely do not need naked body silhouettes and bathtub scenes to be sexy. The phrase less is more is completely true. I’m not attracted to girls but I’m going to assume that showing minimal skin is just as alluring. It’s the tease, it’s the “will they or won’t they” aspect that would be tantalizing. I’ve watched a lot of shows on fashion and they all say the same thing, “less skin is sexier than more skin.” A dress that’s low cut in the back, an outfit that shows your stomach peeking through, a dress that only shows your shoulders, or a high slit that shows your legs. All of those are sexy while still remaining classy. And I’m not saying that SDN48 are classless or sleazy, because they obviously aren’t. I’m just saying you can be sexy another way. And as a female fan I was turned off of them for that reason.

Maybe it’s asking to much for a female idol group to market themselves to female fans. I mean, you don’t see JE making their groups more male friendly. But I just find the whole SDN48 disbanding thing a bit sad, because there was potential in there for them to be amazing and sell a lot. It just really feels like they were tossed aside without really getting a fighting chance.

Also, here’s the PV preview.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on SDN48’s Makeoshimi Congratulation”

  1. I honestly didn’t mind SDN’s “sexy” image. Mostly because it was so overdone that it wasn’t even sexy. I laughed sometimes, thinking to myself, “My lord, they look so timid and try-hard.” I even showed my boyfriend “Sado e Wataru” and his response was, “Are these little girls??” But I honestly like SDN’s music and controversial image.

    I kind of agree with you that if they had more of a female fanbase, they might not be “disbanding”–even though they were doing fine before. But I really don’t like, “Oh let’s make them like every other idol group–just with older members.” Frankly, that’s boring. And most likely, I wouldn’t have liked them the same.

    The main reason I liked SDN was because they weren’t conventional. They weren’t boring or safe, like other popular group. They had edge. They could do daring ass shit and get away with it. If they stuck to the traditional ooh-pop-bubbles-and-smile-at-the-screen, it wouldn’t be fun.

    I think the “adult” style is good, just not the “let’s-try-hard-to-be-sexy” style.

    1. I didn’t mind it too much either. But it also wasn’t really my cup of tea. I do agree with you there, they really did try to hard to be sexy. And I don’t really think there was a need for it ever second. GAGAGA was them at their best to me. The song was great and the black and white outfits were normal. Then they had the added sexy outfits which balanced everything out. I actually didn’t like their music too much. GAGAGA was great but the rest of their songs were pretty average.

      They weren’t really do that great though. Well, in the grander scheme of things 80k isn’t really anything to sneeze at. But that was a complete failure within the 48 groups considering NMB48 debut single sold around 250k. Which showed they had to be nutured a bit more. But Aki-P is all about making money, so I guess it was easier to cut his ties with them. Maybe it is a bit boring to you. But personally I think it would be pretty exciting. It’s completely unfair that female idols have an age limit while male idols continue to make music into their 30s and 40s. I really want to see an idol group shake up the social norm.

      They could have been edgy without being over the top about it all the time. I do realize that they were tame compared to the likes of Koda Kumi. But obviously they either were too sexy or not sexy enough, because they just didn’t have the fan support that the other 48 groups did.

      But if they aren’t being over the top sexy, what does “adult” really mean. When most people hear something is adult themed it usually means porn. So, of course people would expect that an adult themed idol group would be sexy.

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