New idol message board, Pure Idol Heart

The good people at another idol centric blog, Pure Idol Heart, have recently created their own message board by the same name. Now, the message board is pretty bare right now because it’s brand new. But, I implore anyone out there who is intrested in idol music to check it out. The message board is dedicated 100% to idols and features well known groups like Hello!Project groups, AKB48, Idoling!!!, 9nine, SUPER GiRLS, and Passpo. To indie groups like Afilia Saga East. And every idol group in between! Pretty much if it’s an idol group this message board features them. This message board is also 100% user created. While the main topics were created by the board’s creators/moderators Gaki, Candy, and Mei.ka~, the actual topics and the group’s member’s sections are up to the message board posters themselves to create. Giving idol fans the option to create the sections for their favorite idols and idol groups. There are also Idol Village and Idol Underground sections. Idol village is for any well know known idol group or soloist that is not a part of H!P or the 48’s that have been left off the message board. Just leave a reply and the moderators will see to them being added to the list. And Idol Underground is for Indie and lesser known idols. There are no predetermined threads for the Idol Underground section so you can simple start a thread for them.

I know people might be turned off to join a message board that is brand new, or might even be hesitant to join if your favorite group doesn’t have a topic yet. But, you should really poke around a bit and see what the site is all about. And if no one is posting about your favorite group or idol, then sign up and be the first one to do so. And I’m sure with excited idol fans this message board’s community will be able to fill up in no time. I personally have been working on filling up the Hello!Project section. So, maybe dedicated idol fans like yourself can join and help this forum blossom into a big community.

This is the first message board I have found that is dedicated 100% to idols. Most other message boards are dedicated to one specific agency and then have sub sections for other idol groups. And a lot of times those sections for other idol groups aren’t really as active as they could be. They tend to get somewhat neglected since most of the posters are focused on whatever agency or group that specific board is mainly dedicated to. On this board since it’s for idols, and doesn’t have one specific idol group it’s dedicated to, each group can get the full attention they deserve. This message board just makes it so much easier to talk about idols especially if you like multiple idol groups from multiple agencies. Or at least, this forum will be able to do just that once it starts gaining members to post and make it flourish.

So, if anyone’s interested in checking out the message board here’s a link to it: